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Quad DCE Ampharos/Registeel Deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by JoeyEs, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. JoeyEs

    JoeyEs Well-Known Member

    Hello there, here is a deck I have long thought about and now I've finally put it together and added a few perks. I've tried this deck out a few time on PTCGO and had some success yet I haven't yet seen anyone use this deck before especially the way I've gone about it..

    Strategy: The aim of this deck is to get Ampharos in the active ASAP using Emolga's 'call for family' attack to bench Mareep(s), Skyla to search Rare Candy's and Ultra Balls to search out Ampharos. Once Ampharos is in the active it's 'Electromagnetic Wall' ability will cause you're opponent to place 2 damage counters on their Pokemon for each energy they attach to that Pokemon.

    The second part of the strategy is to utilize DCE. For example Ampharos' attack requires 2 colourless and 1 electric energy, when powered up this attack can work nicely with it's ability doing 70 damage to the active and 20 damage to a opponents benched Pokemon, putting them in range for 1 or 2 hit KO early on. This is where Registeel comes into place. Having forced you're opponent to put damage counters on their Pokemon, Registeel (with a 3 colourless energy attack Triple Laser) you can pick off any of those vulnerable bench Pokemon.

    The only real threat/problem I see to this deck is the popular Landorus EX, but this can be avoided by adding a couple of Kyurem from Noble Victories (I think), on the plus side though this deck will face up nicely against the highly rated Blastoise/Keldeo deck that is seeing alot of play but when up against Ampharos, playing unlimited energies isn't all that great.


    • 3 Mareep (DragonsExalted) ;179; --
    • 3 Ampharos (DragonsExalted)(Ability:ElectromagneticWall) ;181;

    • 2 Registeel EX
    • 2 Emolga (CallForFamily)

    • 2 Mewtwo EX (tech) ;150; Or Bouffalant (optional)


    • 4 Skyla
    • 2 Professor Juniper
    • 3 N
    • 3 Cheren

    • 4 Pokemon Catchers
    • 4 Rare Candy’s
    • 4 Switches
    • 2 Energy Search
    • 2 Ultra Balls
    • 2 Max Potions
    • 2 Super Rods
    • 2 Tool Scrappers
    • 2 Energy Retrieval


    • 4 Double Colourless Energy
    • 2 Blend Energy (W/E/M/F)
    • 3 Electric
    • 3 Metal

    All feedback and advice is appreciated as always :]
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2013
  2. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Now there is a few thing s to consider, ampharos can only have it's ability in play if it's active so to avoid unnecessary dmg I can always catcher one of you're slow EX's and start dealing dmg to them or get an easy 2 prize lead (and even if you bring out ampharos again all I need to do is either ko ampahros with one of my EX's or put 4 energy on zekrom, switch and ko ampharos, various ways around ampharos), plus the new intrigue into ability lock decks. You don't need 2 e. retrieval if you have 2 super rod, you need more switch(4) to balance out the amount of catcher(4) played per deck, you don't need devolution spray, It's probably better to play mewtwo out when ladorus is played, you're deck will take a heavy beating to him regardless of any card you can add.

    More juniper less N
  3. JoeyEs

    JoeyEs Well-Known Member

    Thanks ven, I do have quite an unorthodox way of playing but I don't think more juniper over N is nesseccy especially if I'm discarding and been adviced to take cards out that bring other cards back into play from the discard.

    Yeah I have covered pretty much covered every possible worse case senerio and way I can counteract them and 4 switches makes perfect sense now when I think about it so thanks for bringing that up.

    Also what if I had only 3 ampharos in play that would be one hell of a electromagnetic wall to get through :]
  4. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    Hm. I like it..kinda. I don't agree with Ven on the juniper thing. But he's totally right on the E. Retreival and devo spray thing + switch. E. Retrieval is almost only necessary in a deck like Blastoise keldeo where you can get a drop on them again right away. Honestly, I couldn't even explain devo spray.. honestly, what? If you're local meta or wherever you play this tends to run ability lock (garbodor) then I'd fiddle for more tool scrapper.

    Oh. I see this energy search...So. I have a feeling I know the answer but, why do you run it? Qwaa ;195;
  5. JoeyEs

    JoeyEs Well-Known Member

    Thanks Swagsire I do agree I still have a few more amendments to make and btw the Devolution spray is only temporary while I still only run 2 Ampharos atm but soon to be 3.

    And I guess to be honest i'm running it now is for a experiment, something new etc. seen as the Ampharos evolution line up ran so smoothly on Pokemon TCG Online using other Pokemon I thought I'd try it out with another Pokemon I enjoy playing with in other various decks, Registeel. His attack Triple Laser worked nicely with Ampharos's ability, plus it matches up well against decks like Blastoise/Keldeo where their strategy is to drop a high amount of energy in one turn...
  6. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Because ampharos can only use the ability if it's active, if you have 2 on the bench the ability doesn't count, and devo spray doesn't make sense (in fact if they hit you're amphy for more then 90 which is common in alot of games to achieve by turn 2 what is the point in playing out a card that can potentially kill you and give you're opponent a prize how bout some catcher or tool scrapper, even if they run eviolite still helps)

    Energy search is for skyla, make's sense to me (I've seen it in so many landy and keldeo decks it's almost to funny.

    Think about it like this, you're only going to N in the start of the game when you have alot of prizes so it doesn't make sense to N mid to late game when you're down to 2-3 prizes and you need alot of cards in you're hand to make necessary come backs, juniper does give that advantage, and only playing in 2 doesn't cut it as 3-4 would, besides you're playing 2 ultra ball so even if you discard one one game but don't the other really does come down to the amount of cards you can move around, there are some games where playing 4 is useful and playing 2 is useful but having the option to effectively get rid of it so it's not all that useful one game is useful the next. (3 times)
  7. JoeyEs

    JoeyEs Well-Known Member

    Ahh ok cool I get it... The develution spray is pointless I suppose but initially it sounded like a good idea to devolve ampharos and rare candy it straight away to evolve a different Mareep but I didn't realise it only works if ampharos has taken less than 60 damage which is unlikely...

    The 3 ampharos in play was a joke to counteract the ability been switched out the active if you get me.
  8. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    No thats not what I meant, what I mean is this, You can devolve the turn you evolve if you want, it doesn't matter on the amount of damage you take, what I'm trying to say is you're going to take a minimum of 90 dmg per turn, if you want to heal them you have a few options such as gold potion, potion, max potion or super scoop up, and I think you want to go the route of super scoop up, where you can play 1 amphy, bench 1 mareep, amphy takes 130 dmg this turn so you just ssu that amphy back into you're hand not taking any dmg rare candy you're mareep on the bench and there you go new amphy the turn after (I still dunno, I'd have to watch to get it I guess).

    What alot of people tend to do is to try and force up an active you can't switch back easily and can't attack with fast (like registeel) power up 1 card and catcher up the card with the ability to deal dmg such as amphy and ohko, and then it's continuous, I found with playing against alot of stage 2 decks is they don't have much mid to late game potential after they're engine is wiped out (garchomp, blastoise decks that don't use keldeo EX). You see in taking down an engine deck you're opponent is always going to try and go after you're engine cards to take you down so thats where you have to think of something else other then those cards to help out the cards with, and mewtwo isn't a valid option however you never put in enough energy to deal with the fact of hammers (if something does go down whats my healing option, ssu (If you max pot you slow you're self down a few turns by discarding that energy, energy switch saves the basic energy so you can switch out and deal more dmg back), more energy, in the fact of having a deck with 2 super rod you can afford to lose energy if you ultra ball), and for the limited energy you do have you have no energy switch, exp.share, or super scoop up (ssu) other then pretty much nothing, You only need 1 energy search for skyla, also another thing, searching you're deck for 1 card in a pokemon game is not going to win the battle, I'd admit that skyla is a good card but without playing 4 N or 4 juniper skyla has drawback and ends up taking over you're deck slowing you're synergy down (searching for N, cheren, etc is a good thing but I would rather use RR so I can use the supporter the same turn). What else, back to hammer decks, they play minimum 3 enhanced and 4 crushing hammer, you have 2 blend and 3 of each (so 6) with 4 DCE, plus most hammer decks have 2-3 sableye, you need 2 turns to start up for an attack at the least minus mewtwo with DCE (but he needs some kind of energy boost like energy switch to help it out against other mewtwo), more energy or more basic energy so you can get it back with super rod. So basically more energy, super scoop up, a better synergy for supporters, and something more for the EX's like eviolite, exp.share, etc.

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