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QR Code Exchange Thread

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QR Code Exchange Thread

Post your QR codes for others to download your Secret Bases from here!

Please note the following:

  • One post per member. Post your QR code once and relevant information about it, and leave it at that. Updated your base? Edit your post! Have more than one game? Put both QR codes in the same post.
  • Don't discuss Secret Bases in here. We already have a thread for that here.
    You can include information about your base in your post (e.g. its location, what your team is, etc), but please refrain from discussing other people's bases or so forth. If you wish to talk to someone about their base, you can VM/PM them.
  • Don't refer people to your signature or elsewhere for information or the code itself. Signatures change, and are not easily searchable.

Failure to follow these rules will result in warnings/infractions.


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Old Version

Current Location: Route 116 (the lower base, just outside cave)
Current Team: Linoone, Metang, Vulpix, Ditto, Seaking, ---
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Here's my base, nothing special at the moment, looking for Ground type users to be in my Ground Gym, otherwise my grunts include 3 random people, Serebii, and a 3 Healing Wish Blissy team at a high level.


also, if any ground type specialists would be kind enough to PM me their bases that'd be great (please no legendaries!)
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This is mine:
It's at the Secret Meadow, and requires Dive to reach.

Edit: I accidentally typed Secret Shore. Fixed now. :/
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Call me Robert guys

So this is mine, it's located at the first base that Aurune gives you at the beginning. Idk why but I can't make the pic actually appear on the screen.


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Um forgive the noob question but how do you guys upload to serebii?


043 (400x245).jpg

Location: End of Route 120 - Right Behind Ranger


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Hey y'all! :)

Here's my code:


It is the base that is the closest to the entrance of Meteor Falls in the cave, on Route 114. It is also behind a Rock, so you'll need Rock Smash :)
My team is Sceptile, Gardevoir, Sableye, Altaria, Wailord, and Tropius. Cheers! :)

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is a metaphor

have at me, nerds
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Here's my secret base! (updated 12/23/14)


Location: Route 120 (requires Surf)
Team: Come and find out ;)

Note: My team is still in the works, seeing as I haven't beaten the game yet. I'll probably be editing this post soon once it's finalized.
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Nick Banza

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Here's my QR Code, Secret Pals. ;)
Location: Route 125.

Soon I'll be editin' this post with further details.
Feel free to add me.


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    Secret Base QR Code..jpg
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Here is my Secert Base:
Location: Rusturf Tunnel (inside)
Team: Swampert, Mightyena, Altaria, Linoone, Amaldo, Heliolisk



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Come Visit My Base
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