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PVR: Pokemon Virtual Revolution (PG-13)


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Ah. Should I add more attacks to his future moveset then or change that part entirely?


@ Jason-kun: You have Physical moves so you're fine.

@ ~*Nobody*~: Triple is right, he's not Uber. Ubers are things that are in the Uber tier.


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@ Jason-kun: You have Physical moves so you're fine.

Does that mean I'm accepted or are you just clearing my move pool? You really should update the first post with a list of accepted characters, it'd benefit everyone.
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Yeah you should, So Yeah we should start soon, I assume
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*Gasp* He's back!
can i get in plz?

A/N: 16 Gaia

Pokemon: cleffa

Appearance: a little pink top with a pink skirt. blond hair and blue eyes. No shoes.

Attitude: Friendly, smart and calm.
Side Info: thinking about tactics and strategies.
Attacks(current): pound-wish-encore.
Attacks(end):protect-healing wish-calm mind-softboiled-meteorsmash-safeguard-cosmicpower

Ability: magic guard

Combat: first thinks about a strategy while evading all attacks. Plays mostly defending uses only meteor smash to attack she is more a team player (healing defending) then a fighter.

Side Notes: is more a supporter then a fighter with just 1 real attack (meteorsmash) but it helps the team with healing, defending and protecting when needed.
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My idiocy meter exploded...must.. resist... insulting bad RPGer.......

Well, I can at least tell him he HASN'T claimed Clefable OR Aipom. Ryuusei claimed Clefable in the Official Claim-a-Pokemon Thread, and Kirby claimed Aipom much to my distress when I looked at the list for the first time.

My bad grammar meter went from Normal to Bad too, but it's not so bad that I need to give someone an English Lesson.
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A/N: 18 Rick Larve
Pokemon: Larvitar ;246;
Appearance: Rick is large at around 200 pounds and 5'11'' and therefore is not very agile. He wears armor to compensate. The helmet is a bright green with a large spike on top the comes to a point. It covers his head and straps under his chin. His brown bangs hang over his forehead and stop right above his green eyes. He has a black scar under his left eye from a childhood accident that surprisingly caused his eyesight to be below normal but he wheres coreective contacts outside of the game. His body armor is made of a lightweight light green leather that has a thicker section across his stomach that is a lighter red. It also has a black diamond on his chest above his heart. He has additional red pads on his forearms and his gloves are thick with a rough palm to pick up rocks. His watch is on his right hand above the end of the glove and is black in color. He has more pads on his thigh and calf and wears heavy hiking boots that can grip most surfaces.
Attitude: Rick is a very quiet man who is more likely to over advice than small talk. He is not outgoing but is extremely loyal to his friends. He is very solid and is unafraid to take a hit or two in order to deal a powerful blow. He is very observant and is quick to analyze field conditions whenever a battle begins.
Side Info: Rick is a filed anaylzer and can give his teammates details that can help the fight.
Attacks: Screech, Sandstorm, Stomp (Egg) Later... Rock Slide, Thrash, Payback, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Superpower(tutor), Hyper Beam
Ability: Guts (attack raised when induced with a status condition)
Combat: Rick will use his terrain to stop the oponents attack then use his own moves to attack with the terrain to his benefit. Terrain Tank
Side Notes: Rick cannot swim and is afraid of water.

Hope it okay that i chose a shiny suit. I cant pass up a desert Tyranitar.


Vintage much?
When are we going to start anyway


yo homie rhy umm
is my attacks good and i edited it so i can not only have physcial and be a team member so am i accepted

Dragom master Tryce

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A/N: 16 Tryce Gibson

Pokemon: Gible

Appearance: Tryce is 5"7, and a middle build.
gible: He dresses entirely in dark blue armor, with a bright red chest plate.On his head rests his blue helmet, on which he has a large fin, like those seen on ancient warriors helms. on either side of the helmet, there are large guards, in a sort of missile shape.

Attitude: Tryce is very full of himself, he thinks of himself as better that all others. This is not always the case though, and he often finds himself in tough positions because of it. He is also very greedy, always wanting more of anything he considers of value. He is quite impatient, and often rushes in without thinking things through. Tryce isn't much of a people person, and is often shunned by others, however he is a feirce friend who will protect anyone he holds dear to him.

Side Info: Tryce likes the dark, so he is fairly good at seeing at night or in caves ect.

Attacks: Slash, Sandstorm, DragonBreath (Egg) Later... Fire Fang, Dig, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge, swift(tutor), Shadow Claw(TM)

Ability: Sand Stream (Ups Evasion In A Sandsorm)

Combat: Tryce uses his speed to confuse his opponent, before hitting them when he feels they are weak. Oppertunistic Hunter

Side Notes: Tryce hates the cold, and will try to avoid it at all costs.
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All right, here it goes.

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A/N: 14/ Rachel Okami (To confuse other people playing she goes by Blake Twilight.)

Pokemon: Houndour (Houndoom)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rachel is dressed very dark like the type of pokemon she is. She wears a thick, black, and ripped cape that has a hood. Usually she keeps her hood up and makes it hangs over her eyes. The t-shirt that she wears is pure black but has a red strip down the center. Her pants are very long, black, and have a red stripe going down the side. On the girl’s, who looks exactly like a boy, sides she has two of Houndour’s “spikes” that go around her back, (over her shirt but is on her body.) Around her ankles and wrists she has thick, silver bracelets. Her shoes are black and red tennis shoes.
"Blake" looks just like a guy. She has very bright, evil, red eyes, and very pale lips. Her eye lashes are very short and so are her finger nails. Her black hair is short and messy. The bangs of her hair are dyed red, hang over her eyes, and hide the metal plate on her forehead. She stands about five foot five and light for her age. She does not have any big curves in her hips/waist like most girls do and she has a pretty flat chest.

Attitude: Rachel is really a girl but everyone thinks she is a guy; she looks, acts, and changes her voice around to sound like one. She is always referred to as a he or him. Often many girls in the background are giggling at her; it is either that they “like” her or thinks she is silly. But if one of those girls were to walk up to her and try to talk, “Blake” would just say, “Hey,” and then walk off. As you can see, she doesn’t have very good friendship or people skills.
Yami is also very smart with an IQ of over 200. Before doing something she must think every detail through. She also, likes to fight, play video games, and things like that she think boys love. Must of the time she tries to be alone in a corner thinking about stuff. If she isn’t thinking, Yami could just be walking around acting, in her prospective, cool. She tends to stand on wall with on foot on it, or sit and just draw what she sees around her.
Side Info: Kung fu and flips are Yami’s specialty.

Currently Know- Ember, Leer, Will-o-wisp
Will Learn (lvl up-) Beat-up, Fire Fang, Crunch, Flamethrower, Faint Attack
Will Learn (TM-) Solar Beam, Shadow Ball

Ability: Fire Flash

Combat: Fast and Strong is how Yami fights. First, she does take her time to think a great plan, but them uses full blast attacks and tries to confuse the enemy.

Side Notes: After the death of her parents, Yami spent all her time on PVR finding secret places, but she never had a battle.
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Sorry to inform you guys but...

Due to the lack of good raters and useful advice, Rhys has moved on... I am a friend of his, however I don't know exactly what he had planned for the whole rpg, looks fun, but I don't think I could take his spot.


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Well why don't you

OKay maybe not

Maybe ask the Mods
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Is my DS racist?
Well this is starting to look like my Bounty of Fire RPG sign up sheet...not to be hypocritical but yeah, someone get the mods, because this one looks kool...I have one that is similar, but not like super uber like dis one...