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Pure Hotness

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Tsun in the streets
Drought Ninteles with Solorbeam
Charizard with FireBlast and Roost
R-K-9 with Morning Sun, Flare Blitz, and SolarBeam.

I've been pretty much raping the ladder anywhere I go. I got someone breeding these for me now.

I also like the New Avatars Serebii put up. Change me already.

old man

On Guard!!!
Bot to head out to practice for the nite. Anyone wanting a battle tomorrow let me know.
New folk holla at me for a battle for tomorrow.
Hey what the heck I'll throw our "rookies" in there to see how we'll fare. Already challenged a clan.

I'll get a line-up soon enough.

old man

On Guard!!!
And for a warm up I'll battle two of then with...... Dragon team or Mystro (OU) Team???? Hmmmmm I'll let them choose :) it will be good experience for them. It's always good to gain some.



Another "I'm still alive!" post from Moogle.
I've almost completed my long awaited Pearl Poke'Dex. Just bashing through the elite four a few hundred times to evolve some, then I'm only a few captures awayyyyyyy. Whooooo! (kupo)
The Moogle is pleased with herself. Yes.
To celebrate, I'll be putting together an unevolved team and challenging my mom to a battle. Yes!
/uses rollout on next poster for no reason
Jb if you need any pokemon or anything I have a ton on HG,since I'm only going to be transfering gym teams to start 5th gen.


Shadow King Cerberus
im still active just busy training and i havent tooken a look into the 5gen yet and probably wont till it comes out and if push comes to shove i wont finish this team in time but ill be alright im sure ^.^ thats if im in the line up 0.0


Creaming in PAIN!
Noob question:wath is a rookie team?
And maybe I´ll do a 5th gen Dark team,Or a ice one,or steel one,or rock one.And thinking of making a new 4 gen team,With tanks confirmed as Shuckle and Blisey(They will be on the team)and maybe an Steelix,the rest are for fighters.

old man

On Guard!!!
fire grass water core. They normally work well


Tsun in the streets
Jb you could base your team around a core like this one

Sub Puncher Breloom/ Mix Nape / CM Cune or DD Gyara

Yeah, I was planning on using Breloom, and Mix nape, I was gonna switch Gyara for Curse Swampert though, I'll test out the Cune though, i've never used one because my Vappy did the job just fine.

Edit: do you guys think a Snorlax would work well, I like that added Defence, though Aggron is good as well.
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Yeah,use Curse Lax too.

So far- Breloom/Nape/Suicune? Curse Pert/Curse Lax

Don't use Two cursers,as a lead you could use metagross,along with flygon too,to resist ground moves.
Ok when you're done just hit me up and I'll tell you what the completed team could look like.

@Alfredo: A Rookie war team is a team that consists of players that haven't been in wars yet,or aren't as up to par on the other players. Just a chance to see how they'll fair out in the real battle.

old man

On Guard!!!
I did not know that B/W comes out in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uuuggghhh
ok ok
JB I'll be online but not past 9:45est. E i need to test gym pokes sometime soon please
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