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QR Code Exchange Thread

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here is my AS/OR bases
Base loction- secret isle tree
single battles
Team: blissy lv 100
level realser: yes
Head Leader: FTG (fairy tail girl)

My base: Route 119, You'll need Surf to reach the only tree base on the route.
I don't really battle, but my team has Delphox, Empoleon, ★Sceptile, Altaria, Mightyena, ★Metagross.

Looking for challenging bases! I love the trickier ones... but if I have to add you to reach your flag, then no.


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Okay, this one is easy to get to - in the cave on route 125 (seriously, fly to the route and you can walk to it - no surfing required!)
It has NO level release, and is single battle, but be ready for a tough fight (that's all you get :p)

Oh, and one more thing. There are no Mega's in this battle.


  • QR - Legends - Lugia-DeoxysA-KyuremW.jpg
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image.jpgMine is in the secret meadow, straight up from the point you land when you fly there.
My team consists of a Scizor, Starmie & Nidoking. Nothing special but these guys are some of my favourite battlers, all lvl 100 with no level release. Enjoy.
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