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Purple, Grey, and the... Secret Dimension!? (PG)

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by OnceUponATime, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Here goes. I have a lot of ideas for this fan-fiction. I've been writing all of them down so that I don't forget. I really hope you all like it! If you want to be on a subscription list, PM or VM me. I would like constructed criticism, too.


    Chapter One: Purple and the Starter Pokemon!
    Chapter Two: The Plane to Nacrene!
    Chapter Three: Museum Mayhem and the Little Girl!
    Chapter Four: The Starter Pokemon and Brittany!
    Chapter Five: Battle for the Basic Badge (Part 1)!
    Chapter Six: Battle for the Basic Badge (Part 2)!
    Chapter Seven: Virizion and Cobalion! Encounters of Legendary Proportions!
    Chapter Eight: The Venomous Virbank Gym!
    Chapter Nine: Fire and Electric! The Toughest of Combinations!
    Chapter Ten: Liberation on Liberty Island!
    Chapter Eleven: Cascading the Castelia Gym!
    Chapter Twelve: Rampaging Route 4!
    Chapter Thirteen: Elesa and the Ferris Wheel Fiasco!
    Chapter Fourteen: Caving of the Driftveil Mine!
    Chapter Fifteen: Passionate Battling at the Pokemon World Tournament!
    Chapter Sixteen: Turning of the Tournament!
    Chapter Seventeen: Combating Secrecy with Surprise!
    Chapter Eighteen: A Recollection Connection! Enter Emboar and Samurott!
    Chapter Nineteen: Gathering of Legends!
    Chapter Twenty: Meloetta in the Mystical Abyssal Ruins!
    Chapter Twenty-One: Race to the Cave of Being!
    Chapter Twenty-Two: Warping through Winding Tunnels!
    Chapter Twenty-Three: Clashing Commanders' Control!
    Chapter Twenty-Four: Icy Battles with Hearts of Fire!
    Chapter Twenty-Five: Chili, Cress, and the Catastrophic Gyarados!
    Chapter Twenty-Six: Capturing the Kami Trio!
    Chapter Twenty-Seven: At the End of the Road!
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Fighting Flyer with Flyer!
    Chapter Twenty-Nine: Climbing the Spirals of Success!
    Chapter Thirty: Oppressing the Opelucid Gym!
    Chapter Thirty-One: Injured Pokemon in an Irreconcilable Situation!
    Chapter Thirty-Two: Tutoring the Tutor!
    Chapter Thirty-Three: The Ultimate Battle! Legends Unleashed!



    “I see it! It’s glowing! I’ve finally found the legendary secret dimension!” came the voice of a young woman, no more than twenty but no less than seventeen.

    “I have… to… stop her…” a teenage boy said, panting. “I’ve run all through Twist Mountain to find you, and I’ve finally found you… Veronica!”

    “You… know my name!? I’ve spent years trying to find this place. We both know what it holds… Purple!”

    “I see you know my name, too. Go, Solosis! Use Shadow Ball to knock her away from that glowing wall!”

    The Cell Pokemon created a purple and black sphere and launched it at Veronica. Veronica jumped and, in midair, threw a Poke Ball.

    “Aww!” Purple gawked. “Do you really expect me to fight that Eevee of yours?”

    “No. That’s the point. This Eevee is my secret weapon. It’s shiny. Nobody wants to hurt such a cute Pokemon.” Veronica winked at Purple.

    “Ugh… Solosis, you know what to do! We don’t necessarily want to hurt it, so use Trick Room! Make yourself go faster and it go slower!”

    The tiny green Pokemon glowed very briefly. The cave they were standing in all of a sudden had a room in it. In this space, Solosis would move faster.

    “Now to finish this up, Ducklett, swoop in with your Aerial Ace attack!”

    The Water Bird dashed at Veronica at the speed of light. An intense, bright light filled the cavernous corridor in which the two had been standing just moments before. Purple hadn’t even had a chance to look around to see the cave before everything happened. All he knew is that he was in Twist Mountain one second and not in the next.
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  2. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Chapter One: Purple and the Starter Pokemon!

    “Come on down here, Purple! The Pokemon Association Chairman has travelled all the way from Icirrus City. You don’t want to be late meeting up with him!”

    “Thanks, mom! I’ll be right down.” Purple dashed out of his room and onto the steps. “Oh, no. I forgot my Poke Balls. I’ll be right back!” Purple ran back into his room, grabbed Ducklett and Solosis’ Poke Balls, and headed down the stairs to see his mom before he left.

    Purple and his mom lived in Mistralton City, The City Where the Winds Gathers the Flowers. After the fight with Veronica, Purple had been found passed out in front of the entrance to Twist Mountain. Veronica hasn’t been seen or heard of since the incident, but Purple is sure she is still up to her antics. A few days after the incident, Purple got a letter in the mail from the Pokemon Association held in Icirrus City. The letter read:

    Dear Purple,

    In regards to your heroic actions, we would like to have a meeting with you in your hometown of Mistralton City. We know that you want to pursue Veronica, which is why we are giving you a starter Pokemon, a Pokedex, and an Xtransciever. Please meet with us at the Mistralton Pokemon Centre. Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, The Pokemon Association Chairman.

    He was pumped! Purple only had Solosis and Ducklett on hand, and he could use another Pokemon. Who would he be receiving? the boy dressed in almost all purple pondered.

    Purple had woken up especially early this morning for his big day. He put on his favorite purple t-shirt, -it was a purple shirt with the Trio Badge in the middle. He was also wearing purple and yellow plaid shorts with gold tennis shoes and a black baseball cap.

    “I’m ready,” he determined.

    The anxious twelve year old boy dashed down the mahogany stairs of his comfortable little cabin in the middle of Mistralton City. Purple would sometimes lie down on his wooden bed with blue sheets and blue comforter and stare at the window next to his bed. He would lie there and think about when his adventure would start and what it would be like. But he knew today was the day that it would all unfold.

    When he arrived downstairs, his mom was down the hallway in the kitchen. She had made him the breakfast of champions! The smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice all wafted and intermingled throughout the entire house.

    “I’m hungry! Thanks, mom!”

    “It was no problem! I’m happy to do it considering I don’t know how long it will be until I see you again.” His mother’s eyes started to tear up, but she pushed the tears aside so Purple wouldn’t notice. When anyone felt bad, especially his mother, he would cancel whatever he was planning on doing and try to help that person feel better. She didn’t want that to happen; she knew Unova needed him to succeed in stopping Veronica.

    “I’m off! I’ll try to come home before I leave Mistralton. Goodbye, mom! I love you.”

    Before his mom could get the words I love you out of her mouth, Purple had already ran out of the door.

    The cobblestone streets that connected every way of life in Mistralton City were beautiful. These magnificent streets led you anywhere you wanted to go. Along the streets, you would find anything imaginable! There were little cottages, groceries, stores, and, of course, the Mistralton Gym. The gym leader, Skyla, was the giver of the Jet Badge.

    If you went a little further, you would come across a fork in the road. One led the Pokemon Centre while the other led to the Mistralton Airport. Purple read the appropriate signs and turned right towards the Pokemon Centre. Upon his arrival, Purple heard an interesting story on the news that was playing on a giant screen in the lobby.

    “This is Kathy with your Unova News Now! Researchers still don’t know the reason for it, but strange Pokemon that aren’t usually found in Unova such as Mime Jr., Chimecho, and Kirlia are being seen wandering out of Twist Mountain.”

    “I know why,” Purple mumbled. “Veronica is messing things up.” I have to stop her,” this time a lot louder than before.
    People started to stare at him as if he were a patient in the local mental hospital.

    “That’s enough, people! Go on with your days!” A brisk, old man walked up the Purple and escorted him to a meeting room.

    “Hi, Purple! I am the Chairman of the Pokemon Association.”

    “H-h-i! I’m so ha-happy to meet you fin-finally! As you know, I need to stop Veronica and whatever she’s up to. I haven’t seen anyone, but I think she might have underlings doing her dirty work for her. Please help me, Mr. Chairman!”

    “I understand, Purple. I really do. There’s a problem, however. The Pokemon I wanted to give you isn’t with me.”


    Note: The chapters that follow will be longer. Since it's only the first chapter, I didn't make it as long.

    Chapter Two: Where will Purple's starter Pokemon be? Who will he meet along the way? What exactly does his journey hold for the aspiring trainer?
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2013
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Eep! I'm so excited! I love this Veronica girl... can you describe her though? I imagine her with blue curly hair and glasses. But I need to know what you think of her!
  4. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    I will absolutely! Her description is going to be gradual. Her main appearance was only in the prologue so far, so I didn't want to put too much in there. There will definitely be some descriptions of her! I'm glad you *hopefully* like it. :)
  5. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Note: I know this chapter is kind of short too. I made this one when I made the first one. I've already been working on the third, and it's longer. All of them will be longer after this one.

    Chapter Two: The Plane to Nacrene!

    “What!? Why don’t you have it with you?”

    “You see, Purple, it was supposed to be with me. Some matters popped up with Professor Juniper, the owner of the starter Pokemon, and she couldn’t get one shipped to me. She did say, however, that you can get it in Nuvema Town. I told her that that wouldn’t be a problem since you live in Mistralton City, the city known for their planes and aircraft.”

    “Oh, I see…”

    “I have a favor to ask,” the Chairman added.

    “Go for it.”

    “I need you to go to Nacrene City. It’s not far from Nuvema Town, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I need you to deliver this letter to Lenora. She used to be the gym leader there, but she retired. Now she is solely a researcher.”
    The chairman handed him the letter and a ticket to board the next plane to Nacrene City.

    Purple thanked the Chairman and excitedly left for his journey. He passed the fork in the road again and went straight to the Mistralton Airport.

    The airport was bustling with tourists, gym challengers, business men and women, and the citizens of the city. A jet was flying above the airport with no apparent destination. Purple could see the figure of a woman inside, probably around twenty. It was Skyla, the gym leader!

    Skyla landed her jet on the runway right next to Purple, hopped out, and approached Purple.

    “Heya, Purple! How have you been?”

    “I’ve been good, Skyla. I’m actually here to board a plane to Nacrene City.”

    “Hmm. That plane is supposed to depart in five minutes. There’s no way you’ll make it,” the high-flying, jet-loving gym leader said, frowning. She added, “I know! Here, come with me!”

    She, pulling Purple, jumped into her jet and took off.

    “What are you doing?” Purple had no clue what she was doing, but he figured she had to be helping in some way. “You’re lucky I trust you,” he said, almost sarcastically.

    Skyla’s plane was one of the newest models. She held a plane club that met bimonthly, so she knew all about which planes were up to date. Her plane was gray with blue stripes. Skyla flew over the rest of the airport, heading straight for the plane Purple needed to board. Men with orange and white striped vests stood on the runway, telling the planes where to land.
    “We’re here. Hurry up and get on the plane,” Skyla franticly said.

    “Thanks, Skyla! I appreciate the help!”

    The plane hovered over the plane that was heading to Nacrene City, and Purple jumped out. He landed haphazardly on the stairs right before they started to close.


    The stairs closed with him on them, and he was forcefully shoved into the plane. Unlike Skyla’s little personal plane, this one was a lot bigger and decorated a lot differently. This one was a corporate plane, so it was used for business and, of course, advertisement. Each plane in the airport went to a different city/town. The plane to Nimbasa City was all yellow with a Pikachu painted on top, Elesa, the gym leader, and the gym on one side, and the Ferris Wheel on the other side. The plane to Undella Town, however, was decorated with splatters of blue and white paint with the beach painted on one side and the Abyssal Ruins painted on the other.

    Each plane was unique. The plane to Nacrene City was decorated very elaborately. Nacrene City is known for its artists. One side was very prestigious with a painting of the Nacrene Museum. The other side and the rest of the plane were covered in different colors of paint to symbolize the artists and their art. Purple, being dropped onto the plane, didn’t get the chance to see this.

    Purple got up and shook the dirt off of himself. He walked into the main corridor of seats and couldn’t find his seat. He ran into a different corridor and straight into another boy, around the same age as him. The boy had gray hair and wore a black V-neck shirt that had the silhouette of Grimsley, the Dark-type user of the Elite Four.

    Purple muttered, “Ah, that hurt. Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine. I have to go now.”

    Why is he here? The mysterious guy thought. Could he be on the same mission as me?

    The mysterious guy got up and walked away, just like he said.

    After three long hours, the plane landed in the Nacrene Airport. Purple got off and immediately checked into the Pokemon Center for the night. It was late at night now, and Purple still couldn’t sleep. When he finally fell asleep, he dreamt of all the adventures that were soon to come. Morning came, and the sun woke him up.

    “Ah! Good morning, Solosis and Ducklett!”

    Before he went to bed, he had let them out since they had been in their Poke Balls for quite a while.

    “Today’s the day! Let’s head to the museum and then to Nuvema Town!”

    While Purple was getting ready for the day in his room at the Pokemon Centre, the mysterious guy from the plane had just walked into the infamous museum.

    “I know you’re there. You might as well show yourself… Veronica!”

    Veronica walked out of the shadows and over to the guy. “How do you know my name?” she asked.

    “It’s not hard. You’ve been all over the news. Now prepare to lose in a Pokemon battle!”

    “I’m not scared, wimpy little boy!”

    They both called forth their Pokemon.

    It’s Veronica’s shiny Eevee versus the mysterious guy’s Rufflet.

    As their battle started, Purple was just approaching the Nacrene Museum.

    “So, this is the Nacrene City Museum, huh? Let’s go!”

    Purple opened the door and entered, followed by Solosis and Ducklett.
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  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Veronica! Yay! I totally think Skyla would do that. It's just so Skyla!

    Oh, and do you have a PM list? If you don't, I want to be the first one on!

    EDIT: Oh... I just read the top part. I still wanna be on it!
  7. Rotomknight


    Please touch up on the mystery guy, the way you put it made it sound like he was grimsly, if it wasn't labeled mystery guy( nice touch, makes fast readers see him even more mysteriousy because they can't tell.) i'd have read him as grimsly.
    but nice, i'd say put me on the pm list, put I need to drop a few stoies first.
  8. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    I actually put in the first post that if you want one, just ask! Ask and you shall receive. You're going to be the first one! I have actually already finished chapter 3, but I'm going to wait to put it up since I just put chapter two up a little bit ago. I'm really liking where this is going. :)

    I will say that he is definitely NOT Grimsley. Haha. Whenever you want put on the PM List, let me know. :)
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012
  9. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Here's a teaser for the third chapter: Let's just say that there will be quite a few cameos from real Pokemon Adventures Manga. It's going to be great.
  10. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Note: See, it's a little longer. I just wrote chapter four, and it's longer yet.

    Chapter Three: Museum Mayhem and the Little Girl!

    The museum was huge! When you walk in, all you see are tons of exhibits. The variety of content is so vast. Purple walked around the museum for a few minutes and had a couple favorites. He really liked the Meteorite and the Dragon Skeleton.

    The museum was dark, so he tried to find a light switch. When he found one, he also turned on the light in the room that Veronica and the guy were battling in. Completely clueless, he walked over to Lenora’s desk, set the letter down, and left.

    The battle downstairs raged on. Due to Purple not knowing, the lights in the room came on.

    The room was revealed to be a battlefield.

    “A battlefield? Why is there a battlefield in a museum?” Grey asked, pondering. He didn’t understand.

    “Don’t you understand, boy? The curator of this museum, Lenora, was the gym leader of Nacrene City. She retired two years ago. A new gym leader now gives her badge away.”

    Rufflet and Eevee were still fiercely battling. Rufflet’s Crush Claw hit Eevee, and she flew back into a wall. Eevee jumped out and used Dig. Rufflet flew up high. Eevee jumped out and bit onto Rufflet’s talon.

    “Shake her off, Rufflet! I know… Head to the stairs!”

    “What are you doing!? This is the battlefield!”

    “Veronica,” the guy stated, “you never stated any rules.” The boy smirked and ran towards the stairs.

    Rufflet was dragging Eevee up the stairs to get her to let go of his talon. Rufflet flew up toward the ceiling, did a flip in midair, and Eevee was sent crashing into the ground. Eevee still got back up and used Hidden Power.

    Eevee’s body was immediately surrounded by medium-sized, glowing balls of energy. The shiny Pokemon turned and launched the attack. Every last ball hit Rufflet. Rufflet was heading towards the carpeted steps when he caught himself. He started to fly up the stairs, and Eevee took chase. Both of their owners were running side by side too.

    The foursome dashed past Lenora’s desk, Rufflet and Eevee still attacking each other. As they passed, the wind knocked the letter, which Purple just delivered, right off of the desk.

    “Huh?” The letter was dwindling in the air towards the concrete floor of the museum. It caught Veronica’s eye, and she grabbed it without reading it.

    The battle continued on, this time in front of the Dragonite skeleton. Eevee and Rufflet’s attacks collided, and they fell into the skeleton.

    “I know I’m evil and all, but I can’t let this skeleton go to waste. Gothita, use Psychic to put all of the bones back!” Veronica tossed the red and white spherical ball into the air. It opened and a blue light circled on the floor. Where the blue light was, the Fixation Pokemon, Gothita, now stands.

    Gothita’s bright blue eyes glowed a fluorescent pink color. The falling bones were fixated with the same pink color. Gothita moved its finger from the bones to the skeleton, and the bones followed. One by one, the bones put themselves back in place. As each piece of the puzzle was fixed, they stopped glowing.

    The boy was in awe that Veronica was helping. He looked over and his Rufflet was unable to battle.

    “When did that happen? I had no clue! Take a long rest, Rufflet,” the boy said with a lack of spirit.

    “As much as I really do care about the skeleton, it was a distraction. You were too in awe that I was helping. While you were watching Gothita, Eevee used Quick Attack on your Rufflet quite a few times. He he he he.”

    The boy grabbed a Poke Ball and sent Rufflet back into it. Veronica did the same with her Eevee and Gothita.

    “Bye now!” Veronica, head held high, walked out of the museum.

    “Ugh… What is she up to?” The boy just stood, dumfounded.

    “Let’s see what we have here,” the woman said as she walked away from the museum. “Yeah, I see. Is that so? Hmm.” She read the letter.

    Nuvema Town, the town where various dots gather. Nuvema Town, A rural town whose sea breezes give the sense of something coming. Nuvema Town, the town that Purple has just arrived in.

    “So, Mr. Chairman said that my starter Pokemon is here in Nuvema Town. Now where was it that he said to go again? Ah, right. Professor Juniper’s lab.”

    The quiet young man walked through Nuvema Town. He passed the infamous houses of the Heroes of Unova. Two years ago, when Team Plasma had taken over, a group of three people from Nuvema Town stopped them. Their names were Hilbert, Bianca, and Cheren.

    He passed by in homage to their homes. The next building was none other than Professor Juniper’s lab. Purple looked up to the three that saved Unova two years ago, and he hoped that he would be as good as them. Beating the curly, purple-haired woman would be no easy feat, but it’s his opportunity.

    I’ve got to do this! he thought.

    He stepped onto the welcome mat of the research lab. He knocked on the door in a synchronized, rhythmic pattern. No answer.

    He went in.

    The lab was deserted! There was no one in sight! Purple walked down the lit up hallway. The hallway was really bright. Lanterns hung down from the ceiling and lit the entire building. He walked past each room and saw not a single soul. Then there was the door that answered the question.

    “A World Professor Meeting? Really!? NOW of all times!?”

    Purple knocked on the door of the meeting room. A slender woman with brown hair and lab coat on answered the door.

    “Could you possibly come back in a half an hour? We’re currently in a meeting. We would all love to see you then.” The woman said this and closed the door.

    Purple, now discouraged again, went to the Pokemon Centre in Accumula Town to wait. As he walked in, a little girl was walking out. The two of them clashed extremely hard and fell to the ground.

    “Are you alright, Brittany?” The voice came from a girl across the room.
    “I’m alright, Platina. Thanks for asking.”

    The girl, Brittany, got up, dusted herself off, and apologized.
    “Don’t apologize! It’s my fault, really.”

    Five kids, around Purple’s age, ran over to see what happened.

    “I’m fine, guys. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourselves?”

    So they did. One by one, they announced who they were and why they were in Unova.

    “Hi, I’m Platina! I’m the daughter of Professor Rowan’s assistant. We’re from Sinnoh.”

    “I’m from Hoenn. I’m Professor Birch’s daughter, Sapphire. This over here is Ruby. He’s my boyfriend.”

    “Hi. As she said, I’m Ruby.”

    “Blue’s the name. Training is the game. I’m from the Kanto region. My grandfather is the famous Professor Oak.”

    “Hiya! My name is Crystal. I’m Professor Oak’s assistant in catching! I’m from the Johto region.”

    “So… You’re all here because you are either related or affiliated with the professors that are meeting with Professor Juniper? I guess I can trust you all… My name is Purple. I’m here to see Professor Juniper.”
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  11. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    AWESOME!! I love how you added in people from every region! And how you took Platinum and used it as a name.
  12. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    I like how your story is coming along, especially what you just did at the end there with the Dex holders. I really do see myself getting engrossed in your story. Please don't ever give up on it.
  13. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Platina is in the Pokemon Adventures Manga. xD I didn't come up with her. xD

    Thanks! I don't plan on giving up! I have a lot of plans for it. :)
  14. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Note: I will be gone for this weekend, so I will be leaving you all with this chapter.

    Chapter Four: The Starter Pokemon and Brittany!

    “Last but not least, I’m Brittany. I’m actually in Unova to start my journey! Since I have traveled all over Hoenn with my dad, Professor Birch, I wanted to start somewhere new.”

    “Hello, everyone!” It was Professor Birch! He was being followed by the four other professors. They introduced themselves as Oak of Kanto, Elm of Johto, Birch of Hoenn, Rowan of Sinnoh, and Juniper of Unova.

    The trainers Purple had just met, along with the professors, went straight back to Juniper’s lab. Purple followed.

    After the trip back to Nuvema Town, Purple adamantly confronted Professor Juniper.

    “I’m Purple of Mistralton City. The Chairman said that you had a starter Pokemon for me.”

    “Ah, so you’re Purple,” she said, gingerly. “Follow me.”

    Juniper entered one of the rooms that Purple had examined earlier to see if anyone was there. There was one Poke Ball on the table.

    “I only have one Pokemon here. A trainer already came by and picked up a Tepig. Snivy is with my assistant Bianca, and-“

    “Bianca!? I’ll just have to go find Bianca then.” Purple liked quite a few girls, but Bianca was his favorite. On top of being a hero, she was also beautiful in his eyes.

    “Actually, Purple, that starter is meant for Brittany. You’ll have to take Oshawott.”

    Brittany walked in right as the professor had said her name. Brittany was approximately the same age as Purple. She was short for age. She had red hair, the kind that looks like a scarlet Crayola crayon. She was really skinny, unlike her father. Her older sister, Sapphire, had taught her the ways of surviving in the wild like she herself had done for many years.

    Brittany was ready.

    “Come on out, Oshawott. The boy across the room is your trainer!” Juniper picked up the Poke Ball, held it out, and it popped open. The Sea Otter Pokemon appeared on the ground after the usual blue flash a Poke Ball makes.

    “Hi, Oshawott!” Purple bent down and rubbed Oshawott’s head.

    “Osha, Oshawott!” She leaned over and nudged Purple’s leg.

    “I’d say she likes you, Purple,” Juniper said as she winked.

    “Are you ready, Oshawott? You should meet your new friends, my other Pokemon!” He tossed Ducklett and Solosis’ Poke Balls in the air ever so lightly. The two Pokemon floated above his head, Solosis through levitation and Ducklett through its flying.

    Ducklett flew around the lab room once and perched itself on Purple’s arm. Solosis levitated down towards Oshawott’s position. Before even giving Solosis a chance, Oshawott used X-Scissor. Solosis was flung against the wall behind Purple. Oshawott attempted an Ice Beam on Ducklett, but Ducklett left its perching position and used Aerial Ace on Oshawott.

    Oshawott’s scalchop flew across the room. Oshawott ran to grab it, but Ducklett flew over and grabbed it in its beak first. Oshawott used Tackle, and the scalchop fell from Ducklett’s beak. Oshawott was in midair. Ducklett hit the wall. The scalchop was falling.

    The scalchop glowed pink and flew towards Purple. Purple caught it and thankfully said, “Thanks, Solosis. You really helped.”

    He returned his two main Pokemon to their Poke Balls.

    “Oshawott, the others just want to be your friends! You’re not getting your scalchop back until you are friendly with them.” He returned her and her scalchop to the Poke Ball and promised Professor Juniper that he would take care of Oshawott and her friendship problems.

    “Bye, Professor Juniper, and thank you for the Pokemon!” Purple walked out of the lab entirely.

    “Wait… I have a favor to ask!”

    Purple turned around expecting to see Professor Juniper running towards him, but it was Brittany!

    “What can I do for you?”

    “You heard how Bianca has my starter Pokemon, right?”

    “Uhm… Yes, I did.”

    She batted her eyelashes and puffed out her lip.

    “Will you please go with me to get it? She’s in Aspertia City.”

    Purple checked his Town Map and said, “That’s all the way on the other side of Unova!”

    She answered, “Yes, but you’re already going to Nacrene City, right? There’s an airport there that we can use! My dad already bought the tickets! Please?”

    Another figure was running towards him.

    “Huff… Puff… Yes, I already bought the tickets.”

    The two kids simultaneously said, “Professor!”

    “I will be forever indebted to you if you take her. I have three rare Hoenn Pokemon. I will give you both one if you successfully get her starter Pokemon.”

    “Fine. I’ll take her. Come on, Brittany.”

    She waved to her dad and exclaimed, “Thank you so much, Purple! Let’s go!”
    The two headed past Accumula Town and routes one and two. They talked about different aspects of their lives on the way, such as how Purple finally ventured to get his own Pokemon, and now he has to help someone else get theirs.

    They arrived in the town of Striaton City at around three PM. Kids and teenagers alike were traveling home from the local Pokemon School. A researcher was hanging out her window. She had purple hair and was wearing a flower clip in her hair. A Pokemon was with her, too. “Let’s see,” Purple thought.

    Munna, the Dream Eater Pokemon. Munna always float in the air. People whose dreams are eaten by them forget what the dreams had been about.

    Purple’s black Pokedex said that as it showed pictures of Munna. It was the first time he had used his Pokedex, and he liked it. It made him feel like an honest to goodness trainer. Purple was happy about the Pokedex and everything, but his excitement lied in the heart of Striaton City.

    “You’ve been excited ever since you got here. Are you okay?”

    “No, Brittany… I’m fantastic! You see my shirt? It’s the Trio Badge. The gym leader of this town, Cilan, gives it away. There used to be three gym leaders in this town. They were triplets. They each represented a type, Cilan with Grass, Chili with Fire, and Cress with Water. The three started to fight, and Chili and Cress ended up leaving one day. That’s why Cilan is the sole gym leader of this city now,” Purple explained. “I’m a huge fan of Cilan’s!”

    “You sure do know a lot about me, my gym, my town, and my brothers.” Cilan approached them. He wore a waiter’s outfit, was freakishly skinny, and had green hair.

    “C-Cilan! I can’t believe it’s you! I challenge you to a gym battle!”

    Brittany was shocked to hear that. Here Purple had just met his idol and he was already challenging him. He hadn’t even really had time to talk to him or anything. And bam! Brittany thought she would never understand boys.

    “I won’t go easy at all. I traveled and honed my skills with Ash Ketchum, a fellow trainer, and Iris, the champion, a few years ago. Let’s begin immediately at my gym.”

    Brittany and Purple followed Cilan to the Striaton Gym. Cilan opened the doors and ushered them in. They walked in, and it was just a café. The entire room was just fancy mahogany tables with forks, spoons, and knives wrapped in napkins on the. The chairs were exquisite. They were wood as well, but they were decorated elaborately with different patterns.

    “This is just a café,” Brittany examined.

    “Just wait.” Purple said this.

    The customers didn’t even notice the three walk in; however, they did realize it when the back wall opened up. It uncovered a battlefield!

    “Purple, you dropped this when you walked in.” Brittany handed him a small piece of paper.

    He read it:

    Dear Veronica,

    The preparations for the attack on the Pokemon World Tournament have been made. The date has been set. We’ll see you there.

    Sincerely, a Team Underworld Grunt.

    Purple disregarded the note altogether as he was about to have his dream battle, the battle of his life.

    “Thanks, Brittany. I’m ready, Cilan.”

    “Alright. My first Pokemon is Leafeon, the Verdant Pokemon. It’s my second vintage. It always leaves a cleansing taste in the mouth after a battle. However, I’m starting with the refreshing aroma.”

    “Please help me, Ducklett! I need you!”

    Ducklett and Leafeon were standing at opposite ends. They both dashed into the fight.

    “Leaf Blade!”

    “Aerial Ace!”

    The attacks collided, but Ducklett took more damage. Ducklett landed on the ground and was unable to battle.

    “Come back, Ducklett. You weren’t kidding when you said you are strong. Go, Solosis!”

    “He he, okay. Sunny Day!”

    Leafeon’s leaves glowed. A red sphere formed at its mouth. It shot it at the ceiling. When it hit, the battlefield became extremely hot. The battlefield was as hot as a heat wave!

    “Leafeon, come back too. It’s your turn, darling. Roserade!”

    Roserade just stood there.

    “Solosis, use Trick Room! Then use Psychic!”

    Solosis’ body glowed. A room appeared in the battlefield just like it had against Veronica in Twist Mountain. Solosis followed the other order now. Roserade was surrounded in a pink aura, but Roserade snapped out of it immediately.

    “You must be exceptionally strong to get out of my Solosis’ Psychic! Wow.”

    “Finish Solosis up with Solarbeam!”

    Roserade shot an emerald, glowing beam of sunny, leafy energy at Solosis. Solosis fell to the ground just as quickly as Ducklett had.

    “My last Pokemon… Oshawott!”

    “Roserade, use Toxic!”

    Purple flipped his hair. Whenever he did that, that meant things were about to heat up.

    Oshawott fired an Ice Beam attack which collided with Toxic, but Toxic won and poisoned Oshawott.

    “Oshawott’s been poisoned! What are you going to do, Purple?” Brittany was screaming from the bleachers.

    “This. Oshawott, use-“

    Cilan interrupted, “It’s brave of you to use a Pokemon with a type disadvantage against mine. It says a lot about your character. Roserade, you are done for now. Thank you, you battled strong. My vintage Pokemon will be my last… Pansage, please lend me your power!”

    The little green Pokemon appeared on the forefront.

    “X-SCISSOR!” Purple started screaming.

    Oshawott grabbed its scalchop- Purple allowed it in battle. It glowed like a Bug-type would. Oshawott dashed toward Cilan’s Pokemon.
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    Chapter Five: Battle for the Basic Badge (Part 1)!

    Oshawott’s tiny otter body was flying towards Pansage. Pansage disappeared. Where Pansage had stood two seconds earlier, there were now piles of dust.

    Oshawott crashed into a rock. The rugged rock broke into many pieces; they scattered over the battlefield and even hit Oshawott.

    “Was that Dig?” Purple was astonished. He really thought that X-Scissor would do the trick.

    Cilan snapped his finger and declared, “It sure was! Come on up, my vintage!”

    Pansage came up out of the ground and launched the most powerful Bullet Seed that Brittany or Purple had ever seen. Tiny green bullets were forcing themselves toward Oshawott.

    “You need to guard Oshawott, Purple! If not, this is the end.” Brittany said this. She was scared for both Oshawott and Purple.

    Oshawott and Purple were dumbfounded. There was nothing they could do. The seeds hit one after another. Oshawott fell down with swirly eyes. That was the indication that the gym battle was over.

    “I thought this was a city that people challenged for their first gym, Cilan. That battle was stupidly difficult,” Purple confusedly said as he walked over to Oshawott. He returned Oshawott and walked the rest of the way across the battlefield.

    “This gym was once a great success. My two brothers and I ran it so smoothly. We ran the café all by ourselves. One day, the bright young trainer, Ash Ketchum- the one I told you about earlier- challenged the gym. Normally, a challenger of the gym would only battle one of us. It depended on your starter Pokemon. Well, Ash was different. He challenged all three of us. He defeated me, tied with Chili, and lost to Cress. He won the badge. Well,-“

    “You guys are so cool! I’m starting to become a fan of you, just like Purple,” Brittany interrupted.

    “Thanks, but where was I? Oh, yes. I asked Ash if I could adventure with him through Unova. He agreed, so he, I, and Iris, the current Unova Champion, set off. I watched as both Iris and Ash progressed. I progressed too. One day, however, Chili appeared and challenged me. I won. I helped him train his Pokemon, but he was never the same again. That was where it started. After watching Ash compete in the Unova league, our adventure ended. I went back to the Striaton Gym. The three of us started fighting. Chili and Cress went their separate ways, and I was left with the gym. They both have gyms now, I think. I don’t know where they are, though.”

    “That’s awful, Cilan… I’m so sorry!” Purple and Brittany’s eyes both started to water.

    “It’s okay. Where are you two heading?”

    “Aspertia City! I get to get my starter Pokemon there!” Brittany hopped in the air and squealed. She couldn’t even begin to convey how excited she was.
    The two departed from the gym and traveled along Route Three after healing Purple’s Pokemon at the Striaton Pokemon Centre. On Route Three, they passed the infamous Day Care. They also passed Wellspring Cave, where a school of Woobat was flying out. When they reached Nacrene City, they boarded the plane to Aspertia City.

    This plane, like all of the planes in Unova, was decorated accordingly. The Aspertia plane had two of the Heroes of Unova- Bianca and Cheren- on one side and the local gym on the other. The gym side had Normal-type Pokemon like Eevee, Lillipup, and Patrat playing with kids and trainers alike.

    The flight attendant came on the speakers. “Everyone, hold on tight. We’re here and landing!”

    Brittany was nearly bouncing in her chair out of excitement.

    They got off of the plane, and there was a car waiting for them.

    “I don’t remember Professor Juniper or Professor Birch saying anything about there being a car waiting, Brittany. Do you?”

    “I sure don’t. That’s weird.”

    A strange man approached them, grabbed them, and threw them in the limousine.

    “Shh. I didn’t grab you and put you two in here to hurt you. I got a call from a couple frantic professors. They said that they saw a boy with gray hair following you. He was flying on a Rufflet,” the geezer started. “Hi, I’m Sebastian, Lady Platina’s assistant,” he finished.

    “Oh, I remember Platina talking to me about her life back home in the Sinnoh region. I think she mentioned you too,” Brittany said. She sighed out of relief.

    “So, we’re not in danger?”

    “Not by me! You need to watch out for that boy. He might be dangerous. Oh, look, you two! We’ve arrived in town!”

    “This is Aspertia City? It’s beautiful,” Purple said, flabbergasted.

    “This is where I get my Starter Pokemon!”

    Aspertia City was a quiet city. It is the only known city in the Pokemon World where there is a gym in the same town you get your starter Pokemon. The gym leader is Cheren, the new giver of the Basic Badge. This is also where Bianca awaits Brittany’s arrival.

    “This street is where I was told to drop you two off. Here you go.”

    “Thanks Sebastian!” Both of them yelled this.

    The two ran across the street, up some stairs, and right onto a ledge. There was a beautiful young lady standing there.

    “Hi, you must be Brittany! And who is this?”

    “His name is Purple. He’s a huge fan of yours!”

    “Well, hi, Purple!”

    “H-H-Hi! I can’t believe I’m really meeting you.” Purple was star-struck.
    Bianca lifted up a container. Inside, it held a Poke Ball, a Xtransciever, and a Pokedex.

    Brittany grabbed it away from Bianca and picked up the Poke Ball. It’s time to see who it is. She threw the ball into the air. Once it hit a certain height, it popped open. The Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy, appeared before the three of them.

    “Sni, Sni.”

    Snivy looked contempt as he stared at his new trainer.

    Ring, ring, ring.


    “It’s me. Is she there?”

    “Yeah. She just got her Pokemon. She has someone with her, too.”

    “Send them both over. Now. This should be fun.”

    Bianca was talking to a guy on her Xtransciever.


    “Sorry about that, guys. That was Cheren. He wants to see both of you over at the Pokemon gym. That’s what that boom was. He’s been training really hard under the old giver of the Basic Badge. Hurry along!”

    When the two arrived…

    “You want to have a tag battle with us?!”

    “Don’t you think it would be fun?” Cheren started.

    “Cheren and I versus the two of you?” Lenora finished.

    Purple and Brittany nodded.

    Lenora and Cheren took their positions. Purple and Brittany did the same.

    It was obvious why Cheren was one of the Heroes of Unova. He was
    extremely smart. He was obviously the brains of the heroes. Bianca was the kinder, tougher one. Hilbert was the battler, the trainer. With the three of them, it was obvious how they worked so well together and stopped Team Plasma.

    The two Normal-type trainers threw their Poke Balls at the same time. All of their training together must be why they’re so synchronized.

    “I know what you’re thinking, Purple. Yes, our training made us synchronized. I saw it on your face. I realized after the Team Plasma incidents that I needed to focus more on my studies and archaeology. Picking Cheren to give the Basic Badge was easy. He’s smart. That’s why I picked him.”

    “I knew it had something to do with that. I just knew it,” Purple declared right back at her. “Come on, Brittany. Use Snivy. It’s your only choice. I’ll be using Solosis.”

    Lenora was using Eevee. Cheren was using Lillipup. Brittany was using Snivy. Purple was using Solosis. It would be an intense battle.
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