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Q:who will be D/P bad guys?

Q:Who will be D/P bad guys?

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well sorry for having a say yish
oh and if u where talking to me about typos i had none thanx


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-Koumori- said:
That's from the PokeSpecial manga, which was following G/S/C at that time. o_O So good luck with that.

They could still have a Neo Team Rocket in these games... it doesn't really matter that they've already appeared in the manga.


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Celebi Metallix said:
How about Team Snagem and Cipher?

No, they're more suited to the games that have the protagonist "snagging" pokemon... leave them out of these games.
I am pretty sure there will be new bad guys cause if there isnt the game wont be that interesting


it might be team rocket and a compleatly new team like a branch of team rocket that broke off and seeks to destroy team rocket


i think they should introduce Neo Team Rocket (look on the manga charcter bios for more info). they look really intersting, and also have Will and karen from G/S/C that would be intersting. the mask of ice could play a small part, too. i also thought that there could be a Team Lunar(the baddies) and Team Solar(the goodies)

Soul Suicune

Im predicting it might be new bad guys or team aqua and magma because team rocket is for kanto... -_-


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I really like the idea of being able to join the Bed Guys. If you think about it, this would result in multiple endings for the game. And it wouldn't have to be an immediate thing either, the choice could be gradual, depending on choices you make in the game at certain points. It would result in a need and want to replay the game and would allow for a good and bad team. (Another thing would be that you could have different Uniforms depending on what team you join, you could have your starting clothes, then eventually your Team's Uniform.) You could also probably go Neutral and fight both Teams...


Joining an evil team and doing bad things would give young children the impression that doing bad things are ok and nintendo doesnt want to do that. A new team started by giovani's son would be cool.


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Talo! said:
Joining an evil team and doing bad things would give young children the impression that doing bad things are ok and nintendo doesnt want to do that. A new team started by giovani's son would be cool.

That is exactly why they wouldn't do it...good explaination(sp?)

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Electabuzz said:
Although I know that the games =/= the manga...I think it would be really cool if they went with the idea of Neo Team Rocket. I personally have never read the manga, but I feel that it would be a cool idea. Hmmmm...
...And GSC Rival could be the leader(remember the scientist in FR/LG said Gio's son had red hair, and GSC rival has red hair AND he treats pokemon like brainless tools, like TR).
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Exel 4.0

Of course they'll be new. Either that or team aqua kills magma (or vice-versa) and they rule the new region!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!


team snagem n cipher? i no my neo rocket idea was not greatly appreciated, but colloseum n the whole "snagem" thing was absolute ****.

i cant rmember who it was, but sum1 sed about a team that rule the seasobns. that was a quite good idea, but there wud be 4 seasons =4 teams= no correct oppositions which wudnt fit. i thought of (ages ago, when i was stil hoping for a GSC remake on GBA) that we cud hav a team Solar (goodies) who protect the world from team Lunar, with ur help. does ne1 remember the site which mentioned that on d/p u cud "join a team"?
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Dubble Flux

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The Umbra: Umbra meaning the darkest part of the Moon's shadow. The ultra-evil team

Pen-Umbra: No 'Team' or 'The', just a vigilante group named Pen-Umbra. Pen-Umbra refers to the lighter part of the Moon's shadow, so they have good intentions (stopping Umbra), but since they are Vigilante, they can be pretty violent in their endeavor to combat The Umbra.

Pretty good, huh?

~One Bad N.W.A.

dark scyther

Off-topic:To the ideas that will not happen thread:

*You would join the ´´Good`` team and beat the evil team

You never ´´JOIN`` you only ´´HELP``,by battling some 35 guys with some 6 diffrent pokes

Tropical Spirit

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New team. Seriously.

...And please, for the love of God, give them different pokemon. >__> Not the Zubats all over again. Not only that, they should really make them ACTUALLY strong. Even XD's Cipher was easy.


Sorry if something like this has been posted already. This is kinda like the whole Umbra and Pen-Umbra thing (ok, well maybe kinda the same), but I REALLY wanted to post this! I made up 2 new teams while I was playing Pokemon with my friends (yes I play Pokemon). There is Team Light - who trains electric, water, grass, normal, and flying types (also "light", but that's not an official Nintendo type, yet...). And, there's Team Dark who trains Dark, Psychic, Steel, Ghost (and also Normal) types. Sorry, Dubble Flux if I have offended you or anything for using this idea!


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(meybe off topic, i hope not)
Has anyone noticed that the games are falling into the cliche "save the world" crap again? In the RBY days (ahh, the good old days) the main goal was to beat the elite four. In GSC, beating the elite four was fine, but then OMG ITS KANTO. Zoom around there for a while and OMIGAWD ASH!!! A little more heroic than just beating the elite four. Then along comes RSE and you end up having to stop the world from drowning/dehydrating/both to death. Its that whole saving the world thing. Probably in D/P you're gonna have to do that again, save the world from the stupidity of the new evil organization.

My thoughts on the organization? Uhhh... probably no elemental like magma and aqua.... Yeah I like that Giovanni's son idea. It might be that.
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