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Pulling a team together, please assist

My team is being put together before I even have my seventh badge in Platinum. As such, I've been trying to work with I can find in-game for the most part, and I'm only using pokemon that I can find in 4th gen's pokedex (before the national 'dex). As a result, none of 'em are truly EV trained in any particular manner.

Lucario (Male) level 43
Hardy - Likes to Relax
Inner Focus
HP: 127
ATK: 117
DEF: 73
SP.A: 112
SP.D: 67
SPE: 95

Metal Claw
Swords Dance
Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse

Froslass (Female) level 32
Modest - Impetuous and Silly
Snow Cloak
HP: 92
ATK: 54
DEF: 50
SP.A: 66
SP.D: 56
SPE: 82

Ominous Wind
Protect (Ice Beam)

Gengar (Female) level 33
Timid - Often dozes off
HP: 98
ATK: 49
DEF: 49
SP.A: 97
SP.D: 58
SPE: 91

Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray

Vaporeon (Female) level 42
Modest - Quick to flee
Water Absorb
HP: 167
ATK: 65
DEF: 70
SP.A: 119
SP.D: 92
SPE: 80

Aurora Beam (Ice Beam)
Quick Attack (to be replaced)

Rapidash (Male) level 42
Mild - Sturdy Body
Flash Fire
HP: 113
ATK: 112
DEF: 70
SP.A: 88
SP.D: 79
SPE: 107

Flame Wheel
Poison Jab
Fire Blast
(Need to switch out a fire-type technique, but unsure of which one)

Gliscor (Male) level 41
Jolly - Often dozes off
Sand Veil
HP: 127
ATK: 102
DEF: 120
SP.A: 47
SP.D: 80
SPE: 100

Aerial Ace
Swords Dance
Fire Fang
Poison Jab (Earthquake)

Previous Pokemon that could be brought back into team:

Altaria (Female) level 35
Modest - Highly Persistent
Natural Cure
HP: 102
ATK: 54
DEF: 86
SP.A: 61
SP.D: 79
SPE: 70

Air Cutter
Ice Beam

^This one I'd be interested in bringing back because I spent so much time breeding to get Roost and Ice Beam on it without a TM. Plus, I used 'er to defeat a Floatzel, Garchomp, and Infernape (in that order) against a friend of mine... and caught it in a Battle Recording (25-08496-80282 for those who have Platinum).

Torterra (Male) level 45
Lax - A little quick tempered
HP: 160
ATK: 120
DEF: 130
SP.A: 83
SP.D: 81
SPE: 82

Razor Leaf
Leech Seed

Any help I could get on this team, including suggestions as to what should be in it should something be taken out, would be great. I would like to keep the Froslass and Lucario, however, though the rest I can still work on. I'd also like to add Altaria into the mix if possible, though it's low level will need some working on. The moves in bold are ones that I think should replace the non-bold attacks in front of them, but feel free to correct me. Thanks in advance.
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kiss my greens
Well now, it's a shame for the natures on your Lucario and Rapidash.

You don't need Gengar and Froslass on the same team. I'd drop Froslass and bring back Altaria, since you then have your Ice move. Torterra would bring some great aid vs Bertha, but then again, you have Gliscor.

Other than my minor edit, you're good to go, kiddo.
Hm... True, Altaria would have the stronger Ice Beam before STAB is involved. I'll have to hold onto the Froslass for later usage, then. I forgot to add Gliscor's moveset, unfortunately, which I have now remedied. It doesn't have EQ, unfortunately, and I don't think I have the TM yet either. With Froslass out, I think I could switch back to my Torterra and not have to increase my weaknesses to Fire too much. I'll have to double-check.



kiss my greens
No problem, kiddo. Apparantly, I couldn't be arsed to edit movesets.

Lucario: replace Metal Claw with Dragon Pulse
Gengar: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Energy Ball/Sludge Bomb/Psychic
Vaporeon: take off Quick Attack and Bite... you could replace them with Shadow Ball and... Aqua Ring? or Signal Beam (Pt tutor)
Rapidash: since your set is physical, even though its nature is +SA, I'd keep Flame Wheel... replace Fire Blast with Stomp, maybe? @_@
Gliscor: Ice Fang is really the better option over Fire Fang... and until you can get EQ, I'd suggest Night Slash.
Altaria: I'd take off Dragonbreath... replace it with... umm... Heat Wave, which you can get from the Platinum move tutors. Other than that... Flamethrower, I'd say.
Torterra: A-OK


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torterra could also have wood hammer instead of razor leaf, torterra could also just shrug of the recoil with leech seed.