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Protection at any Price (Team Aero Beginning, Legendarians Thread, LSUs Accepted)


Irredeemable Nerd
Silph Corporation is known to many as a massive conglomeration of more than thirteen different companies. If you could name any kind of Pokemon training tool, Silph Corporation probably makes and/or sells it. They are also the primary producer and inventor of Pokeballs.

They have since produced progressively more powerful Pokeballs, known as Great Balls and Ultra Balls. However, very recently, they have revealed to the world a brand new product, that has much more capture capacity than any previous Pokeball. They dubbed it the Master Ball, and proclaimed that it could catch any Pokemon in existence.

Because of the sheer cost of building Master Balls, Silph announced that the price of a single Master Ball would equate to more than half a billion dollars.

Then, days after Silph's announcement, the unthinkable happened. Ramone Giovanni emerged from Victory Road, the legendary Geomancer captured within a prototype Master Ball. Using it, he swept the Elite Four, and is currently the Champion of the Indigo League.

Almost immediately, trainers rose up and protested the use of Geomancer within the Indigo League, and demanded that Geomander be released. Giovanni refused, and claimed ownership of Geomancer under Indigo League rules. He had a very solid case, and there was no one alive that could possibly get him to release Geomancer, as he was completely within his rights to capture and own Geomancer.

From this announcement, two main camps rose. Those that applauded Giovanni, and were appreciative of the fact that he caught a legendary; and those that instantly hated Giovanni for catching Geomancer, and called loudly for him to release it.

Many of those groups that were proud of Giovanni for catching a Legendary quickly said that they would do the same. Only one, however, of the dozens is likely to succeed. Their name is Team Rocket. To the rest of the world, they're just one of the same. To us, we see that they are a dangerous threat to the Legendaries. They have the financial backing, the manpower, and the sheer will that will allow them to capture the Legendaries.

They must be stopped, not matter the cost. The Legendaries must remain free. They battle evil, though we may not see it, that would devour us in an instant. It was our mission hundreds of years ago, and it's still our mission today.

We are the Legendarians.

The Legendaries will remain free, or we will die trying to keep them free.


The Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, long the home of the Cinnabar Gym's Gym Leader, was one of the most opulous buildings that Blaine had ever seen. Magnificent tapestries, beautiful paintings, and wondrous carvings lined the cavernous hallways. Below, far underground, the Silph Corporation laboratories worked long into the night, under careful guard.

It was here, on Cinnabar, where the Legendarians fought their final battle for freedom of the Legendaries hundreds of years ago, and it would be here, in this mansion, where the Legendarians regrouped, recruited, and reunited against the Rockets, and sent them packing.

Blaine had to admit that Team Rocket had the advantage, at least at this point. The Rockets could move around at will, and their leaders could change whenever they wanted. The Legendarians, on the other hand, would be based the entire time out of the Pokemon Mansion. Of course, the Legendarians had the resources of Silph Company at their back, so they had an advantage as well.

The newly recruited Legendarians were even now coming through the front doors of the massive mansion, and would be directed into the massive auditorium where he would address them all at once, to give them the history of the Legendarians. As soon as he was done with that, he would talk to each of them individually, and give them their assignements.

If he played everything right, they'd be able to beat the Rockets.


OOC: In my Team Aero Beginning RPG, there will be two threads, one for the Legendarians, and one for the Rockets. What happens in one thread WILL affect the other, though there will likely be no PC (Playable Character) interaction between the two teams.

You'll all be based out of the Pokemon Mansion. You start with 3000 Credits, and will be given more as you complete your assignments. Also, you'll each be assigned a room, which will have a bed, a TV, a complete bathroom, a Pokemon Healer, etc. And yes, there IS a pool in the Pokemon Mansion. :D

And a lava pit for the Fire types.

You may NOT, however, go down past the basement/garage. Those are the Silph labs, and no one but Silph employees may go past, unless they have the right clearance, and you don't. If you try to go through, you'll be rebuffed.

PLEASE read ALL of the rules, as they are all impoortant, or they wouldn't be there. Even if you have, as of last night (9/8/05), I have updated them, so please go familiarize yourself with the new rules, found in the first post of the OOC/Discussion Thread (which I will call the OOC thread from now on in this thread) or the Sign Up Thread...

Current Legendarians:

Current Team Members:


Taylor Okahima (Yoshinichi)
Sky Richards (Umbreon Shadow)
Nami 0'Gale (Kidodi-sempai)
Sean Luigi Enfreet (SeanLuigi)

Important Links:

Sign-up thread:


OOC/Discussion Thread:

Its only early morning 9:AM on Cinnibar Island,and already tourists are flocking there like ducks.Near the shore,Seels are seen frolicking and diving in the sea.A jet holding no more than 32 tourists, was flying down to Cinnibar.An anxious young man,Taylor Okahima,is anxiously waiting in one of the passenger seats.

"Ugh,just a few more minutes.Hey,Pichu,are you thinking what Im thinking?"Pichu was asleep. "Im thinking,why me out of hundreds of other legendarians,got chosen. I mean,what makes me so special? Sigh,I guess Im just lucky. Maybe, I can help get Geomancer back if I try really hard! How can we,the Legendarians win an impossible war? How can you lose an impossible war? Well,if we win this "impossible war" I think I'll build a gym for New Bark Town! Yah!!! he said to himself.Attention passengers,please vacate the jet imeadiatley,we have now arrived in Cinnibar." announced the flight attendant. "Hey Pichu,wake up,were here. "Chu...." "Lets go,buddy!"****

''Wow,so this is the Cinnibar Mansion? Now this place I could get used to.What about you,Pichu?"asked Taylor."Pichu!"awnsered the electric mouse.
"I guess I'll just have to wait for everyone else." Taylor said as he glanced at his poke'gear.
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Nami @ On the way to the mansion

Today was perfect to hang arround and do nothing. Wingullew flew cheerfully arround the sky, as the warmth from the morning sun welcomed them into the air. The air was suprisingly 'fresh', and a breeze greeted Nami with a comfortable wave. She looked towards the sea, still clean, and fresh, glowing a radient blue which filled the hollow feeling she had for sometime. Nami hadn't been out for who-knows-who-long, cooped up against her computer in a library. Two years ago, she was too busy training for the gyms to even noticed how nice the outside was.


A white ferry drifted across the sea, blocking her view of the sea, and reminded her to move on, because she had more important events to attend to.

Nami's hand fell into her pockets, which resulted in a crunch. She snatched a brittle piece of paper from her left pocket, her souvenir from the Lilycove Explosion last year.

"dear diary,

Good bye, for this is my last time writing in you. John, my rival in contests had continued to taunt me and O, what miserable times losing so much to a life-long rival. my numerous defeats had affected me financially, and I had been addicted to whiskey after then. Erika, my dearest had slittened her wrist from the news of Nao dying from aids. and For also my daughter had ran way and was never found since two years ago.

I am a broken man.

I had decided to sell everything I have excluding 'The Twiliight Avion', my favorite novel, Typha, Aeros, and Arga and start a new life, south.

Jakku Charza"

Any person reading it may had thought this was just something ordinary. But Nami knew it wasn't. 'Jakku Charza' was her father's nickname, and this message contained something very important, and was the main reason why she accepted the invite on her E-mail account in the first place.

Nami's brother was 'Mao', not 'Nao'. Her father would never forget his family members' names. There were several grammatcial mistakes as well, and indication of a secret message. Her father was very meticulous about typos, though other people might see it as no big deal, casually of course.


This was the message decoded in the journal. These were the letters decoded by using the previous alphabet of all the capital letters in the first paragraph of the message. The novel "The Twilight Avion" doesn't exist, according to Nami's research, and that could be the hint on her father's location.

Nami headed to a grand, enoumous mansion not very far away from her, to attend her very important event.

Nami stopped at the entrace of the 'peice of art' stading in front of her, where she was greated by a boy weaing a green and black bandanna and his pichu. The boy wore a blue long-sleeve shirt and a green and black pants over his red trainers to match his bandanna. Definately from the Johto region.
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Entei's Son
Sean just arrived in Cinnabar Island with the rest of the tourists,he thought to himself about the mission ahead his life about the legendaries getting captured by Team Rocket he then grabed a Pokeball from his pocket and called out Growlithe,he then asked Growlithe...
"Hey Growlithe are we suppose to go here?Or somewhere else?"
His Growlithe looking a bit upset to his short term memory,"Grow!"

"...Oh yeah,we are suppse to be here...but where are we suppose to meet with the other legendarians?"

Growlithe was also confused at where would they suppose to go,"grow...lithe"

"I hope I could find a legendarian so that we could ask him or her where to go..."Sean then sighed


Storm Trainer
Victor was in luxury as his parent's private jet set down on the airstrip in Cinnabar Island. Victor was scheduled to meet Blaine in the Pokemon Mansion as per request from the legendarians. He was completely against Team Rocket capturing the legendaries, that was something he planned to do. His common ground with the legendarians ended there though, he would ditch them in due time. He wouldn't tell them that of course, but if everything went according to plan he would be scot free. Now all he had to do was find the damned mansion. For a mansion, it wasn't too noticable.

"Excuse me, where is the Pokemon Mansion?" Victor asked kindly, giving a fake smile to boot.

The shop vendor who Victor was speaking to just grunted and pointed behind him, turning to his next customer. Victor was outraged that he was given no respect but held it back, knowing the consequences of an attack in broad daylight. He followed the way the man pointed, finding nothing but crowds of tourists. Then he reached the water, the edge of the island! Victor was absolutely furious now and it took every inch of his willpower to restrain himself. He wandered idly around the island for around an hour before stumbling across the mansion in all its glory. His contact was inside, a man named Blaine, supposedly a great pokemon trainer. Victor doubted he was stronger than himself, but he thought that about all trainers, so what did he know?

There were two other people outside the mansion, waiting, Victor assumed they were new recruits of the Legendarians as well. One had a Pichu, the baby form of pikachu and as Victor saw it, much weaker form. The female had no pokemon out at the moment but Victor, the sexist pig that he was, saw her as nothing just because she was not male.

"Hello I suppose you're here for the same reason as I?" Victor asked them, not mentioning specifics, unsure if he was supposed to or not. Victor had a strange calmness about him. This with his icy smile could make people think there was something wrong with him. But usually they just shake it off.
Trainer's name: Taylor Okahima
Location: Cinnibar Mansion

Taylor,dosing off like most of the time, just noticed how beautifil the mansion
was.The walls were covered with so many paintings and statue's that Taylor's jaw dropped. The most interesting thing that caught Taylor's eye though, was a giant tapestry that had Moltres,the fire phoenix legendary,
in the most majestic pose he'd ever seen. After Taylor looked at his surroundings,he just then noticed what seemed to be a new arirval.

Taylor's expression when he saw the young man was a petrified one,that covered his whole face. The boy reminded Taylor of the devil himself,from the head to all the way down to his feet. Maybe it was just Taytlor that thought that,though. Taylor never was the type to except smiles from strangers and
he didn't intend to reply as he was fiddling with his poke'gear. The only thing that egged him on to greeting the boy was the innocent look of fear in his Pichu's eyes. No trainer would want to show their poke'mon their own fears, so Taylor brushed it aside and greeted him.

"Uhhhh...Well,yes,if your a legendarian!"replied Kenta as he was browsing his phone numbers on his pokegear. "If you are...which I doubt,I guess theres no reason not to introduce myself.
My names Taylor, and I am the most powerful trainer of Johto ever! Even stronger than the champion!Hahahha! " boasted Taylor in his usual 'Im better than you' way. ''They'll probaly start the meeting in a little while so just enjoy the time you have here." finished Taylor as he started examining an antique vase.
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"Idiot" thought Nami, straing at the Johto boy with a slightly irratated look, and an eyebrow rose up though it was unnoticeable, because her old pale yellow hat covered it. It was a swaltering day, and anybody wearing long-sleeves should be boiling by now, though the boy didn't show any hint of passing out any second. She just continued to slouch by the door, arms crossed. She examined closely at the newcomer, who can by far be a secret agent or whatever. His icy smile failed to intimidate her. She was used to this type of smile, after all the eccentric people she assciated with.

A couple passerby's smirked at the threesome. So those were the geeks who fell for the bluff. Some just stared as the boy boasted, while others ignored it.

"What a geek" grinned at a couple pointing teenagers. Nami ignored them. She had more important matters to care less about.

"Well, at least I only have to wait for half an hour" muttered Nami, keeping most of her eyes hidden under her fisherman hat. Nami had to call herself an idiot for even arriving this early because her clock was set wrong. She could had been using the extra time at the library, researching and deciphering codes. Time was precious.

Of course, there was always a silver lining in the clouds. At least those 'really eccentric people' would not know where she was, and she would less likely encounter them anyway.

May as well introduce herself.

'0'Gale at your service" She tilted her head into the man's direction.
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Entei's Son
Sean was asking from vendor to vendor for almost half an hour, but none of the vendor seem to tell him the correct path, Sean sighed then sad near the beach…
"Oh my.... Where is that mansion anyway? I wonder if its hidden somewhere? “
Sean then got up and called out Growlithe, Poochyena,and Electrike, then they tried to go around the island, with the help of his Dog Pokemons he called out, after an hour of searching he saw a big mansion where three people where.
“At last! I saw the mansion". After that he used a dog whistle to call back his Pokemons.He then joined the group who was there.
“Hi! You all must be the other legendarians! Hi my name is Sean Enfreet!” Sean then took a bow.
“So am I late?” He asked shyly.

Umbreon Shadow

Trainer's name: Sky
Team: Legendarian
Location: Cinnabar

Sky had just landed in Cinnaar on a plane, not his of course. He got off and looked around. He saw the mansion he was supposed to be at and saw three other people. Two were about his age and one looked like an adult. He guessed they were all legendarians, like him. He thought he was early so he walked the other way and looked at the gym, it was closed and there was no one in it. He searched around but still, nothing. He looked a bit more and saw a cotton candy vendor, he loved cotton candy. He went over and asked the lady for one. She gave it to him and he gave her the money. Sky then looked around for a place to sit, what do you know, nothing. So he walked over to the Mansion and sat down beside the door. He gobbled up the cotton candy in a few seconds but he got it in his hair. "Aw man!" He said as he started to pull it out. He did get it all and stuck it on the cone. He then threw the cone away and stood up. "Hi, I'm Sky! Are you a legendarian? I am!" He said excitedly.
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Irredeemable Nerd
Yoshinichi, Umbreon Shadow, please go back and edit your posts....

your posts are WAY too short, and have almost no description. yosh, your first one was borderline, but your next one was definitely too short. In the future, please add more description, or your characters will probably have *somethings* happen to them.

Remember, only YOU can prevent *something*s.

Also, I posted in the Sign-up and the discussion thread the proper format for starting your post.

and that is

Trainer's name
Team (Rocket/Legendarian)

yeah, I added a bit more in there, but please use that format.

Yoshi, please don't say that somethign will start in a certain time period unless one of my characters has told your character that something would start at a certain time.

this might sound harsh, but please remember what I posted in the Sign Up thread...

5) I AM the law. What I say goes. Period and full stop. Argue with me, and something horrible will probably happen to your character. If you can't handle this, don't sign up.

I'll probably be interjecting stuff like this all the time, if I don't think that your posts are up to snuff. I want you guysto have a good time, but I also want to help you guys if you're not using that good of grammar.

on that note, please use a full space between paragraphs.

Just like that. ^

Also, try to avoid run-on sentences, please use a spell-checker, and try to use proper grammar.



Suddenly, two giant doors opened, and someone dressed in a beautiful red suit that had a Moltres emblazoned over the left breast of the suit walked through the doors. "Blaine is ready for all of you!" he called, and the newly recruited Legendarians came running towards the doors. Those that who didn't hear the initial announcement were herded towards the giant auditorium, and were quickly shown to their seats.

The auditrium, similar to that of a theatre, had nearly fifty rows of seats, with about another fifty seats to a row that sat before a large, wooden stage. The stage itself was large, and twin blood-red curtains concealed the rear area of the stage.

When everyone was settled into their seats, the right curtain rippled, and Blaine stepped out, bedecked in a red suit similar to the one that the announcer had worn previously. This one, however, also had a Moltres on the back of the suit, as anyone could see if he turned their back to him.

He was a spry old man, with graying hair, but a skip in his step that belied his apparent old age. An Arcanine and a Charizard had followed him out from behind the curtain, and had taken up positions at the left and right corners of the stage, where, incidentally, the stairs to the stage were located.

Blaine smiled at the small crowd. "Good morning!" he said. "We are all here because of one thing. The safety of the Legendaries is threatened. I have to let you know that you are not the only Legendarians out there. There are Legendarians rising up all around the world. I don't think that we'll ever be completely gotten rid of."

"I know that you have heard of a lot of groups that have said that they want to capture the Legendaries. One that you may or may not have heard of is Team Rocket. Unlike all the others, they have the financial backing, the strength of will, and everything else that would be needed to actually capture the Legendaries." Blaine smiled. "But the Legendarians have existed longer than the Rockets and all the others that want to capture the Legendaries. And we will be around long after them. It is our misison to protect the Legendaries at any cost. Before I go on, I'll tell you how we Legendarians began."

"Six hundred years ago, about half of this hemisphere was controlled by an empire, called the Gerental Protectorates. They had the largest army assembled at that time. A new ruler came to power, and he was called Stephen the Pillar. For several years, everything followed exactly as it had before he came to power, except that he kept building up his army. No one knew why, but they suspected an invasion of a neighboring land."

Blaine paused, and took a drink of water. "But then Stephen sent out the decree that all Pokemon should be brought to Elentar, the capital city, so that they could be killed. We know Elentar today as the Indigo Plateau, named because of the amount of blood that used to run back then from Pokemon killed at the nightly executions. Because of this, he became known as Stephen the Butcher."

Blaine shook his head. "It is estimated that over three billion Pokemon were killed in all during Stephen's reign. When Pokemon population on this island began to dwindle, he announced that he was massing his armies, and was going to march on the legendaries."

Blaine grinned and shook his head. "There had already been strong murmurs of dissent against Stephen before that, but Stephen had prevented a revolt by the sheer numbers of his army. But his announcement that he was going after the legendaries was the final straw. The people rose up, together with Pokemon, and waged a long and bloody war against Stephen, calling themselves the Legendarians. For twenty years, battles raged, and historians estimate that by the time everything was o ver, the total population of our island was down to about ten thousand people, and maybe five thousand Pokemon. That's less than a Pokemon per square mile."

Blaine shook his head. "When Stephen was finally killed, the Legendarians split up into five main camps, even though it took another eighty years to kill off the rest of his family. Four of the divergent groups settled into different areas. This became the countries of Kanto, Johto, Janera, and Tintia that we know today. The fifth group, the Legendarians, settled into all four countries, and waited. They knew that at one point or another, the Legendaries would once again be in danger."

Blaine puased. "The years passed, and the sense of urgency over their purpose faded. Eventually, their strength faded away. Then, this," he waved his hand aroundthe air in a general manner, "came up. And they put out their call for your help."

Blaine smiled. "Protecting the legendaries is not an easy thing. More than likely, some of the Pokemon or maybe even people in this room may not survive. But we do it because it's the right thing to do. War is our enemy, our constant companion, our heir, and our destiny."

Blaine looked around, letting the silence and the knowledge that he had shared sink in. "You will all stay here, at the Pokemon Mansion. If you have any problems, feel free to ask myself or the Gym Trainers and Attendants, who all wear the same red suits that I do. For now, this group of Legendarians will be staying on Cinnabar, so I suggest that you get familiar with it. If any of you need a map of the island, go see one of the Gym Attendants or Gym Trainers. One of them will give you your assignments shortly." Blaine bowed before the audience. "Thank you for giving you your attention. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go back and plan with the other Executive Legendarians."

EDIT: OOC: Please don't Roleplay the Gym Attendants/Trainers, or them giving you your maps and whatever. I'd like to do that...


Nami 0'Gale
Cinnabar Mansion (auditorium)

There Nami sat on the front row in the grand auditorium of the mansion she waited so long outside for. It was greater than she had expected, and whoever owned had to be a billionaire. A large portion of the bald man's lecturing, Nami never read about or heard of it though she was somewhat familiar with Stephen the Pillar. He was mentioned in a paragraph from a history textbook, if only she remembered what the paragraph said about him, so she could compare both stories. She rarely gave history much of a crap even though she sometimes read about them out of boredom.


Nami cocked her head towards another trainer besides her. He was HUGE; his hands were enough to grab her head and crush it too. The plain white shirt he wore over was horribly stained by coffee, with his stomach buldging out. There was a faint image on his shirt, but it was faded out and impossible to make out. He greedily grabbed his bag of chips by the other end, and flipped it over, a sea of chips flooded his mouth. He crunched and drool like it was heaven and numerous pieces dribbled all over his red track pants.


"Wants some?" The trainer noticed Nami staring at him with wide, incredulous eyes. His brown bowl cut was dull and uncut, as of his dirty nails. He talked with food in his mouth, and Nami merely dodged the flying bits from his mouth. He offered the remaining crumbs from his yellow bag dully, but eyed the crumbs greedily. Unbelievable.

One reason why face-to-face interviews were always better than a mere E-mail invitation.

Beep. That was the silent, mental signal in her head to simply walk away, after saying politely a "no, thank you". The fat man continued to eat, sat for a while and lifted off like a tank to hear about his 'assignments'.

Nami scanned the area around her. So those people were invited too, and because they were, must be strong trainers as well. She wandered how she ranked as a trainer among those people.

Pop. Another signal just popped up from the back of her head. Nami, who was far too intrigued with other subjects, had imprisoned her pokemon inside their red and white captives since who-knows-when.


Nami took out a red and white pokeball with a "V" carved on it and pressed the white button with her thumb. There in front of her was Gon the vibrava, who appeared after a quick, red flicker. The anger and annoyance in his eyes flared up, and he hovered away. Any longer in his spherical prison and he would gnaw his translucent wings off. His wings buzzed uncontrollably, which irritated several trainers.

"Wait! I'm sorry!"

Finally, after fifteen minutes of comfort, Gon naively gave in to his "friend’s explanations. He buzzed happily by her side like nothing happened, because Nami guaranteed him as many treats as he wished, anytime, anywhere. Soon however, he was in his "friend’s hands again because a hot-headed trainer yelled at the twosome for giving him a headache. Misery and irritation reined the tiny insect again, because Gon loved to fly and buzz around.

Nami quietly approached an unoccupied blond-haired trainer from behind, who gave him a sudden shock. The growlithe pup standing guard loyally at her master barked harshly, but was backed her off.

"Rouge! Back off!"

The tiny orange dog whimpered away with her tail between her legs at her master's shouting.

"I'm sorry, she is new to this world" apologized the owner of 'Rouge'.

'Um, I assume you have my first assignment and map? Nami 0'Gale at your service, and thanks..."

((OOC: Well, I hope this is good enough o.0;;; Give me a buzz if there's something wrong.))
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Entei's Son
Sean was shocked at what he heared about Pokemons that were killed long ago,he was also worried about what Team Rocket is about to do with the Legendary Pokemons.He called out his Growlithe and brushed him on the head."Hmm..I wonder what will my mission be?I hope I have some companions since Im not all that strong..."Sean said worriedly.Growlithe saw how his trainer was worried about what will happen in the mission.Growlithe gently licked Sean's face to comfort his trainer,then started to smile."Thanks Fenrir...I needed that..."

Sean just sat in his seat and looked around.Since Sean isnt used to many people and walking to much he decided to play his Pokeflute with a beautiful music..
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Umbreon Shadow

Sky Richards
Cinnabar Mansion (auditorium)

What? Sky thought. That many pokemon died. He imagined how much team Rocket would do if they had all the legendaries. He then looked around for a person in red but before that, he looked at the walls. Huge paintings of pokemon were hanging up above. Sky thought they were magnificent! Everything was big and why wouldn't it be? It was a mansion! Almost everything was a different shade of red and a few things were orange. There were also statues of many pokemon including Moltres, Magmar and Arcanine. He then looked around for a person in red and found one right in front of him. He gently tapped on his shoulder and he turned around. "Hi, I guess you have my map? And maybe a mission? I'm Sky by the way." Sky said as he waited for an answer.


Entei's Son
After playing his Poke Flute for a few seconds,Sean looked at his Growlithe who is sleeping on his lap.He started to think that the mission he will get will be very dangerous for his Growlithe to handle,but he had trust on his Pokemons and he decided to wake his Growlithe up and said "Hey Fenrir,do you think we should know what are mission will be?"."Grow!"Growlithe barked happyly and waged its tail it was excited on what the mission will be.Sean took a deep sigh and said "Why are you always excited on a mission?Oh well your still young anyway....".He then went to one of the Gym Attendants and asked him "Can I please have a map of Cinnabar?And when do I get to know my mission?"
Taylor Okahima
Team Legendarian
Cinnabar Mansion *Shiver*I had no idea anything like that war ever happened. Of course thered be wars with neighboring countries,but a war involving the deaths of pokemon?Scary. Sigh... I guess whatever the mission is,Ill have to do my best as possible!" Taylor exasperateley thought as he gazed up at the beautiful interior. " Wow,Blaine sure knows how to decorate. Ack! What am I doing. I should be following the task at hand,not hanging around like an autumn leaf!" Though Taylor hated to, his eyes searched around for a Gym Attendant. Most of them were already being asked for maps except for a few. Taylor then spotted an attendant,near a Ninetales statue in the corner of the room."Ah!There's one!" Taylor exclaimed as he quickly walked up to the gym attendant. "Umm... excuse me,sir, do you have a Cinnibar map you could loan me?Could you also tell me when am I gonna be told my mission?" he asked.
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