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pro's spritetopic

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by pro, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    Well, let me first introduce myself. I come from another forum where I'm one of the best spriters, so I didn't get any proper rates there.
    Since I saw a lot of spriters that are better than me at this forum, I hope I get a lot of usefull comments so I can improve. n.n


    Rates please? n.n
  2. wilycoyote64

    wilycoyote64 through diamond eyes

    well, don't everyone represent what he thought was here for!

    a'ight, that is an exceptional sprite. you need to define the shape of the face more, what i suggest is moving the outside eye up a pixel or two and move it over so it doesn't look cross-eyed. you may not be able to see an eye distinctly, but the clues left over will pinpoint where the location of eye level on its face.

    moving its outside horn down its head a little will help the symmetry as well.

    its foot leg needs some varient outlining, not just black.
    and the rest of the leg, also its neck should be exposed to the light source, so give it some highlights.

    that's all the crit i can provide now, take it or leave it.

    you did real well on the spikes! overall 8.8/10 if that's wat you were looking for...
    sprite on!!!
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2010
  3. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Shading is a bit weird to me, but the form and perspective are excellent. Just need to work on the feet a bit, they look off to me :p
  4. ~Dragon_Master~

    ~Dragon_Master~ The Next Legend

    Firstly - tone down the arrogance. You were one of the best spriters? Says who, you? Why not tell us what this forum is, because i'm inclined not to believe you. Or even show us any other sprites that you've done.

    The concept for this sprite is not a great one to start with. It doesn't look very Pokemon like, and is quite.. I can't find the word, but it seems too simple. It just looks like a dragon.

    The shading seems off in a few places, especially on the curve of it's body. Also, the ace seems very off. Something doesn't seem right with the bump either, it looks too stiff.
  5. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    To be honest, your the only one here who sounds arrogant. You act like he should make a spreadsheet of all of the spriters who believe he is good. Even if you get him to tell you the forum and he's wrong, so what? Your here to crit what he has, not his opinion. And given the skill he has shown, he is already probably one of the better ones here, far surpassing either you or me.
    Not to mention, he THEN said many people here were better than him, so what exactly do you want him to say?

    Not really, it works fine, in fact given how little character the new pokemon being released have, it fits in pretty well with the crowd. Plus, it doesn't help your arguement when you admit that it is what its supposed to be, a dragon. One at that that looks different from any current ones.

    Oh yes, THE curve, its not like there are 4-5 of them right? Given the amount of light reach places, the top of that one hump and it's face would be where about the only light would reach, and he also has it correct that there would be less light at the very bottom of his body.

    Anywho, I would say as far as the sprite is concerned, follow pretty much what wilycoyote said. I however would also maybe make the back leg that we see a bit darker as it is the part farthest from the light source. Also now that I think about it, the front leg closest to us could use some shading, either a small amount of a darker shade, or a highlight of some sort could help.

    Good luck improving the sprite though, I can't wait to see more from you. If you really want a challenge, we have the WSC here(short for weekly spriting contest), which should really tell you how you compare with others here.
  6. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I tried to use them to improve my sprite. ^^
    I moved the eye and the horn and tried to change the shading on the feet a bit, but I have to admit I have no idea how to put the neck's shading. xp

    [​IMG] --> [​IMG]

    And I'll see for the tournament, since I'm going to summercamp next week I won't have much time to sprite. :p
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2010
  7. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    AWF, a Dutch forum..

    And for the guys that asked for more, here are two cosplay-trainers of mine:

    Last edited: Jul 21, 2010
  8. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    I made a new sprite, and I think I'm gonna make a third dragon too (like with Articuno-Zapdos-Moltres & Suicune-Raikou-Entei). This one's full of mistakes (mostly in shading I guess), but I let it up to you guys to find them.

  9. M4zz

    M4zz Banned

    Legs are a bit stubby to support the frame, and the tail curves off the body oddly. Great work on the Thunder Spikes behind the shoulders.
  10. Frost-Phoenix1

    Frost-Phoenix1 Teh Frostest Phoenix

    Man, these sprites are pretty brilliant work. One the latest however, I would probably try putting a little more shading on the right hand side of the sprite. Like, below the head, on the neck, or something. I agree that the legs are a little bit too stubby, and it's a little odd that we can't see much of the back legs. The tail also looks a little fat at the curve.
    But to me, the work on the spines and face is flawless.
  11. noobiess

    noobiess 6 different pokemon Staff Member Moderator

    I'm glad you went to this forum because you are good spriter :)

    I actually can't see the picture on the first post.
    The first dragon looks ok, but the pose looks a little bit static.
    I also suggest making some of datails more exagerated so it looks more like a pokemon. For the placement of the head I would make it more 'up-high'-looking so it gives more of a dragon-effect.

    The second one, I really like, sertainyl because of the good pose ou gave him. But some thing still don't look right to me. First of all the back leg shoudl be way more visible. Now it looks liek it only has 2 leg. Also the transition of the big electric spikes on his back and the back of his body doesn't look smooth. The darkest shading also should be moe visible so it doens't give such a 2D effect. I also would make the spikes on his head bigger (and less of them) to give a more pokemon-ish affect like I said with the previous sprite. And maybe the design is a little plain, maybe you should add a little pattern on the body like salamence has beneath this neck.

    Ok that where my comments, hope you are something with them :)
  12. Zorin

    Zorin Active Member

    Hehe, i wouldn't say you were one of best spriters Pro :p Nimoku, Areola, Dhjona, Viridis and Morris might all be better... but they've also had a lot more practice.

    I'd say your last two sprites are really good, especially compared to your work before those two. I wonder how you managed to get so good in practically no time! good work, anyways. The designs are neat, so are the poses. If I were you i'd try to work on my shading and outline shading. Remember that like outlines, shading should also be as rounded and smooth as possible. As for the outline, the shading in it just isn't right. It's hard for me to explain in english, but I looked up some of the best tutorials I know for you. (btw, these comments are mainly for the dark dragon)

    And here
    I think they may really help you as both of them contain tips that'll probably even help advanced spriters...

    Keep it up!
  13. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    Yeah, I know those guys and you) are better, but that's only 6 people that are better than me out of a lot, so I consider myself as one of the best. x) Also they rate next to never, so it doesn't change the fact that I don't get any proper rates most of the times. x)

    Now, how did I get this good in that short time? I have no idea actually.. I took a one-year break and after that I made my comeback with a tournament, and though I ended second, I didn't exactly like what I made.. Then I had a fight with someone (the guy who ended third), who said some really nasty things about my sprites and eventually I challenged him. The one with the best sprite would get the other guy's apologies. That's when I made my first dragon (the white one), and I kicked his ***. xD He finally showed me some respect and now we see each other as (friendly) rivals. Anyways, since then I'm very critical about what I make, and if what I made doesn't look good enough, I just delete it most of the time, without showing (even though people don't find them that bad xD)..

    Anyways, thanks for the rates everyone, I'll see what I can do with them. n.n
    As for the shading, I know I need a bit more practice, since that's my weak spot. xD
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2010
  14. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    After 8 (?) years of no spriting, someone challenged me to try it again.
    No one wil probably see this, but this is what I made:


    Rates? xD
    Personally I think it isn't really good, but it's okay for something I made after such a long break I guess. :3
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
    WishIhadaManafi5 and AgentKallus like this.
  15. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Still miss you, Lorne. Staff Member

    I like the one on the left a bit more. The lighter coloring helps it. I give it a 6/10.
  16. pro

    pro Spritemaster

    Thanks. The opinions about which is better is divided though. :p
    New one, the flying eeveelution. Still far from the quality I used to make, but whatever. :)

    WishIhadaManafi5 likes this.

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