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Pros & Con Artists! (326)


Contaminated KFC
...I can't beleive some of you people found Grace annoying. She's one of the best trainers to ever grace the show (shoot me for that), and it was certainly nice to see another rare moment where a character has a distinct personallity and trait. How could you not love the faces she made as she cracked up in laughter? :p (although, the laughter itself was...not...good)

I don't see what the big deal is about the whole battle either, it seemed perfectly fine to me in all honesty. Taillow did seem to do a pretty decent amount of damage to Roselia, thus launching it spirraling into the air.
With Roselia performing so many long-range attacks like Magical Leaf and Stun Store, its understandable that Taillow had to keep its distance. Of course, Ash had to attempt to have Taillow inflict a little more damage to Roselia, so a close-range attack is all he could hope for. Unfortunatly, that didn't work and I imagine it would be pretty easy to hit a bird that goes into a steep climb. Spun Spore paralyzing Taillow, and a solar beam slamming it to the ground? You can't tell me a little swallow-like bird is going to stand any chance against that, especially when its unable to move 0.o;

Indigo said:
As for the personality issue, may I remind you of a certain quote May stated in Win, Lose, or Drew, "Okay. No more crying." Look what she does next contest time. It isn't her character: it's either her inability to keep promises, or the fact that the writers are overdoing it just a little bit.
True, she did say no more crying. But, I don't recall it being a promise to herself or anybody else. If I were in her shoes at that moment, I'd have probably felt awful about myself. Seeing your rival charging ahead of you, watching him thrash one of your best friends, having him insult your skills and knocking down your confidence. Add in almost resorting to cheating and not relying on her Beautifly's own potential, and you're going to feel pretty damn crap~ So, I understand why she was crying, and I think it was in character for her, considering she is the most emotional member of the cast more often then not. But thats just how I see it as all ^^

Team Rocket were just...friggin' awesome in this episode, theres no other way to describe it. These are the sort of scams I like to see from the gang, as this one was actually pretty well thought out, and suckered a lot of people into buying the whole thing. James and Cacnea in drag was hillarious, but Wobba in that trench coat? Damn, that was one of the highlights of the episode. How could you not love that?

Edit: On a side note, I actually really liked Medicham's voice, and I actually thought it suited it pretty well. *tries to figure out whether he likes the original voice or dub voice better*
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Pokémon Master Josh

Orange Champion
That girl at the pokéblock counter had Misty's voice!!!

Factory Head Noland

I really enjoyed this episode but I can't believe that Ash lost to Drew! Even May has beaten Drew's Roselia!
Grace is cool! She is really funny when her eyes go kind of....Wobbuffety (but with an extra line).
I think that the Pokemon Contests will be a great one because there are so many great Co-ordinators entering.


I thought May came close to beating Drew, but TR interrupted so that match was put on hold... and then in the Contest prior Drew beat her?

Could be wrong.


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Grace was horrible! She ruined it! Medicham's voice was bad, but the TR pokemon dressed up was good. 3/10


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Grace was Ok other than the gag which was annoying. I agree with Gravy about the Team Rocket involvement, they rocked! The James and Cacnea relationship is good and long it may continue, as Cacnea certainly seems to suit his personality, I didn't think Weezing did at all to be honest.

I know I moan a lot about the Hoenn episodes recently but this one was pretty good. It was an excellent filler, in that it built up the suspense for the actual contest itself for the next episode.

Gravy said:
Edit: On a side note, I actually really liked Medicham's voice, and I actually thought it suited it pretty well. *tries to figure out whether he likes the original voice or dub voice better*

Nope have to disagree with you this time, I hated it, it sounded queer. It's annoying screeching voice nearly gave me an earache!

Pokémon Master Josh said:
That girl at the pokéblock counter had Misty's voice!!!
Yeah i noticed that too today. You'll also notice that again if you watch "Showdown in Pewter City" where Misty's voice happened to be one of Brock's sisters at the point where all of them held Ash back during his rematch with Brock, saying "leave him alone you big bully!"
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I HATED Medicham's voice! It sounded like a 70 year old on helium!

I liked the way they made the name, I'd called Medicham that before the episode. Nice to see I got one right at least.

First time I saw Drew - GODLY! By that I mean he's got to be God in order to defeat Ash. Grace was way too hyper, but her voice was okay.

I thought the Puns were good actually!


Old Coot
Ignore what I said earlier. This episode was poorly handled in translation. :\

Nyaasu's explanation of the Porocks (Pokéblocks) is much different compared to Meowth's. Nyaasu explains that the Contests can judge a Pokémon's cuteness, smartness, beauty, coolness, and toughness. Meowth rambled on about different qualities for Pokémon (such as courage when Nyaasu was explaining toughness). One thing they had to change was Nyaasu's whole reasoning for puffing out his lips and posing. Originally he said that the Porocks could make any Pokémon sexy (XD), whereas Meowth was saying it'd make their lips all puffed out like so.

Music was pretty much tossed out the window until the near when the Rocket Gang reveals themselves. English Grace kept shouting the WRONG attack. Japanese Grace told Medicham to use Nenriki/Confusion, not Psychokinesis/Psychic. Makes no sense to change the name if it was for mouth flaps when Nenriki and Confusion have the same amount of syllables whereas Psychic doesn't.

Can't forget, silence is taboo on 4Kids part. So they obviously added dub music. Basically it was the standard dub with constant errors and changes. :\


Didn't care for this episode much, I could take it or leave it.



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The episode has finally aired in german television and I was finally able to see it.

On dogasu´s homepage he said that wobbuffet´s pipe were erased from the dub but in our version it was there all the time. strange, same with brock´s wine glasses in his fantasy.

could this edit thing be the same as the badge case edit which was only in one dub version?


NW Tourney Winner
Medicham's fall = hillarious


Team Awesome
The medicham trainer in the episode was pretty interesting. It was funny how she kept reacting any time she couldn't believe something someone was saying. :) Team Rocket was also pretty good in this episode. I LOVED Wobbuffet in the trench coat, and Cacnea and James all dolled up. :D I liked that one guy's reaction too when he saw how cool Wobbuffet was. It was great seeing Drew again too. :)


7/10, this episode was fine; I really enjoyed watching how Team Rocket tricked the man into buying their fake gold and silver pokeblocks.


Yay for this episode! But they really made medicham seem different in the game apart from the show.


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I liked this episode for the fact that Ash and Drew had a battle. And I also liked it for the fact that it was another contest episode and I like contest episodes ^_^. Also I liked the character of Grace as well she seems to be an intresting character


LOVE Team Rocket here!! <33 James in a Women's clothes, and the motto! Grace ... interesting ... ahahahaha nuthing I could say more here ... 7/10 overall~


Great episode.
i loved Madicham, it was so stong. it beat Seviper without a problem.
And Grace was great too....