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Putting the Air Back In Aerodactyl! (015)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chronicles & Specials' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Putting the Air Back In Aerodactyl!

    Gary has invited Prof. Oak & Tracey to a nearby island where an Aerodactyl has recently been revived and is causing problems in town. Gary needs to know how to stop it. Can he?

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  2. meggirl63

    meggirl63 Guest

    *squeals with delight* GARY OAK IS SOOOOOO HOT AND SEXY IN A LAB COAT!!!!!!!
  3. Gigi

    Gigi Guest

    Yey! Another who is turned on by lab coats! I'm not alone!
    *cough* Err... Nice episode. Coulda been better, but I liked the characters. :3
  4. meggirl63

    meggirl63 Guest

    I'm glad that you totally agree with me! :D
  5. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    ...This Hoso was semi-enjoyable. I wasn't too keen on Gary's Japanese voice, if truth be told. But Tracey was in it, so yay. And Butch and Cassidy had some great moments...

    [Butch and Cassidy have just recited the first half of the motto.]

    Yamato: YAM-ATO! (upclose shot of Yamato, pointing to her face, smiling.)
    Kosaburo: KOSABURO! (upclose shot of Kosaburo, smiling and giving a thumbs up.)

    I thought that bit was great. As was the appearence of Houndour and Hitmontop.
  6. meggirl63

    meggirl63 Guest

    Is there any way I could hear a clip of Gary's Japanese voice?
  7. I agree with you, like always I do XD

    I like Butchy voice. I mean, his japanese voice is not so scary like dub voice.
    Also, a battle between TR and Gary was really cool.
    Hehehe, this Gary`s partner is nice. Maybe she is his GF? *Flannery is looking at Meggie* Ok, probably she is not :p
  8. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Being a Gary fan, it was fantastic to the great one back in action, double battle against Team Rocket was the main highlight of the episode. Like many others, I didn't aprove of Shigeru's voice actor though.

    Did Ikue Ootani (Pikachu's voice actor) do Misawo's voice in the episode? It sounded awfully like her.
  9. ~Toshi~

    ~Toshi~ Guest

    *twitch* *twitch*

    How in the hell can you be turned on by a CARTOON CHARACTER?!? Good lord, he's just a animated drawing.
  10. Fullmetal_Alchemist

    Fullmetal_Alchemist Demented Fangirl

    But a very good looking drawing :D

    Would some nice person put up a clip of his Japanese voice please?
  11. Lady Renegade

    Lady Renegade Beware the Lady!!

    yes but half of these drawings are better than the men in real life!!! kenji is in my opinion sex on legsXD
  12. I just saw this ep today,its pretty good.Gary's assistant's dub name is Lara while her sister's is crystal.The butch name mistake was"Cassidy and Butcher" which I found pretty funny! Overall its an ok episode just good to see Gary's umbreon though! Oh and by the way Gary keeps his usual voice.
  13. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Yeah this episode was great, one of the best chronicles episodes so far if not the best. Gary played the good guy throughout the episode and he suited it quite well. His battle with Team Rocket was cool for the fact his Umbreon was kicking *** pretty much the whole time.

    Butch's name was prounonced Butcher by Professor Oak on the first occasion and Bip by the little girl on the second occasion, talk about lack of consistency.

    Glad no real slip ups by 4kids here, all voices were kept as the same as they've always been throughout the series. Good job I enjoyed that :D
  14. Tifa

    Tifa Guest

    Yeah i just finished watching this, it was really good, I agree umbreon was great, and so was that Ivysaur. That wasa good episode either way. Cant wait for next weeks.
  15. duhh ivisuar is supostue be a exellent pokemon.i didnt see the episode cuase i live in qubec so i saw 1 with a sick lunatone and a repeat of the episode of the weather institute gets attacked by team aqua ;351; ;351; ;351; ;351;
  16. pokeee

    pokeee Guest

    ok i need some English names here

    The little girl?
    The sientist-woman?
    The sientist-man?
  17. Little girl:Crystal
    scientist lady:Lara
    can't remember the other..
    I know these because I've got it on DVD.Hope these help!
  18. xXFallenButterflyXx

    xXFallenButterflyXx cherry BLOSSOM.

    *coughs and raises hand* I'm also guilty.

    Anyways, I heard that it showed in the USA and I missed it... *goes off to sulk in a corner while muttering* "I thought one of these FAQ said that 4kids don't show any Pokémon episodes that don't have Ash in it."

    *grabs you* Where. Did. You. Get. The. DVD?
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2005
  19. Magus

    Magus Fog Trainer

    So, Ash never bothered to tell Professor Oak about his Aerodactyl encounter? Because Oak obviously thought they were extinct in this episode.
  20. Jazlynn

    Jazlynn Guest

    okay! One of these days Butch is gonna have a totally mental break down. Give him a break! I've been called worse in my high school years. h***! I've been called Turtle girl just cause I liked the Ninja Turtles. bleh

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