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Pruning a Passel of Pals!! (546)


Team Awesome
It was a good thing I rewatched the Kanto Grand Festival again before I watched this episode (because I was seeing "Crossing the Battle Line" for the first time), because I wouldn't have caught the reference to 'Jessidia' otherwise. I think it was neat that Jessie brought back her reporter disguise again. At least it gave her something to do for the rest of the Wallace Cup, and I like Lillian thanking her for her help at the Grand Festival.

Too bad that Ash wasn't able to advance, but at least Buizel was finally able to pull off that frozen aqua jet move Dawn taught him. The look on the lanturn and its trainer's faces was hilarious. :D Ash's opponent was right, though, Ash should have varied his pokemon a bit more for the competition. I wish we could have seen more of Venusaur, but at least May and Dawn did well.


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That's Marian. Lillian hasn't been seen since the Kanto Grand Festival.


~Master Coordinator~
I liked how Ash pulled off the Ice Aqua Jet combo. That was a really cool move.



Hadou Aprentice
I don't know, I still find it funny to see Buizel stuck frozen in mid air.

Oh well that's cold. No pun intended. You know, I was also very suprised to see that Buizel was actually continuing to its target. Usually when an Ice Beam contacts, it freezes in midair and doesn't continue. That was odd, but cool at the same time! No pun intended.


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It looks like Dawn, May, and Zoey are continuing their progress in the Wallace Cup rather nicely, perfecting their moves' appearances in the process. Perhaps Ash and Buizel will have more opportunities to perfect that "Ice Aqua Jet" for future references, and it may very well be a lesson to keep beyond contest battles. I had to chuckle when Piplup used Bubblebeam on Ash directly to get him to calm down about encountering Azelf at Lake Valor, but I can focus directly on Brock's reference to the Sinnoh Space-Time Legend, looming in the background of my mind as the Wallace Cup nears its conclusion.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Ice Aquajet was a great attack.

It's a shame that Dawn never managed to pull it off, that would have been great for her.


Hmm to bad Ash and Buizel lost...

I loved to see Buneary battles, she was cute as usuall.

After seeing this episode, I can see what Dawn was doing wrong when she first tried teaching Ice Aqua Jet to Buizel. It only seems to work when the Ice Beam (I don't think it's limited to Ice Beam, though) is coming towards Buizel. Dawn had Buneary target Buizel from behind to compliment the Aqua Jet, but Ash had Buizel go into the beam head-first.


That's Marian. Lillian hasn't been seen since the Kanto Grand Festival.

Well they all look so similar, it's hard to remember which one is which.

Anyway, I didn't understand the dub title but I loved the Japanese title since everyone is a rival in this competition. Loved the sleepover scene in the beginning with Dawn, Zoey, and May telling each other stories and eating snacks. Ash's little fall was awkward but the aftermath was cool since Ash had to take a little nightly stroll to calm his nerves. I liked that that led up to him seeing Azelf's shadow in Lake Valor. Hearing Dawn talk about Mesprit at Lake Verity and Zoey talk about Uxie at Lake Acuity gave me goosebumps.

As for the battles, Dawn's Buneary versus that Wailmer was a good way to start the battle rounds. The way Buneary made good use of Wailmer's Brine attack to bounce and showcase it's fancy footwork was amazing. Seeing Buneary twirl when hit by that water attack was cool too, but seeing it freeze Wailmer with Ice Beam was my favorite scene from that battle. I almost felt sorry for the Wailmer. I was glad that at leaast Jessie found something to do now that she was out of the competition.

Ash and Buizel versus Kyle and Lanturn was upsetting though since I really though Buizel would do well in a water field. I thought Lanturn's Charge was beautiful but the prettiest move was Buizel's Ice Aqua Jet. I was stunned that it still managed to lose despite using it's best move in the battle. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with both Crawdaunt and Piplup firing two strong attacks. Good way to end it I think, 9/10.


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Ice Aquajet was a great attack.

It's a shame that Dawn never managed to pull it off, that would have been great for her.

Yeah, but Dawn's personality and Buizel's personality just didn't match. It's a nice surprise move for Ash and gym battles. Dawn will bounce back and come up some new combinations. She's one smart cookie.


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I thought Ash was going to win after he pulled off that Ice Aqua Jet but oh well. Buneary did great against Wailmer and I wanted to see more of May. Overall this was a great episode.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Good start of the Wallace Cup. Of course Zoey would be joining them, it's good that she has come terms with people doing both contests and battles if they want to.

Jessie's reaction to hearing it was her that won Solaceon town and not James/Meowth doing something (Which I am not sure how she would think that without knowing) was kinda funny, she's like I won it by myself?, she got way too overconfident though so no wonder why she got out so early.

It was funny how Ash was stuttering and all over the place when talking about that legendary Pokemon and when Piplup bubblebeam him.
Bunaery was quite cute bouncing off that brine attack.

It was great seeing all of May's Pokemon again, especially them being evolved thought I would have liked seeing Blaziken in the actual contest.
It was too bad Ash lost but he isn't into contests anyway, Buizel should keep battling (I thought he would have chosen someone else for the battle, or the appeal). Would have liked seeing May defeat him or even Dawn instead. I liked seeing Ice Aqua Jet too, it was good that Dawn had given him the inspiration lol, Ash might have actually won if time hadn't won out though.

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Ice aquajet combo was execellent since it had both the beauty and the power in it


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This episode was cool. It was cool to see that Ash saw Azelf in the lake, even though it was only the outline of it. 1st Dawn saw Mespirit before, and now Ash saw Azelf this time. It was cool to see Dawn use Buneary and Buneary actually win for a change, against Wailmer. It was cool to see Buizel be able to deafeat a Kecleon in the contest. Not surprisingly, Pachirisu defeared Pelipper. Unfortunately after that, Ash's Buizel lost to Lanturn, not shocked, but really wish Buizel would've gotten the oppurtunity to be able to deafeat the half-Electric Pokemon... It was cool to see Ash have Buizel use Ice-Aqua Jet combo for the 1st time.



Shrew Tamer
Dawn looks sooo pretty in this episode! ^.^


Cute and Creepy!
I liked that Ash was doing contests but I agree that it's not something that fits him. That aweful outfit and his ways of using his Pokemon doesn't seem like it belongs there. I'm so glad they didn't make this last too long.


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That little slumber party May Dawn & Zoey were having was cute lol although Zoey really looks tomboyish. & LOL Ash can't do contests!!

Pokegirl Fan~

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The sleepover with May, Dawn and Zoey was pretty cute and interesting. Dawn does great in the battle rounds while Ash loses lol. 10/10