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PS3 will have rumble afterall.


Well-Known Member
Whoa...you used... a PUN!

So Sony got sued.
But they can use the rumble feature now.
How awkward.


Rainbow Trainer
It says they could have rumble if they wanted to but, they would still have to pay immersion licensing fees and pay what was owed in the court settlement.


Bathing Ape
They wont be adding Rumble now, since they scurried to include some kind of motion sensory technology in the controller, theres no room for it now.


Forum Tsar
Sol, you didn't read the article at all. Sony's propaganda and the truth are two different things. There is plenty of room for the force-feedback technology, but Sony is shying away from using it due to the more than 90 million dollars they owe in a lawsuit over patent rights. Now, Immersion could still produce PS3 controllers with force-feedback, but I doubt they will.


Bathing Ape
Your right, I skimmed over the article and didnt give it $0.02. But I see where it says that now. However, I'm sure Sony still wont include it, and will continue to use that excuse (I mean, when has Sony ever admitted being wrong?).


Forum Tsar
You make a valid point. Sony has already lied many times to its customers. I don't see them stopping anytime soon. Anyway, if you were curious, I am a Sony customer, but I am a little smarter than many when it comes to seeing past their ******** (for lack of a better word).


Oops. I did read the article, but I completely forgot that one part. >_<

I just edited the first page.