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Prying open a USB

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
It seems that I have kicked my USB too often and now the plug is now off-centre, so I don't think a computer can read the information on it. Can realigning it (by prying it open and fixing it) work? It's a Sandisk Cruzer Micro btw, it's a bit difficult to pry open, and I'm not sure if it's even possible.


Well-Known Member
Best place to go is a computer shop and show them, they should tell you if you can or not just by seeing it. I would be more towards saying No, but again i've never had this issue I would just buy a new one.

Ice Dingo

If it's just off centre, then you can open it up and fix it. It's only the plug that's got a problem.