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I added a poll! :P

  • Yes this happens to me

    Votes: 41 60.3%
  • No, I'm sure you're weird or a druggie ;P

    Votes: 27 39.7%

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The Bassist
I'm sorry but this is more like i know what a my newborn cousin was ginna look like, it creeps me out. I think it's way more than what some of you are thinking about.
This isn't de ja vu (sp?) it's actual future scenes


n3w 2 sppf :3
I'm sorry but this is more like i know what a my newborn cousin was ginna look like, it creeps me out. I think it's way more than what some of you are thinking about.
This isn't de ja vu (sp?) it's actual future scenes
And I'm talking about real hard science that has proven memory is sketchy and deja vu is an electrical discharge in the brains area of short term and long term memory that generates a feeling of false familiarity. Aside from the kid who is apparently more empathetic than average child, what you have isn't special. Go ahead and draw your dream or prediction next time you get one or keep a dream log. EDIT: lol ethan
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Est sularus oth mith
One that happened to me was back when I was a marine and dating a girl here in Mich. I was calling home from Cali and "wanted to call my girlfriend" Which was supposed to be at work. So I called my bro no answer {Call your girlfriend}, called my buddy, no answer{Call your Girlfriend}, called 2 more buddies, again no answers{CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND DAMIT!!!} Fine but she's not home... Hello? What were you just doing?... Pacing wishing for I'd to call you!

Yup dang near cross country she projected her thoughts for me to call & I HEARD HER!!!

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
I'm almost 99.99999% positive I haven't made this thread before....right?
I could've dreamt it and that's what I wanted to talk about today, you see I have this weird...ability, I guess to sort of see the future. If you don't believe me you don't have to say it just go away I guess :p

Anyway I go to sleep and I see like random scenes with me and others I know in it. Weeks or days, even months later it happens and I go through this massive
whoa saw that coming moment. Does this happen to anyone else? And no I'm not one of those old ladies who say they can see the dead bodies, I just dream this stuff. I'm a 14 year old so I'm pretty sure I'm not a crazy old "psychic" lady.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Yep, the same happens to me. I'm 13. I thought I was the only one! Thank god!


Son of Wōden
I don't know if it's been suggested, but I think we think that we've dreampt something as a way of explaining Déjà vu.

But my understanding of Déjà vu is information reaching our long term memory before our 'process memory' giving you the illusion you saw it before, because you remember it, when really your remembering what happened split seconds ago.

Sorry if someone already made that point.
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Lol, psychics. :p


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You're not a psychic; it's just your brain messing up.
Your brain thinks that you've seen something before and seem to remember it, but the "memories" of that moment were just made on the spot. That's what they call a sensation of deja vu (means "seen it before"). It's weird, but that's just the way yours and everybody's brains work.


Hollen i ven.
I've had these, but like the previous poster said it's only really just your brain being funny.

Saying that, I do have a friend who told me once that "I don't believe in deja vu per se, since there is no such thing as a memory which doesn't exist. If you remember it, it happened." He loves all that parallel world talk though!


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I used to have a few dreams that I experienced before, but that was years ago. Now, every now and then, I get this weird instinctive feeling and I then find out soon after that my instict was correct. For example, one school day I had the random thought that, "Hey, maybe I should bring my DS with me to school today just in case there's no gym class and I'll have an extra free?" Did I listen to myself? No, I thought, "Nah, what are the chances of that?" Well, a couple hours later and I learned that there would be no gym that day and I did have a free after all, and since I didn't bring my DS, I had nothing to do and had to sit around for the whole 45 minutes.

I've had plenty of other similar instictive feelings, and they come out right about 8/10 times. I don't believe in psychic power, but these tiny premonitions are something like that, right?