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Puberty - check 1st post again!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by dark rift, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. dark rift

    dark rift Well-Known Member

    Right, the previous 'puberty' thread went well, until it got de railed into a 'sex thread'.....

    I want you guys to start showing just a touch more discretion in this thread, please. If you're going to say something gross or graphic, at least put it in a spoiler. That's our new rule here, okay? Follow it. ~Profesco

    So lets try this again, you can talk about your puberty/hormonal experiances here, since most of us here are at that stage.. This isn't a sex thread however, since I doubt a lot of people here are at the age where they can have sex. =P

    Also this isn't a dating advice thread, because that's what happens in the 'advice thread'.

    Edit: You can also discuss about our 'troublesome' generation, and such and other dumb steriotypes. I.e We all want to be celebrities and such. That's why most 8 year old girls try to get boob jobs, right?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2009
  2. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    You're a cheeky one.

    If it turns out like the last few pages of the last topic, you will all end up banned again.
  3. PartyPokemon

    PartyPokemon L or Kira?

    Babylon/Ethan, please close this now!!!!!!!!! Noooooo...
    dark rift, you'll be sorry, man, you really will be. Dammit, man!

    Let's all hope that this thread doesn't crash and burn like the last one.

    But seriously Ethan, close it before anyone gets killed! My gawd, dark rift you've created a monster (well, not yet but...).

    Unless this thread turns out to be epic. But otherwise...
  4. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids

    Well, I've already gone through it, but I find it funny how some guys can't grow facial even if they went through puberty. Case in point, my younger brother.
  5. Competitive5910

    Competitive5910 Codename:ArseusEater

    Close this Ethan. This will turn into something like last thread.

    This will inevitably crash and burn.

    How in the world can sexuality be epic?
  6. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    I'm going through puberty as we speak, and life can be quite difficult to get through sometimes, moreso than it was before puberty. At times, it can be like trying to find your way through an underwater labyrinth of nothing but murky water. Many adults try to force their lessons in, to turn us into the world leaders of tomorrow instead of the drug lords and gang leaders of tomorrow. To be quite honest, though, forcing in such lessons just adds more pressure to our daily lives.

    I realize that it is important that we learn good from bad in a "newer" way than when we were little kids, but emphasizing on it over all else troubles us more and more. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be taught to be world leaders instead of gang members, but statistics speak for themselves. We have a pretty high crime rate, and thus these lessons are emphasized more and more, but the rates continue to be high. Coincidence?

    Welcome to Misc, enjoy your stay.
  7. ??????

    ?????? That guy.

    I don't know why people obsess over puberty so much. Wow, I have a deeper voice and facial hair, I'm so internally conflicted.

    The only thing that really happened to me in puberty was massive growth and deepening of my voice. I still barley have any facial hair and girls still have cooties :p
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
  8. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    I've been going to puberty already, but I'm not sure if 18 is the end of puberty as I'm years away from it. The worst part of it is that I'm growing a lot of pimples everywhere, and I keep getting scars from them. I'm using some health products to help cure my pimples, and possibly my scars. If it doesn't work, I have to go to some place where they'll use lasors to get rid of the acne scars.
  9. Clamps

    Clamps Warning: Jokes!

    I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm only 17, but I have more facial hair than my older brother. He's almost 30, and he never even got peach fuzz.
  10. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Some boys grow facial hair, others don't. It has to be genetic, or something like that. That, or because everyone's different. My younger brothers, who are both 15, have started getting facial hair when they were... 14, I believe. It was pretty creepy, because one) I hate chin hair, I can't stand it (freaks me out), and two) one of them was starting to get a mustache and looking like a Mexican (no offense).

    Then again, it's scary watching little brothers go into puberty. There are funny parts, though. When they were barely 13, one of them squeaked when he tried to say a sentence in a loud, almost manly voice. I couldn't breathe for about a minute, I was laughing so hard. And last year, the same brother came stumbling out of the bathroom after seeing a spider in a corner and uttering a lame "Help!" as he was struggling to button his pants.

    I thought puberty was supposed to mature people, but I guess boys are a different story. *shrug* They never change.

    You're awesome, man :p, you've just made my morning.
  11. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    > Might as well give it a try

    Since i'm 13 -youngest of my class >_>- It sucks to be the youngest. But I'm the first to have Facial Hair AND to shave -Let's just say i'd rather have a electric razor- and one of the first of which the voice changed. Lol strange.
  12. cptmyname

    cptmyname Well-Known Member

    I sorta started before everyone else

    my voice got way deeper while i was still in 4th grade, but didn't shoot stright up or get new hairs till the end of 5th grade

    my school seems upsessed with records, these are ma records:
    1st to change voice
    3rd to grow new hair
    about 7th to grow taller

    the funny thing is one of my best friends ALWAYS wanted a goatee (haven't the smallest clue), and still doesn't have facial hair, even tho hes going thru puberty, and into 8th grade
  13. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    For those of you asking me to close this, here's a good firm shut the hell up. If it turns out to be a disaster I'll close it. I'm being pretty generous by giving you guys a chance to improve from last time. You spackers whined about the America thread too asking me to close it because it was a "troll" thread apparently, and it turned out to be a pretty good topic. So how about we assume that I know what the fuck I'm doing and proceed as such?

    Yeah, thanks.
  14. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids

    How isn't it epic?

    Another thing from puberty is that I slimmed out a lot when I got taller (I was actually made fun of for being fat) and that my voice deepened.
  15. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    ^ I hate the voice deepening -Not when it stops 'course- Right now my voice is cracking big time >_> let's just say it's not fun.
  16. Mr. Mudkip

    Mr. Mudkip Banned

    Maybe if people would stop bitching about how bad the last one sucked, people can actually discuss something and make this a decent thread.
  17. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    The ironic bit of it is that the transition from a higher voice to a lower, deeper voice would be so much easier if any of us would stop speaking, at least easier on our vocal cords. Sadly, it doesn't matter how much texting or emailing we do in our puberty years -- we talk with our friends even more over the phone or in person.

    Still, I'd say the voice changes are easier on the females, who just have their voices mature instead of us males, who have it deepen a good deal more. Essentially, we try to act more manly while during puberty, but you would have thought that the squeaking breaks in our voices would have taught us a lesson :rolleyes:
  18. dark rift

    dark rift Well-Known Member

    That still happens with me, and I'm 17.. It's usually when I get excited though.

    Oh, and I'm going to edit the first thread to sort of widen the spectrum a bit, since eventually talking about how many new hairs you've counted so far might get a bit old.
  19. PartyPokemon

    PartyPokemon L or Kira?

    I'm in puberty right now, and so are my friends. But it's really strange how many different things it does to different people. Like, there are many people I know who are all full of "teenage angst" and mood swings and stuff. Not me, though. I dunno, different people...

    But yeah.

    You're 12 or under, right?
  20. Sadib

    Sadib Time Lord Victorious

    I've gone through puberty several times. It's quite a fun experience. I might go through it again soon.
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