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Psyched: A Crossover of Many Fandoms

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle

    wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed

    Rated PG-13 for some language, mild crude humor, and violence at times.

    Anyhow, this fanfiction was inspired by a certain fanfiction that I haven't finished quite yet, but I'm planning to in the future. Anyhow, be warned. This fanfiction is very different from my other fanfiction. Very, very different.

    Here we go...

    A few notes: I know that this is a bit longer than most prologues, but I really couldn't come with anything else and it just seemed too short to be a full chapter, in my opinion.


    A Crossover of Many Fandoms

    Prologue: Shawn Gets a Word of Advice from a Tea Drinking Rayquaza

    "hawn Spencer, Burton Guster, Juliet O'Hara, and Carlton Lassiter were all standing in front of an erupting volcano, while they were shadowed by a huge tidal wave and thunder boomed across the sky.

    “This is your fault,” Carlton hissed at Shawn. “If you hadn’t gone and bought that stupid game we would be same at home.”

    “Lassie, we all know that this is your fault. The fourth wall fell apart because of you, you know. Now we’re in a fanfiction,” Shawn said, looking at Carlton with a mischievous look on his face.

    “What,” Juliet began to ask, “is a fanfiction? What is the fourth wall?”

    “Exactly! We shattered the Fourth Wall, which made its existence nonexistent!” Shawn yelled over the thunder which began to get louder.

    An angry looking group of cats then fell out of the sky, right onto Burton. He screamed as the mass of felines made him disappear.

    “What the StarClan?” one of the cats asked as he fell out of the pile. He looked up at Shawn and asked, “Where is ThunderClan territory?”

    “I don’t know, little cat,” Shawn replied. Burton pushed his way out of the mass of cats and walked over to Shawn.

    “Next time warn me when a group of cats is going to fall out of the sky onto my head,” was all Burton could say. He looked pretty angry.

    Meanwhile, Carlton had picked up one of the cats called Tigerstar and pointed his gun at the feline. “Any last words, Dark Forest scum?” he asked, ready to fire.

    “Carlton? You read the Warriors books?” Juliet asked in amazement.

    “Well, duh!” he muttered.

    Immediately, Juliet’s eyes seemed to grow huge as she grabbed a tomcat called Jayfeather out of the pile. “Jayfeather!” she yelled. She then squealed with delight and hugged the cat tightly.

    The cat glared up at Juliet with his cold blind eyes and said, “Let me go before I maul you with my stick.” He then pulled out a stick that seemed to be held together with duct tape.

    While all of this was happening, another interdimsional hole opened and showed a scene where a dude with green hair whose name was N was being attacked by thousands of screaming fangirls. He saw the hole, grabbed his hat from one of the maniacs, and leaped out of it. The hole closed before any of the crazy maniacs could get through.

    “Oh my God I thought I would never get out of there,” was all that he could say. He staggered over to Burton and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He began to shake him violently and said, “Those girls seemed to come out of nowhere.” He had a crazed look on his eyes as he started to ramble on about the horrors that he had witnessed.

    Tigerstar and Carlton were now on the ground of the place in which this was all happening and were wrestling. Juliet was still hugging Jayfeather as he hit her with his stick. Shawn was trying to put all of the Clan cats into order, and Burton was being told of N’s horrible personal life.

    Suddenly, a green cat with yellow stars all over his body and golden eyes burst out of the pile of cats and started to fire lazers out of his paws at everything. However, if one got hit by the lazer they would feel great and run around skipping. That happened to N, Carlton, Tigerstar, a few other Clan cats, and the cat himself.

    Shawn glared up into the sky and yelled with all his might, “Get down here, you idiotic tea-drinking Rayquaza! Bring the king of lava and the lord of the sea as well!”

    The clouds suddenly vanished as a green blur voomed down, parting the clouds. It moved so quickly that it seemed like Shawn had just vanished on his own. No one noticed, though.

    Once they were high enough in the sky, the blur stopped. It was an amazing Rayquaza, and it wore a top hat, a monocle, and a bowtie. It was sipping a cup of tea. Shawn was clinging onto its back. Suddenly, the volcano vanished and the wave vanished back into the sea.

    “What. The. Hell,” was all that Shawn could say.

    “Dear Shawn, this is all normal. I am just here to deliver you a message from your father, that’s all. He said, and I quote, ‘If you don’t finish that doghouse by tonight I will goddamn murder you in your sleep.’ Your father is a violent man, is he not?” the epicly awesome Rayquaza asked, drinking his tea and speaking in a British accent.

    “No, he just likes to exaggerate. Now, please tell me where I am and why there are so many different characters from different fandoms here?” Shawn asked impatiently.

    As Shawn looked below, he saw that everything had turned into a blown out Melee and that Kirby, King Dedede, Escargoon, Meta Knight, some Pokemon trainers from graphic novels that he had read, and all six of the main characters from the My Little Pony fandom along with some side characters had joined in. It really just looked like a blur of color from so high up.

    “Wait a minute…how am I breathing if I’m so high up? And why haven't I frozen to death?” Shawn asked the tea drinking Rayquaza who was so awesome he couldn’t help it.

    “Shawn, there are some things I can’t answer. What I can tell you, though, is that you and a few other characters from some fandoms have been chosen to save the world from…well, we don’t exactly know yet. Well, to be specific, you, Jayfeather, Tigerstar, N, Kirby, Derpy Hooves, Meta Knight, and…” The epic Rayquaza started to say. He then pulled out a list from nowhere, fixed his monocle, and read off of the list, continuing his speech, “Lazer.”

    “What. That just breaks every fourth wall rule that was ever created in the history of the entire existence of the universe,” Shawn said. “And anyhow, this is a fanfiction. We’re all being controlled by a twelve year-old girl who has nothing better to do. In fact, if it wasn’t for her, we’d be at home, safe and sound—”

    Suddenly, an invisible hand slapped Shawn’s face.

    The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Rayquaza straightened his monocle again, burned the list, and told Shawn, “I’m going to send you and your world saving friends to Danny now. Be sure not to die.”

    “What the heck?” was all that Shawn could say as he, Jayfeather, Tigerstar, N, Kirby, Derpy Hooves, Meta Knight, and the green cat with the stars who was firing lazers all vanished into a portal that the Rayquaza had created with is tea.

    The other characters looked around, noticing the absence of these characters for only a second before brawling again.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2012
  2. 3D992

    3D992 The Living Hologram

    Huh. This fic has some promise. I actually came up with a story similar to this. It just had different fandoms.
  3. Wyrm

    Wyrm ~Setting Sail~

    Holy cripe, this is one heck of a crossover you have here. And it contains fandoms I know about! 8'D Now...

    Notice how you used "while" twice in the same sentence. You should replace the sentence with something like this:

    "Shawn Spencer, Burton Guster, Juliet O'Hara, and Carlton Lassiter were all standing in front of an erupting volcano, while they were shadowed by a huge tidal wave and thunder boomed across the sky."

    You might also want a comma after "Juliet O'Hara" (as shown in my example above), but a more minor detail like that is merely what I've seen in some books. Therefore, it's your call.

    Unless if this is going to turn into an insanely random story with Nyan Cats flying everywhere (you understand what I really mean by this), I strongly suggest you spell it as "laser" instead of "laser."

    And now for the positive things.

    This. This smells. Of metafic. Very much so.

    I mean, just being self-aware is one thing, but now we have them aware of who the author is? Then we have a Rayquaza who acts like a duke, followed by all these other characters tumbling in from portals and proceeding to attack each other, Super Smash Bros style? You've touched upon all those fangirls chasing N, as well as the ponies. Oh my goodness, the ponies! Finally, Jayfeather seems to have discovered the magical powers of duct tape and has his stick back.

    Do you see where I'm going with this? Psyched is essentially the little sister fic of the AoA.

    The other thing is that, despite having two mistakes, they were quite minor. You were on the verge of flawlessness. *high fives*

    All in all, you have randomness, comedy, fourth wall obliteration, excellent grammar, and generally high quality balled up into a chunk of literary goodness here. Nice job, and keep up the good work.
  4. wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle

    wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed

    I'll fix that. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I'll fix that too (although the Nyan Cat will pop up a few times, and that cat's name is Lazer.) (Silly me for thinking that was how it was actually spelled. I should have listened to Microsoft Word for once XP)

    Only Shawn really seems to know that he's in a fanfiction, as does the Rayquaza, but everyone else thinks that he's crazy. Well, they'll think he's crazy, anyhow. N and Jayfeather both seem like characters who have fangirls who can be crazy at times (I should know, I am a Jayfeather one.) The Rayquaza is actually something I had a dream about when I was much longer and I've been dying to put it into a fanfiction. And at the end of The Last Hope Jayfeather does see his stick, even though it's broken. As for it being like AoA, I must admit that is like it for now, but that I plan for it to be different. Very, very different.

    Thank you. *high fives back* I wanted to try something different from StarCatchers (which is going to be much darker than both this and TFH) and I wanted to go for a humorous technique. And I'll try to keep it up, bro.

  5. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Wow... looks very promising. XD Can you tell me which fandoms are included in this fanfic?
  6. wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle

    wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed

    Well, as of now, there's MLP, Psych, Pokemon, Warriors, a few orgional characters, and Kirby. I plan on adding in many more.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2012

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