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Protect the Farm! The Blue Flame Strikes Back!! (1013)

Mega Altaria

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This episode should have kept its Japanese title in the dub. Blue Flame sounds so much more epic than Young Flame. Young Flame also confused me and made me think it's talking about Kiawe not Marowak because of SM011: Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
I caught some of the hype for this episode because of the blue flame. I dunno exactly why they decided to focus more on Kiawe rather than Marowak but I guess in the West the Trainers seem to be more more known than the Pokémon.


Sceptile Leaf Blade said:
It's quite common irl for people to be intimidated or scared into not notifying authorities, especially when you're dealing with powerful criminal organisations that know where you live.

Agreed. To me it made sense why the proper authorities weren't notified since there was a chance that the villains would get revenge.
What was wrong with this episode's broadcast debut? Voices would suddenly reverb when someone talked off-screen.

Kiawe: *blushing* What are you doing?

Kiawe, why are you even blushing.

Viren's got a really nice voice actor...that is SO completely miscast as a bad guy. I felt absolutely zero bad vibes from his VA that I got confused if he was actually trying to sell me something and I'd say yes. Why does he sound so nice?

And why does his Electivire magically come out from the other side of his limo when it's not even riding inside of it?

Ash: Oh, cool! Kiawe's training! Time to train with him!

Kiawe's Father: Now now, this is all his thing.

Ash: Okay, fine, but if people complain I don't train enough, I'll blame you.

Well, adults aren't useless in this situation, but I was very intrigued to see what two adults and one child with pitchforks and shovels would do to freaking bulldozers. Of all times Office Jenny had to arrive to handcuff villains, but noooooooo, she's never around for TRio. Oh well, at least we'll never, ever see Viren again trying to electrocute a little girl.

And he shouldn't worry about wrecking the farm himself. It's right next to a volcano. Nature will simply burn everything (but they would simply rebuild stuff fast).
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Bonnie stan


Bonnie stan


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A fine episode. It's good to see Officer Jenny arresting Viren, but Viren needs to learn not to keep going at it, but then again, he an antagonist, he'll do whatever he wants, so props for Officer Jenny for arrest. Also nice to see Kiawe get closer to Marowak and Turtonator, but that's really the point of this episode.

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It probably would have been less exciting but I believe the proper thing to do was to call Officer Jenny right at the start. This show sets a bad example for children by teaching them to take the law into their own hands!

(what would have happened if the police had arrived 5 minutes later?)