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PVR: Pokemon Virtual Revolution (PG-13)


Over time humans have become more and more intricate with their computer designs. With brainwave reading technology the world, people could actually surf the net with their mind, no more using your hands to move a mouse or type anything in. You just think it and it's done (this will actually probably be available after about 20 nowadays haha). After mastering this aspect, technicians began combining brainwave technology with virtual reality. After several years of complicated study and integration, the internet was literally at your fingertips. Video games became rediculously realistic and you could literally be inside your favorite movies. It seemed the new technology had brought about a new age.

Several online games had sprung up from the new technology and several flourish. One in particular shined above most. PVR. You log in and take on the aspects of a Pokemon while playing in an online community. Battle with your friends, join clans, explore, this game had everything most could imagine.

Players wouldn't actually take the form of Pokemon, instead they would get clothing or armor that represented that Pokemon. Take for instance Skarmory. A player who is fashioned after Skarm would have workable metal wings that sprawled from their back, the player having full control over them. His forearms, legs, chest, shoulders, feet, hands, and head would be adorned with steel armor just like the Pokemon. On his hands would be claws and on his feet talons. A player based off a Pokemon such as Torchic would have red, yellow and orange clothing. Their hair would also be up in the same fashion as a Torchic's feather poof (look at a Torchic and you'll understand). Each type holds a specific look.

Each Pokemon can eventually become just as powerful as every other, meaning there is no best Pokemon. Pokemon that do not evolve start out slightly stronger than those who do, however after an evolution, the now more powerful evolved forms may be stronger than the non-evolution based ones. However, in the long run they will even out; giving every player an even chance.

Attacks on PVR have a much more limited use. Every player has an energy and health scale. The more powerful the attack, the more that is drained from the energy scale (ES). The more damage one takes racks up on the health scale (HS). Some moves even take power out of both scales, however their strength can be crippling to an opponent. Players DO NOT have to use attacks to damage opponents, however the damage they actually deal will be far less than with an attack. Top players use this far more than actual moves to set the opponent up for a hard attack.

To reacharge HS and ES, players must visit a Center where they are healed. There are several stations at each center where one can simply walk in, wait 10 seconds, and have their HS and ES completely restored. Items purchased from stores can also replenish these scales. Items, as with TM's and Berrys, are applied to the wristwatch like appliance called the Reader. Readers are no bigger than a common watch and are on every player's dominant wrist (right handed = right wrist). These tell you about your opponents, display player's ES and HS, and give general information about the game. Items, TM's, and Berrys are applied to Readers and are stored inside so players won't have to carry around all their items. Each player can equip one item for use during battle by choosing so on they're Reader. Items such as Focus Sash and Expert Belt are actually displayed on one's body while Berrys simply materialize when used.

The game has been up for 5 years and things have been going pretty well. Most new and intermediate players stick to their respective clans while expert players are fine on their own. Several clans have attempted to take down other clans, such as the Water Clan's recent outbreak with the Fire Clan which ended in a stalemate when the clan leaders, Groudon and Kyogre, could not defeat one another. Tension seems high and it seems as though PVR is on the verge of a clan war. With more and more new players, clans are eager to gain more recruits in preparation for what could be an epic battle. The only thing truely keeping things in order is the Clan of Legends, a clan of top players who have been on all five years and are essentially able to take out clans by themselves. However there has been little response and news from their clan recently and many consider it to be disbanning, which would only allow the war to begin.

Sign Ups~
A/N: Age and name
Pokemon: NO UBERS. Choose your favorite Pokemon at the lowest form (like Garchomp? Then list yourself as a Gible). Since they all become equal it will not matter if you choose the most powerful however the Ubers are already taken (I will let you know if you cannot use said Pokemon). Make sure you do not have the same poke as someone else.
Appearance: What does your character look like? A quick run down of specific looks that are accustom to types:
~Psychic and Dark: Cloaks, capes
~Dragon: Small sections of armor
~Electric: Tight clothing, jumpsuits
~Flying: Wings
~Rock and Steel: Body armor
~Poison: Underarmor that covers their body (from wrist, neck, ankles)
~Ground: Thick, heavy boots
~Water: Loose, flowing clothing
~Fire: Spiky clothes/hairstyles
The other types simply have clothing that is similar to how the poke looks.
Attitude: How does your character act? I want some detail peeps.
Side Info: is your character specifically good at anything? What do they like to do?
Attacks: Since everyone here is going to be starting out new, you can start with three attacks. You can have ONE breed move of the specific poke as long as it is not overpowered (ex: no Flare Blitz or Outrage on a Charmander). The two others can be moves they learn within the first 5 levels (if you have a request for one, just ask and I will let you know). After the main three, list moves you want your character to learn over time, be it TM's or leveling up. Each player should only have about 6 or 7 late moves they learn over time. After your post, I will reply with what each move does. You are free to mix and match, ask, and redo your moves as much as you like before the RPG actually starts.
Ability: If your poke has more than one ability, choose one. I will list what each one does in PVR (pretty similar, minor tweakage).
Combat: How does your player fight? Are they defensive opportunists? Are they all out attack? Give a brief desription and have two main defining words for their style.
Side Notes: Anything else I should know about the character.

I look forward to your sign ups. Feel free to ask questions.

~How Attacks Work:

In PVR, there are many different attacks that function in a different way. If any of you have played Fire Emblem 1) You're awesome and those games are awesome and 2) You will understand this a bit easier. Instead of the basic physical and special attacks, like in the game, there are now three types of attacking moves: Energy, Substance, and Physical. With this is a basic effectiveness triangle of what has the advantage over the other attacks: Energy>Substance>Physical>Energy. Many will remember this as the weapons triangle from Fire Emblem. It is not as prominent however it is something to make sure you know about while in PVR. Types with moves that are common in a category are as so:

Energy - Electric, Psychic, Ice, Fire, Ghost
Substance - Water, Grass, Poison, Ground, Rock
Physical - Normal, Fighting, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Dark, Steel

Keep in mind these things when you are choosing which Pokemon to model your character after and what kind of players you should watch out for. So a player that is representing Skarmory would probably want an Energy attack so it can deal with Substance users easier. Here is a quick run down of how the types of players/moves work:

Energy - These attacks take a little bit to charge up which costs them at close range. However, these attacks are powerful and crippling when released. They also take less SE than most other moves would. Staying at medium to long range combat, these players are usually stationed at the back of parties during battle since they aren't going to have a great time with Physical users who will just chain up on them. Their attacks are meant to finish an opponent or several opponents off with single blows. Their attacks are powerful to cut straight throw matter so they have an advantage over Substance users.

Substance - These players need specific materials in order to perform their attacks. Taking more energy to summon the materials makes combat hard at first, however with the materials created from the first attack all moves that require that much of a specific matter have a sharp cut in their SE cost. The main example is that you never want to fight a Water type Substance user when you're near any body of water since it can launch devistating attacks for little SE. Since Physical users have to run around these attacks, they are hindered by Substance attacks while Energy attacks cut right throw the matter.

Physical - Obviously the main players at the front lines. These guys are meant to deal damage fast with support from their teammates and are the most essential part to any team. They usually stick with punching and kicking to stop attacks while attempting to set up a combination moves to tear an enemy down. Good on a team, however having a strictly Physical set is usually a poor choice for going it alone or when in a tight spot. These guys need to get behind the other Physical and Substance enemies to strike at their main target: Energy users.

Now that you know what these attacks are, you are probably wondering about how to figure out what attack is what? Energy moves are attacks that release any form of, well, energy or power, a good example being Thunderbolt that looses Electric energy at an opponent. Substance moves are attacks that require materials, such as Surf needs water in order to use. Physical attacks are anything that would make actual contact with an opponent such as Focus Punch. Using this you can figure out basically what attack a move will be.

Now how should you make your move sets? 1) Make sure you have a move or two for Pokemon you're weak against and 2) Have a move to combat your weakness on the attack triangle.

That is all for now, please PM me if you have questions.
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Sounds interesting. Are there a limited number of spots? If so, I'd like to reserve one, please.

And, also, are we going to be just starting out on PVR? Or would we have been on for a while?

Not too limited, however I don't want too many peeps = too complicated. The sooner the better. It's about a group of friends who are just getting on for the first time, so no prior experience. Everything will be explained right away though (when you log in the first time obviously the game has an online tutor).


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A/N: Jason Denmos/15
Pokemon: Pachirisu
Appearance: Jason's black hair which is normally let down can be found pulled into a ponytail that goes to his neck ingame. Brown eyes catlike tend to match well with his light caramel colored skin. A pair of black, square rimmed glasses hang over his eyes. He can typically be found with his nose ina book and his mouth giving an encouraging smile. He can typically be found wearing a silver jacket ingame over a deep yellow shirt. He's been described as being fairly weak in appearance both ingame and out, going along with his shortness. He can typically be found decked out in wrinkled jeans both ingame and out, using a black leather belt with a pikachu shaped clipping to keep his pants up ingame. He can typically be found in either a pair of black tennis shoes with a L on it or blue jeans with a white rubber sole on the bottom. He typicallly wears his silver Reader on his left arm, although outside the game he can be found wearing a black backpack instead.
Attitude: Although Jason does have friends, he isn't very good at making them. This is because he doesn't trust others very much due to being left at the mall by his father when he was younger. That and he has bad socail skills altogether. He typically does hs work alone, but he'll work with others if forced into it. This goes well with his openmindedness, allowing him to understand those close to him. He can also typically be found reading and writing, often going against the latest fads in favor of his own style. He cna be described as patient if need be but at other times can be impateint with people. This extends to the fact that he isn't very much one for traveling, perfering being in familiar places and following a sole routine. Although he isn't very outgoing, he often tries and fails at being humorous, often following his heart but also letting logic in at times.
Side Info: Jason's been described at being good at writing and grammer which are two of his hobbies.
Attacks: The moves he starts out with are Bite (Breed), Quick Attack, and Bide (Level Up). The moves he should learn later on are Swift and Super Fang (Level Up), as well as Thunderbolt, Thunder, Rest, Secret Power, and Hidden Power (TM/HM).
Ability: Run Away
Combat: Jason doesn't much like combact, although he will if need be. He typically goes for using status effecting moves as well as going all out.
Side Notes:


Vintage much?
Seems like something I won't like but I may change

Maybe Reserve a spot?


Okay, my sign-up is done:

A/N: 14 / Kayla Tinker
Pokemon: Absol
Appearance: Kayla wears a white hat that has the scythe of an Absol on the top. Underneath that hat, her brown hair falls and comes down to the small of her back. She makes sure that it is always clean, and never gets greasy. Her skin is very pale, since she doesn’t spend much time outside in the sun. She has brown eyes and wears a large dark blue cloak that covers her white top and jeans. Her sneakers are the same dark blue. Her face is quite pointed at the chin and her nose is somewhat pointy too. She is roughly average height for her age, standing at 5’2”.

Attitude: Kayla is very laidback. If there are any problems with anything, she doesn’t think about how to solve them; she asks a friend instead. However, she usually just takes the first idea they come up with, regardless of if it is good or bad. This is why her close friends know to think about what they’re about to tell her. Despite this, she can be very persuasive when she wants to be, although she often only uses this to persuade people to go with her friends’ ideas. She herself is very friendly too, but this means that she often lets her guard down and doesn’t think about what she is doing, or who she is talking to. As you can probably tell, she is not the brightest penny in the fountain.

Side Info: Kayla has not really got any hobbies or anything like that, but when she grows up she would like to be a Pokemon Ranger.

Attacks: Scratch, Leer and Faint Attack
Quick Attack, Bite, Night Slash, Iron Tail and Hyper Beam

Ability: Pressure

Combat: Kayla usually attempts to dodge attacks as much as she can until there is an opportunity to attack.

Side Notes: Nothing, really
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Seijiro Mafuné

A/N: 16/Diana Clark
Pokemon: Oddish

Appearance: Diana is a short-ish girl, wearing a rather stylish outfit (if maybe wasted on someone like her), in tones of blue and with a rather thick collar colored green. While one can see this is just a coat, she shows off very little skin, the rest of her outfit being either very thick (such as her long, navy pants which cover her legs) or simply over-covering her. Even the gloves she wears almost all the time keep her hands hidden. The only part of her body that's visible all the time, ultimately, is her head. The most unusual part in her are the long leaves sprouting from her head, covering what little hair she retains on her head and giving her a particular 'shady' appearance, as much as it shouldn't occur. Her boots are also rather oversized, comparatively.

Attitude: Diana is new to this whole 'virtual reality gaming' thing. She isn't very sure of how well she can do, but she thinks that she has to do her best on her own, especially since nobody she knows plays the game. Due to this, she depends on others explaining how to play the game, for the most part. Otherwise, she's a very nice person, always willing to help as she can, but her being new means she isn't sure of what she can actually do, and she hates failing anyone - after all, if she could help, then why didn't she? She's also very reluctant as to actual combat, not willing to hurt any other players as seriously as the others may. Her naïveté may bring her various troubles, as well.

Side Info: Diana NEEDS an adventuring party (or at least one ally), stat. If only so she'll be able to understand and get used to this whole world.

Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid (Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm*).

Ability: Chlorophyll

Combat: As she is fairly inexperienced, Diana relies on using all her moves as much as possible, trying to deal the most damage in the shortest period of time. Sweet Scent isn't used very much, but it tends to be an opener in most situations. Once she has more options, the most likely path for her to take is as support, letting others take the first hit while she weakens them from a distance. Ultimately, whether she'll be cowardly or actually brave will depend on her companions.

Side Notes: Leaf Storm is not required a move; it simply is there in case 'ultimate' abilities are allowed in the late game.
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A/N: 16/Julie Adams
Pokemon: Ralts (Kirlia, Gardevoir)
Appearence: (Ralts) In-game Julie wears a white dress that comes down to her knees. Her hair is mostly covered by a green helmet, although a few strands of her black hair escape the back of the helmet. Her blue eyes are hidden underneath the helmet, although she can see out. She wears a white cape that comes down to her waist and white tights to cover her legs. Her hands are covered by tight white gloves.
(Kirlia) As Kirlia Julie still wears a white dress, however this one is shorter and reveals more of her legs. Her dress now has white sleeves that cover her arms except for her hands, which she still covers with white gloves. She wears green tights now. Her helmet has changed, she can now see out of it and it stretches down the sides of her face, like hair. Some of her real hair still escapes the helmet at the back. Her face, except her eyes, is covered by a sort of white mask. She has two red horns coming out of her helmet.
(Gardevoir) As Gardevoir, Julie's appearence more drastically changes. Her dress becomes something more like a elegant ball gown that completely covers her legs, although they can be occasionally seen when she moves. Her dress does not have sleeves, she wears green gloves that are long enough to cover her forearms. Her helmet is a lot more like hair and covers the middle of her face, leaving her eyes exposed. She still wears the white mask from Kirlia.
Attitude: Julie is generally shy, but she is highly perceptive of how other people are feeling. She understands people very well, using this to help them when she wants to. When it comes to conflict, Julie prefers to avoid it, seeing no point in getting hurt. She doesn't care what other people think of her, becuase she knows that she will always try to help others and that matters far more than what others think of her. Her greatest weakness could be that she is easily scared and isn't brave, preferring to run away. She also doesn't like seeing others hurt or upset.
Side Info: Julie spends a lot of her time writing stories and drawing pictures. She enjoys writing about people who go on a journey with Pokemon and overcome their fears or weaknesses. She always ends up putting romance into the story, no matter how much she tries to avoid it.
Attacks: Growl, Shadow Sneak, Confusion
Future Attacks: Double Team, Calm Mind, Psychic, Magical Leaf (Level-up) Energy Ball (as Gardevoir), Attract, Shadow Ball (TM)
Ability: Trace
Combat: Julie prefers fighting evasively, not allowing her opponent to get a hit on her. She combines this with status conditions and fast ranged attacks to wear her opponent down before finishing.
Side Notes: None
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For now Roseheart has a definite spot.

Scratch: A white light extends a very short distance from the user's fingers, thus forming claws. The attack stays up for 3 seconds after commanded, good for one hit. Slashes the opponent and deals some respectable damage. Takes about 10% of the ES to use.

Leer: Momentarily pauses an opponent. This move is more to set up your opponent for a team mate since one would have to be pretty quick in order to follow up. Opponent is stunned for 1 second after afflicted. This move can also be used on an opponent to attempt to escape an attack at the last second. A move being used while a player is hit with this has it's duration extended the same amount of time the player was stunned. 5% ES.

Faint Attack: Similar to the fighting style of the 'Drunken Monkey' or a feint. The user seems to go for an attack but falls short, usually by going limp for a second or two. The player then snaps to an attack immediately to catch the opponent off guard (usually the attack is also from another angle to penetrate defenses). Before the shot hits, the user's striking limb glows. A deceptive attack, taking about 20% ES.

Pressure: Opponents fighting a player with this ability have a small removed from their ES with every successful attack, usually rounding to about 2-3%. Useful for longer battles.
~ Other moves
Quick Attack: The user enters a state of incredibly increased speed, also called Priority Jumping, recieving it's nickname since the user seems to jump across distances on the battle field in the blink of an eye. The move slows time for the user so 5 seconds is the equivalent of 1 second. It only lasts for 1 second and it's only good for one shot (after one hit, PJ ends). Extremely useful since the faster something goes the more force it can apply. 20%.

Bite: ~I don't want any vampire reference crap, so I decided with this~ The user chomps down, expelling a burst of energy from their mouth applies signifigent force to a small area. It reaches about 2 feet past the user's mouth in a cone like figure. Powerful, however very close range and predictable, making it far more ideal for opportunists. The force can also cancel an attacking foes move since the force can knock them back (this is considered a 'flinch' in the game). 25%.

Night Slash: Dark's signature move for a reason: power. The user grows a talon that extends 3 feet from the user's wrist of Dark energy. Active for an impressive 5 seconds after commanded, giving the user plenty of time to get an attack in. However, this move does have a slight downfall. The faster the attack is dealt, the more powerful, meaning this move is not for slower types. Considering this, the user usually has to run in a straight line in order to build enough speed for maximum use. However, with assistance from a team mate, this move is potent enough to take out an opponent in a single attack on very fast users. Being very strong, it takes a devistating 45% to use.

Iron Tail: The user's tail shines with a bright gray light and strikes the foe. This move actually increases the density of the tail by huge amounts, generating a huge amount of force upon contact. However, since the move involves using the part of the player that resides behind them, it is hard to accurately pinpoint the target and strike them effectively. However, with assistance, it is devistating to an opponent. 35%.

Hyper Beam: This move is the equivalent of say "Hi, I am God, say hi to my wrath." The user unleashes all their remaining ES into a singular blast of energy. Usually fired from the hands, it can also be released from the mouth. This move can lay waste to any opponent it hits. However, a small charge up time to convert ES to the attack is needed, 0.2 seconds for every 20% after commanded. If the attack is interupted, the charged ES is lost, so it is very dangerous to use, not to mention it leaves you without attacks after a single use. Max%.

Your fighting style would be 'Evasive Opportunist'. This means you either need to time your moves just right or you need team support, however you can unleash some devistating moves.

Feel free to PM about other moves if you want to know what they do.
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Page of Heart
Okay, done.

A/N: 12/Will Kronis

Pokemon: Aipom

Appearance: Will stands at a height of 5"3. His thick, long sleeved purple shirt has one tan circle in the front. His black, messy hair is hidden by a purple hat with two large, fake ears. The ears are purple on the back and rims, and tan in the middle. He wears slim, solid purple pants that end at tan, laced sneakers. He wears also wears purple gloves. His Reader will be placed on his right hand. A large, purple tail extends from his...er, backside, ending with a tan three fingered glove Will can control.

Attitude: Will is a very carefree person. He'd much rather play his favorite video game than try to get an A on his English Report, showing he is lazy when it comes to work, but he is also very smart. He is kind to friends, and loves to play jokes and pranks on others. Even when staring defeat in the face, he will still crack a joke. Will isn't one to give up, ever. He is sometimes underestimated by others for his gaming skill due to his young age, and that makes him pretty mad. When he is alone without any of his friends, he becomes serious and lonely instead of his normal happy disposition. He also has a fear of snake Pokemon.

Side Info: Will is actually a very good student in school. His parents considered bumping him up a grade. Unfortunately, he doesn't like doing schoolwork at all.

Attacks: Screech, Scratch, Sand-Attack. Future Moves: Iron Tail, Tickle, Double Team, Double Hit, Agility, Baton Pass, Nasty Plot

Ability: Pick Up

Combat: Will prefers to lower stats of his opponent and raising his before going in for the kill, er, KO. FOr the two words, I'd say Tactical Planner.

Hope it's good, but I think my appearance is lacking....
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@ Storymasterb: Confusion: The basic Psychic attack. As with most Psychic attacks, it has a short charge up to collect energy before use. The charge up is a mere 1 seconds after command with this attack; however this means, unprepared, this attack is foiled every time by hard PJ moves. As with all charge moves, all ES that is going to the charge is lost of this attack fails. However, this move has a range of 20 meters and is fast after the release. The foe is slammed with kinetic energy, sometimes dizzying the opponent with the hit (equivalent of 'Confusion' except their accuracy drops heavily and they don't hit themselves). 20%.

You have waaaay too many later game moves haha. Cut it down to about 6 or 7.

@ Copygoo: I was actually hoping someone would choose Aipom ^.^ However, yes, your description is lacking a little bit. Aipom players have large tails that they can control, such as Flying types have wings. You have also failed to put later game moves.

@ Everyone: If you have questions be free to PM me. I can also post more stuff about attacks if you all want.


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I changed the attacks. What I was wondering about Confusion was, can I use it as the third starting move or not? Becuase otherwise I'll wind up with two start moves and I don't want to change Pokemon over some moves. I'm fine with it if I can't use it though.


I changed the attacks. What I was wondering about Confusion was, can I use it as the third starting move or not? Becuase otherwise I'll wind up with two start moves and I don't want to change Pokemon over some moves. I'm fine with it if I can't use it though.
Oh it's fine. If you're third move is above lvl 5 just throw that one in there as well.

@ Copygoo: Haha, since you guys still don't know exactly how the attacks work, two of your moves don't really work for your poke. Toxic and Water Pulse are 'Substance' moves, meaning they need something of that element or a similar type to effectively produce and use the attack. Toxic is more for Poison users since they are far more substance where as Water Pulse requires, well, water, and not being Water type means you can't form it freely. I'd say stick with more physical moves (pssst, Focus Punch) with 'Opportunity' moves, such as Screech and Sand Attack which open your opponent up for the powerful physical strikes. I'm gonna try to get like a guide of some sort up so you guys get an idea of how they work.


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My Signup!

A/N: Akira Isamu, 18 years old.
Pokemon: Tyrogue
Appearance: Akira has a purple cape that he wears on his back, going well with the brown t-shirt he has that hides under his dark red jacket. He also wears a hat that has purple shapes attached to it, blocking out his black, wavy hair. He a has puppet-like nose, blue eyes, curvy lips, pointy ears and smooth smile. Bushy eyebrows and red sneakers, as well as some light-purple gloves, are also a part of Akira's wardrobe.
Attitude: Akira can be arrogant, mainly because he is a fan of taunting the opponent and show them off with his amazing strength. He can truely be scared sometimes, due to his fear of swimming. He will not accept the fact that he needs help in battles, but will accept the implication that if he is in danger, he will take help.
Side Info: Akira likes to train for battle, and he also likes to eat meat and vegetables, because they help improve his movement and his strength in battle.
Starting Attacks
Bullet Punch
Fake Out
Attacks I want to learn
Bulk Up
Hidden Power
Sunny Day
Rain Dance
Brick Break
Double Team
Facade Normal
Secret Power
Rock Slide
Sleep Talk
Natural Gift
Rock Smash
Ability: Guts.
Combat: Goes straight in for the attack, but when he is in danger of dying, he creates a tactical strategy and uses his brawn and smarts to take down his opponent.
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Name: Dario Nunez
Age: 16
Gender: male

This is how his clothes look like---
Description: A very lazy but mentaly tough kid who doesnt really care about anyone else all he wants is to get stronger no matter what and never backs down from anything. His hair is extremly short. Kind of dark skinned and wears black clothes with a white coat over it and his sword on his waist.When its cold Dario wears black glove and wears a dont know what it is called but kakashi wears it to conceil his face that is what Dario wears.In the summer time Dario wears
and wears almost like a poncho and the color is tan to keep him cool, he will sometime wear this when its cold. The coat is like the ones used in bleach His swords are black and can be combined. Whenever it rains my attack strength doubles. Dario is 5'5 people say he is short for his age but they dont say he is skinny because he pretty much looks like a body builder. His clothingis resembles a Samurai because he wears their type of clothing.His symbol is a Lion Head which he has on the back of his coat.

History: Has two older brothers who he killed to show to everyone how strong he really is. That is mainly why he doesn't trust anyone and is power hungry.

Other: He loves to play video games whenever he feels like not training. He is an awesome gamer

Personality: Dario is very hardworking when it comes to training but he is actually very lazy. He prefers to be by himself in missions or training. He never says no to a fight or challenge or competion who hates to lose and is very competitive. People might think he is very intimidating person at first glance but he is actually is. :) Is always first to say he will be the squad leader and can be bossy and overwhelming at times. When he dario is put into a corner and ambushed he will try to stay calm but he will stop at nothing to kill his opponet no matter what. He will be quick to judge people by the way they look. if they look weak, he will not be shy and say to them that they are inferior and because of that he starts a lot of trouble.


Combat:Very onffensive but does use strategy to take the offensive.Like raise his own attack and lower his opp. defense.


Attacks:Scratch,Leer,Taunt,Ice Punch,--->Ice Shard(BRED),Swagger(TM),Brick Break(TM),Night Slash(Lv),Substitute(TM),Protect(TM),Aerial Ace,
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Raptor ruler

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A/N: James Blake Age 12

Pokemon: Kecleon

Appearance: James being fairly short for his age at 4'10" and he has a slender build. On his head he wears a hat that has two spikes that are similar to the ones on Kecleons. He has a fake tongue to replicate the long tongues that Kecleon's have. For his body he wears a green and red Poncho to symbolise the body of a Kecleon and finally he has pants that come with a tail extention

Attitude: James is a very calm boy and is not angered all that easily. He is also a straight a student because he is very good at concentrating on the task at hand. However because he is extremly concerened about school he has no friends and spends his weekends at home lonely. One other thing is that he can laugh very easily and he laughs at most jokes made by anyone including the extreemly corny ones.

Side Info: He is the school chess champion 3 years running

Attacks: Dizzy Punch, Lick and Astonish.
Later on: Shadow Sneak, Psybeam, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Ancientpower, Brick Break and Slash

Ability: Color Change

Combat: Jason is very tactical and usually waits to see what the opponents battle style is then he plays it out from there. Tactical Wizard

Side Notes: N/A


Page of Heart
Okay, I'll edit it.

One more thing, you should make a line limit for the attitude and appearance paragraphs. 4-5 lines should do it, so that there aren't any small sign-ups.