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Pyrite Frontier

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by EmeraldGoblin, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.


    Welcome to the fiercest, and the home of the hottest battlers. Pyrite Frontier is ready to showcase the talent that lies within Serebii. Remember to have fun, and battle honorably.


    1. Follow all SPPF rules.
    2. PO (Pokemon Online) or PS (Pokemon Showdown) is mandatory for the League.(although some facilities are able to be offered in wifi)
    3. No flaming, spamming or trolling.
    4. Frontier Brains will be using pokemon specific to their tier.
    5. All Frontier Brains will battle a single match unless stated otherwise on the tier rules. The Challenger will be awarded a Symbol for defeating them.
    6. CounterTeaming (CTing) is strictly prohibited. If a Brain has proof of CTing, the battle will be invalid. (Only if CT applies)
    7. Team revealing is also strictly prohibited, do not reveal any Pokemon or strategy after battling a Frontier Brain.
    8. Not following the rules will get you banned for a week. Do it 3 times and you will get permanently banned.
    9. You must always save all battle logs, otherwise any battle will be invalid.
    10. If you lose to a Frontier Brain you must wait 48 hours of time before battling the same Frontier Brain
    11. The League uses the smogon tiers, do not use any Pokemon that does not belong in the specified tier.
    12. Unreleased/Banned Pokemon, DW abilities and items are prohibited. (Except for the DW Tier)
    13. Do not ask for battles in the Thread, use VMs/PM or the Xat to challenge the Frontier Brains.
    14. If a Frontier Brain is inactive for a span greater than or equal to 2 weeks, and the battle frontier has not been informed of the reason for said absence BEFOREHAND, the frontier brain will be replaced. No arguments.
    15. You must defeat 10 frontier brains to become a champion
    16. You must confirm your wins and losses

    Sign up form:

    Serebii username:
    Po username:


    Battle Palace Maven Izanami
    RBY OU
    W/L/D: 1/0/0

    Battle Factory Head MagicMonkey
    Clear Skies
    W/L/D: 0/0/0

    Battle Shrine Guardian complete legitimacy
    B2W2 RU
    W/L/D: 0/0/0

    Battle Casino Owner extroph
    Challenge Cup
    W/L/D: 1/1/0

    Battle Dome Ace KingTorterraXIV
    B2W2 Little Cup
    W/L/D: 6/1/0

    Battle Arena Wrestler Eranu
    B2W2 Weather Domination
    W/L/D: 4/2/0

    Battle Tower Tycoon Miror
    B2W2 NU
    W/L/D: 0/1/0

    Battle Hall Matron EmeraldGoblin
    Rental Pokemon
    W/L/D: 0/2/0
    Available weeknights, and on most weekends; You can find me in the TA xat posted in my signature.

    Battle Arcade Star Tormented
    B2W2 Uber
    W/L/D: 0/0/0

    Battle Castle Attendant D.Gray Man
    B2W2 OU Monotype 3:3
    W/L/D: 0/0/0

    Battle Subway Boss Dragonuser
    W/L/D: 6/0/0

    Battle Pyramid King Sucka_Punch
    B2W2 UU
    W/L/D: 0/0/0

    Former Battle Factory Head Acetylix
    B2W2 Monotype OU 3:3
    W/L/D: 0/5/0

    Former Battle Factory Head Phoopes
    DPP NU
    W/L/D: 1/0/0

    Former Battle Shrine Guardian Blue Harvest
    Challenger Rules
    W/L/D: 1/0/0

    Former Battle Casino Owner Takeo
    Challenge Cup
    W/L/D: 1/1/0

    Former Battle Arcade Star Nilla
    B2W2 Uber
    W/L/D: 2/1/0

    Former Battle Castle Queen ThatsJustPeachy
    B1W1 OU
    W/L/D: 7/0/0

    Former Battle Pyramid King Makaveli
    W/L/D: 3/0/0

    Former Battle Pyramid King Jesusfreak94
    Tier 10
    W/L/D: 1/1/0

    01.Battle Palace- Izanami | RBY OU
    -Click Link for Eligible Pokemon.

    02.Battle Factory- Magic Monkey | Clear Skies
    -Weather Inducing Pokemon are banned.
    -Weather Inducing moves are banned.

    03.Battle Shrine - complete legitimacy | B2W2 RU
    -Click Link For Eligible Pokemon.

    04.Battle Casino - Extroph | Challenge Cup
    -Challenge Cup clause must be active (or the brain and challenger can opt to do a random battle on PS)
    -Due to the nature of this tier, all matches will be required to be a bo5.

    05.Battle Dome - KingtorterraXIV | B2W2 Little Cup
    -All pokemon must be level 5.
    -Click the tier name to see what pokemon are eligible.

    06.Battle Arena - Eranu | Weather Domination
    -Challenger will name two weathers options. Afterwards, The brain will choose one of the two weather options chosen by the challenger, and that will be the only weather permitted for the match.

    07.Battle Tower - Miror | B2W2 NU
    -Click Link for Eligible Pokemon

    08.Battle Hall - EmeraldGoblin | Rental Pokemon
    -The frontier brain will formulate 30 possible pokemon to use as rental pokemons that both the challenger and the brain must use.
    -The Brain will pm the challenger with the possible list of 30; the challenger has a maximum of 24 hours to formulate a team.
    -Click link for eligible pokemon.

    09.Battle Arcade - Tormented | B2W2 Uber
    -Click link for eligible pokemon.

    10.Battle Castle - D.Gray Man | B2W2 OU Monotype 3:3
    -Click link for eligible pokemon.
    -Both Challenger and Frontier Brain must have a monotype team with 3 pokemon of the same type, and 3 wild cards of their choosing.

    11.Battle Subway - Dragonuser | DPPT OU
    -Click link for eligible pokemon.
    Due to the nature of this tier, all matches will be bo3.

    12.Battle Pyramid - Sucka_Punch | B2W2 UU
    -Click link for eligible pokemon.

    *Failure to bring the correct team by accident or not will result in an automatic lost.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2012
  2. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.


    10 Symbols

    9 Symbols

    8 Symbols

    7 Symbols

    6 Symbols

    5 Symbols

    4 Symbols

    3 Symbols

    2 Symbols

    1 Symbol

    0 Symbols

    ◕Pika ruler
    ◕D.Gray Man
    ◕John Wallrein
    ◕Blinky the Mew
    Challengers are welcomed to use this signature and badge case to represent support for the frontier:

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2012
  3. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.

    Frontier Support is provided by:
    -Team America
    -Perpetual Motion
    -Crystalline Guard
    -Black Ice
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    ~ Please no clubbing the Seel.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2012
  4. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Guess Ill join
    Serebii username the3rdH0kage
    PO Username [TL]the3rdH0kage or just the 3rdH0kage
  5. rckstr

    rckstr Well-Known Member

    Im in 10char
    diff po names
    est timezone
  6. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    Seribii username: Bl44ZT3HPR0
    Po username: Whatever it happens to be at the time
  7. Seribii username:Shadow (cbf to copy the spade)
    Po username: [Drac]Shadow <-most of the time
  8. Jase

    Jase New Member

    Serebii Username: Jase
    PO Username: Sanji
  9. Conquer Phoenix

    Conquer Phoenix Falling Light

    Serebii Username : woebegonenick
    PO Username: [SD] something
  10. Chie_Satonaka

    Chie_Satonaka MegidolaOWNED

    I wanna join cause I'm new and wanna battle. :p I'm only on PS though. :)

    Serebii User: Chie_Satonaka
    PS User: LumpyPoppers
  11. Pika ruler

    Pika ruler Pikachu User

    Seribii username: Pika ruler
    Po username: [TEG]Pika ruler
    Ps username: Pika ruler
  12. Bgside

    Bgside FC: 1077-6583-7016

    Serebii name : bgside
    PO username : bgside
  13. DrasticPhase

    DrasticPhase Half ded

    Serebii username: ~Exodus
    Po username: Anything with [TEG]Dark/Exodus
  14. Dracoxfinity

    Dracoxfinity Member

  15. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.

    Facilities will open later on today.
  16. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Seribii username: Skamory7
    Po username: [OM] Skamory7

    i had heard that some dw abilities are fine to use here, as long as they're released. is that true or no?
  17. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.

    Hidden Abilities are allowed as long as they are released; however, pokemon with hidden abilities that are not released (ie. Shadow Tag Chandelure) is not permitted unless the brain's tier is DW tier, which currently, none of my brains are.
  18. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Got it, thanks for the info
  19. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    Seribii username:Rairyan
    Po username: Rairyan/Gilscor
  20. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    lol this frontier is stronger than the official serebii frontier.
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