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PVR: Pokemon Virtual Revolution (PG-13)


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Ooh! This reminds me of that Yu-gi-oh episode where they go into the virtual Kaiba thing to rescue Kaiba. Then there is the ultimate dragon thingy. ANYWAYS, I would LOVE to give it a go.

A/N: Raiyne, 16

Pokemon: Scizor (Syther)

Appearance: Raiyne has red body armor, with red claws where his hands are. He has sleek metallic silver wings, with small red dots at the end of his claws. He has silver armor on his arms, with red streaks across it. He has stocky shoulder armor, and the same for his knees. They are the same colors as his arms, with red stripes and a silver base coat. (Looks like the Scizor Cosplayer on pokecharms, with small variants)
The other types simply have clothing that is similar to how the poke looks.

Attitude: Raiyne has a very headstrong personality. He usually rushes into a situation without thinking about it, but reacts quickly to his surroundings. On occasion, he is to stubborn to accept something. He tries to keep a cool look on, but if his friends are in danger he will do anything he can to help. Raiyne will not give up on something, as he will fight to the end for it, and that sometimes goes to his head.

Side Info: Raiyne loves laying down massive combos in combat, as he trained his real Scizor to focus more on combo attacks.

Attacks: I am listing Scizor's moves, not Syther's moves, ok?
Metal Claw, Night Slash, Pursuit. TM attacks and Level up moves are:
X-scissor, Swords Dance, Flash Cannon, Agility. That will be his final 4 move set, if there is a maximum of 4 moves.

Ability: Swarm: When HP is below 1/3rd, Bug’s power increases to 1.5 times.

Combat: Raiyne fights not head on, but a very mobile fighting style. He does not usually stand in one place and deal blows, but constantely is moving around, to throw off his opponent. He jumps around alot, to confuse the opponent, then attacks once or twce, then repeats, making it difficult for his opponent to hit. His weakness in this fighting style is that he does not put up a good defense, which causes him to take much more damage than necessary. He likes to use style, despite his advantages, because it is very common for him.

Well this looks cool, hope I get in...tell me if I need revisions...


This looks very interesting, like an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh I saw. I was wondering if I could reserve a spot.


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A/N: 18/ Julia Robinson

Pokemon: Spheal

Appearance: Has long Blonde Straight hair tied back into a long ponytail, with with Pearl Earrings, Has Brown Eyes with gives an Icy Glare. Miranda wears a Dark Grey Faux Fur Cardigan and Black Trousers, Miranda is very fit and has good upper body strength. She has long legs. she wears Crystal Drop Necklace shaped as an Ice Crystal, Miranda has a medium sized chest which is not very prominent due to her clothing, She is 5'10 and is of medium-skinny weight. She has a model-esq figure and wera dark black leather fashion boots.

Attitude: Miranda is very cold and calm but is very smart and intelligent and uses her Female intuition, loves to Dine and drink Wine as well as shop, She enjoys the sophicated finer things in life. Loves to work and has a Posh British accent and talks very cold and gets to the point, she just doesn't 'beat around the bush' and is very frank. She is very critical when it comes to romance which annoys a lot of people, Miranda is very tough and assertive and likes to take control as she is a natural born leader. She does backstabb and manipulate people to do her bidding, She loves to play sport and is a natural Born Athlete only in Winter Sport

Side Info: She is a Current Winter Olympian and comes from a long line of Olympians. She does skiing professionally and practices Yoga and Aikido to keep fit

Attacks: Powder Snow, Defense Curl, Water Gun (Current)
Aurora Beam, Rest, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Hail, Iron Tail

Ability: Ice Body

Combat: Very Defensive and looks to use time to her advantage, not a very aggressive fighter, which makes her very solid and hard to get through which helps her teammates when they need to rest or think of new ideas. Which makes her a Defensive Wall

Side Notes: Willing to get rid of allies

Well I changed it

And FYI, I am a male
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Ninterror X

The bird brain.
This sounds fun! Here's my sign up:

A/N: Seth Apotos, 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Murkrow (Honchkrow)
Appearance: In game- He is 5'8 ft and 107 pounds, he has Brown, some-what peppy eyes and is wearing all black From his His Fancy suit and Shoes to his fancy hat, his hair is Brown and long which stands out some-what but is mostly covered by his hat. The wings on his back is also black but are often covered in a Black with red under neath cloak that is often removed for close combat. he often holds one or two weapons that look like sharp beaks.

Attitude: Despite his Dark appearance, he is actually a Really nice guy that enjoys the nice stuff in life, he hates problems and will do anything to solve them, unfortunately that causes him to be bossy and stubborn. Bossy as in will often force others to work and cause problems, stubborn as in won't ever give up the situation even things are bleak. He hates to be called an Emo and will get snotty. But overall he is Polite and thankful, just a little head strong at times.

Side Info: Is a surprisingly good mech professional.

Attacks: Drill peak/ Astonish/ Pursuit

Future attacks:
Thunder wave (TM)
Heat wave (Tutor)
Dark pulse (TM)
Nasty plot (Evolution)
Night slash (Evolution)
Super Power (Evolution + Tutor)

Ability: Super Luck= Critical hit ratio increases

Combat: He's a strait foreword attacker with powerful attacks hitting the weak point with great force that would make anyone jelous, but the key thing is that he can surprise the foe with some dirty tricks up his sleeve, If unprepared, they can be crippling.


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A/N: George Sands, 16
Pokemon: Heracross
Appearance: George has short fair hair, and green eyes. He wears a suit that is the same colour as Heracross' exoskeleton, and a helmet with a horn on it. He has a black cravat, and white shirt underneath his suit jacket. He has transparent wings like that of a Heracross on his back, which are under his control, and fold out and in as needed. He has bad acne, and a scar on his right hand... No darkness here, he just fell down the stairs and cut himself. He also wears glasses. He is roughly 6ft. and 60 kg, with a slim build.
Attitude: George is a very gentlemanly person, showing excellent manners to almost anyone, which makes him seem somewhat old fashioned. He's moderately intelligent and somewhat pompous, but is otherwise good at heart. He has a slow fuse, but a terrible temper. Being a gentleman, George is likely to rush blindly to the rescue of a damsel in distress, possibly even knowingly walking into a trap to do so.
Side Info: George does a lot of reading, and enjoys classic literature. He also has a gift for playing the piano.
Attacks: Night Slash, Horn Attack, Leer (current)
Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Megahorn, Pursuit, Feint, Stone Edge (Tm) (future)
Ability: Guts
Combat: George is an out-and-out physical attacker. A specialist in close combat, he exploits gaps in his opponents' patterns, before moving in close to strike and combo.
Side Notes: No, I think that's it.

Let me know if there's anything I need to fix.
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HAHAHA!!! Finally got this forum to work damn it. Attack explanations on the first post.


Oooooh this looks fun. Kind of like Yu Gi Oh Crapsule Monsters but way better.

A/N: 15 /-/ Byron Hitori
Pokemon: Skarmory
Appearance: Byron is tall for his age, reaching about 6'0". He has light brown hair that rests right above his eyes and is always combed down. He has been into sports since he was a kid, making him very fit and cancelling out the stereotype of tall kids are scrawny. In game, his fore arms, chest, shins, and back are set with a thick layer of steel armor that never dulls and shines silver in the sun. Large, metallic wings are usually folded behind his back, his wings reaching about one and a half his of his arm span, making him look like a harbinger of doom when he spreads them in battle. Though the top section to the wings are metal, the several othe sections are crimson red, the whole wing still being as tough as iron. On his head is a strange cap that has one fin pointed out of the top while the hat itself is about two times as long as his head (though just as narrow) and the front falls over for a little protection to his face while the back curves down slightly. On his chin is another small section of metal plating, covering his neck and jaw. His hands adorn metal gloves with three sharp talons that extend past the middle, index, and ring finger making for an effect addition to his skills as a Physical style fighter. Strapped on his feet are steel grieves with one talon extending from the back and two from the toes, alowing him to grip the ground easier and add more lethality to his kicks. Under all this armor is a long sleeved light gray shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans.
Attitude: Byron is a caring person and is always there for his team mates and friends. He is calm and tranquil, however he does not avoid a fight if one comes looking for him. He is very competitive and loves the challenge of a battle. He strives to better himself in and out of the game. Byron loves to hang around with his friends and kick back as well. He likes to crack jokes and keep things interesting. During battle his mind is keen and he is all about team work. He watches opponents and waits for an opportunity or finds a weakness. He's used to being coached, so when something needs to be done he barks orders at his team mates. Though they might sometimes get irritated or angry at him for his aggressive behavior, they know he only gives them orders because he respects them and knows they can get the job done.
Side Notes: He takes heavy interest in the game and analyzes everything he sees when he is in battle to use later.
Attacks: Whirlwind, Peck, Sand Attack.
Later Game - Steel Wing, Air Cutter, Agility, Icy Wind, Rock Tomb, Brave Bird, Sky Attack
Ability: Sturdy
Combat: After reading your guide it seems that team work is extremely important, so I decided to make him slightly that. Whirlwind and Sand Attack are to help set the party up for an onslaught (and maybe protecting them) while Peck gives him something to hit with. His strategy is to help the team set up and provide solid physical back up. He is more of a defensive pokemon, so I'm sure he could help with defense as well. Frontline Support.
Side Notes: Wondering what his moves do...
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So..um....Rhys....will you put a list of the accepted characters up on the front post? Also, I edited my post and I think you should put line limits for sign-ups. You know, like 4+ lines for Appearance and 5+ lines for Attitude?

Seijiro Mafuné

Triple said:
Oooooh this looks fun. Kind of like Yu Gi Oh Crapsule Monsters but way better.
Don't be stupid, this was obviously more inspired by .hack// and other MMORPGs.

Also, yeah. How are we supposed to know we're doing well without you telling us?


Actually Triple is right, this was more inspired from 'Crapsule' monsters as he put it. There have been a lot more sign ups than I thought 0.0 Triple has, so far, the best description since I know how well he resembles the actual poke instead of every day life (which this is an escape from like all video games). Also yes, you can have more than one breed only move but you do not get them right away. Moves like Sky Attack and Brave Bird would have to be learned much farther down the line (you also might want Skarmory's signature move: Steel Wing btw >.>).

Another good thing to look at is the fact that a VAST majority of sign ups are Physical players, which makes treespyro stand out among most of the sign ups. Most of your guys have little to no intent on helping the actual party yet looking for all the support in order to get your attacks in. Looking at this, most of you are actually outclassed by 'Byron' at this point. As Triple said and what I'm trying to get across to you guys is that team work is not just important, it is VITAL. 5 Physical users are usually taken down pretty easily by 3 Substance users. So if treespyro updates her moveset with a little bit more party support (Barrier, Toxic Spikes, Reflect), you're in. Triple's set is also great for helping set up the rest of the party (0.0 good first go at it) so he's in with a tiny bit of minor tweakage seeing as he's missing the essential Skarmory attack. Otherwise, take note of how attacking and teamwork goes and then make either adjustments or delete your old sign up and repost (i suggest this so they're easier to get to).


I really liked the idea and I've played plenty of Fire Emblem so I kind of got how combat goes, haha. I added Steel Wing like you suggested and I tried to put them in order for when I want him to acquire them. I still want to know what his moves do however so I know how his fighting style would work.


Okay, well obvious to say, Triple is in. I'm looking for the best descriptions of what the characters look and act like and those who best understand how this game will be played, so either PM me to fully understand or look closer at the short guide to get a good idea of what you need. If treespyro fixes hers up a bit she's in too. There was someone who was a Ralts and I liked their idea, however I would have to take another look, been kinda swamped with forum work lately. Moves for Triple.

Whirlwind - This move is the equivalent of saying: 'Everthing goes this way now'. The user creates a huge gust of wind in the desired direction, effectively knocking weak Substance and lighter players in a desired direction. A small amount of time is needed to build up the wind, about 3 seconds after command. This can backfire if your team mates are infront of you if you're not careful, getting caught in the giant gust. It is also completely useless against Energy moves. Takes a good 15% and technically is nuetral but more of an Energy move.

Peck - A good attack for a basic set up hit. The user's helm/beak glows and strikes the opponent hard on contact. More of a headbutt than a peck really >.>. Slightly hard to aim at first, but is a great start to a combo since it tends to knock the opponent dizzy a little bit, though not garuanteed. Draw back is it only has a 1 second sustain after command so you have to pull it off quick, so it's best when you already have the opponent set up. Physical 15%.

Sand Attack - Kicks the ground (must be solid ground, dry lang, or sand) to throw up a cloud of dust to blind the opponent or veil a small section for a few seconds. This is a versatile move since it both works a disrupter and a set up move as well as defense. However, beyond that it has little to now use. Better used as a surprise move since it's pretty easy to see coming from even slightly experienced players. Also a good way to avoid a combo set up at the last second since it takes virtually no time to use and the kick itself will alow you to back step away. Substance, 2% with, 10% to create.

I will be updating this post with other information (ex: edits people should make, later game moves, so on).

@ Copygoo: Since Aipom is a nimble Physical user, he can usually have another job to help his teammates. Use focus moves (moves that would increase your stats) and then give him Baton Pass, which alows him to pass all negative and positive stat changes to a partner. This will help your Substance and Energy users GREATLY with Nasty Plot and slower Physical users with Agility. Something to keep in mind for more party support. You can be the one to supply the power while also giving front line support.

@ Seijiro Mafune: Looks good, the team needs a good Substance/Energy user. Your powder moves will help with setting up Physical users as well. Absorbtion moves are kind of dangerous since you need to be close to an opponent for a length of time, though recovering HS and potential ES is incredible. I'd say stick with one drain move and you're good. You're more setting up for Energy users while providing Substance support.

@ dario: Looks pretty good for a close range full out attacker. However, pg-13 it down dude. Killing your brother for an online Pokemon game? Kinda whack haha. Fix it a little and we'll talk. Make sure you have some moves that set you apart from Roseheart since she is also Dark type.
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Vintage much?
Kind of updated the attacks, What do I change

I am a Male in real life For the Record

Seijiro Mafuné

Updated with a slight moveset change and some more on her appearance. (Info on moves, please...)


Okay, hopefully I understand enough of the combat to make this suggestion, though I am possibly making myself look like an idiot...

Your Aipom has nothing it can really hit hard with that your team doesn't already have (the Absol user has it too, and I'm pretty sure repitition isn't good...) while it has access to moves such as Focus Punch and Fire, Thunder, and Ice Punch. Also if you have Nasty Plot to boost the strength of your special attacks (I'm guessing Energy users, still not sure though), you should probably add one attack that uses Energy, especially since it could help your player with Substance users, something like Swift. Just a suggestion... please don't hate me everyone xp


Vintage much?
How about my thing

Any changes?


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What about those of us like me who's character's Pokémon use mostly "Energy" based moves? Do we have to change our movesets as well or are they fine as is?


Gah. I'm trying to do like 80 things at once haha.

@ Triple: 0.0 Damn do you understand this game haha. Good suggestion.

@ treepsyro: Move set looks better for party support, much better. You could use a little more description but for now you're good.

@ Jason-Kun: Yes, you want to have a variety of moves so that you are both good at being an Energy player and still have some protection if anyone gets up close and personal.