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Pros & Con Artists! (326)


Grace was the most annoying character I've ever seen in any anime, and that's coming from the heart. I did like her Medicham since it was strong and elegant all at once, but she was just unnecessary. I liked that we got an episode solely for the purpose of Contest preparation though since it gave May time to practice with her Pokemon before the big day. 5/10.
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I wonder if Grace had participated in other contests before this one. May's inexperience have made her to wonder about her Beautifly. I think she should have uses her Torchik since it is her starter isn't it?


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I loved Grace and her Medicham, they were great! I really wish she became a permanent rival for May.

Other than that, nothing much happened in this episode.

It was alright.


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This episode was ok. Grace was such an annoying character in the Anime... I never liked her at all. Grace's laugh drives me up a wall! It was cool seeing Medicham for the 1st time, hers was really strong! It was cool seeing Ash and Drew having a battle. Too bad Tailow lost the battle.



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This episode was alright. It was cool seeing Medicham for the first time but it's trainer was really annoying. Cool to see Drew though and for him to battle Ash. Shame Ash lost though.


Grace is in every way better than Drew. Once again, he rears his unwelcome head into an episode. It's such a shame that he's May's primary rival. To be quite honest, I prefer Zoey to him. I didn't like that Ash lost to him in a battle where he was later told about connecting with his Pokemon better even though we saw him training with them during the Dewford arc. Anything to hype up Drew I suppose.


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Great to see Drew again and I thought it was great to see a Drew versus Ash. Whenever you think of Drew, you normally would presume it has something to do with May, but having interactions between Ash and Drew was pretty interesting. Almost of something like a semi-rival. The rest was great too, I think May learned a lot from this episode when it comes down to how to work with her Pokémon.
Grace was a strange character. Yet, I didn't like her, but I didn't hate her, either.
Until this episode (well until the beginning of this season as a whole) I thought Medicham was a Sinnoh Pokemon.


Grace's habit of bursting into laughter randomly gave me a headache. I loved seeing Drew show up just as May was struggling with Beautifly's appeal; seeing him give her his signature rose made me giggle. Team Rocket's scheme to sell gold and silver Poke Block was clever since they were profiting, but I raged when Drew's Roselia beat Ash's Taillow.


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The medicham trainer in the episode was pretty interesting. It was funny how she kept reacting any time she couldn't believe something someone was saying. :) Team Rocket was also pretty good in this episode. I LOVED Wobbuffet in the trench coat, and Cacnea and James all dolled up. :D I liked that one guy's reaction too when he saw how cool Wobbuffet was. It was great seeing Drew again too. :)

These are the only things I liked as well.Nothing much happened in the episode and so it was boring. :( 4/10

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Ha ha the girl with the Medicham was so energetic and she reminded me of Jessie. I liked seeing Drew show up and I was impressed that his Roselia was able to defeat Ash's Taillow in a battle.


So Drew Dem'd his way to a win against Ash during Taillow versus Roselia. Meh. I didn't like how their battle turned out.


The Medicham girl was such a weirdo but the TRio's Pokeblock scheme was funny and I liked Wobbuffet's Sherlock Holmes scene. 6.5/10

Mrs. Oreo

So Drew Dem'd his way to a win against Ash during Taillow versus Roselia. Meh. I didn't like how their battle turned out.

Drew and Roselia were simply stronger than Ash and Taillow. I mean Ash barely trained Taillow at all, so it losing to a well trained Roselia was reasonable. ^^;


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It was nice to meet Medicham. Grace is a strange character, she is nice but then she has her OTT moments that happen quite a lot.

Team Rocket would have been better off just selling actual Pokeblocks, without the scam, they woulda still made money.

I felt bad for May when she was getting upset.
Yaasss, I liked this episode for the fact that Ash and Drew had a battle. And I also liked it for the fact that it was another Contest episode and I like Contest episodes. Also, I liked the character of Grace. ~


I thought that Hajitsuge Town would be a small farming community like in the games, but instead it resembled an ordinary town. I liked Grace however since she was awkward, yet clearly a good person at heart. Shuu's Roselia versus Satoshi's Subame was fun too, and I also loved how Kojirou dressed up his Sabonea.