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Quagsire or Swampert?

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I would say Swampert. I use it in the Battle Dome and it has NEVER lost a battle before. If you want something easier to catch, get a Mudkip in the beginning of the game and evolve it into Marshtomp then Swampert. You can obtain a Wooper in the Safari Zone after you've beaten the Elite Four in Emerald, then you can evolve it into a Quasire. But it's really your choice.


Quagsire is an Underused Swampert Quagsire has water absorb but definatly Swapy is better
Swampert. Awesome Pokémon in most ways. BIG offenses, excellent defenses. ONLY ONE Weakness. It won't come down easily. It even takes a half-decent strong Grass attack to get rid of it in one go. Good Movepool too. The ONLY letdown is its Speed, which is actually not THAT bad...

Quagsire's only pro over Swampert is the Water Absorb Ability, which stripes it off one of its former semi-weakness. Quagy also has OK lastability and an OK Movepool, but worse Stats and more likely to fall against most Grass attacks, or even Ice attacks...

Choose whichever one you like. Swampy is better in most ways, though... =/


*Orion* said:
Swampert. Awesome Pokémon in most ways. BIG offenses, excellent defenses. ONLY ONE Weakness. It won't come down easily. It even takes a half-decent strong Grass attack to get rid of it in one go. Good Movepool too. The ONLY letdown is its Speed, which is actually not THAT bad
I quite agree. Swampert can take hits decently, it can survive an unboosted psychic from alakazam I can tell you. My own swampert died from a single giga drain from a cradily though-and cradily's special attack isnt *awesome*.
It could ice beam to kill grass types, but it is slow, probably get killed before it could attack.
I would like to add too, that water absorb isnt really reliable, if any case, I wouldnt try to surf a quagsire. Maybe you can switch it into water attacks, but chances are, the opponent does something else and quaggy dies instead, or quagsire cant benefit from the attack cause it has full hp. Wish it was like flash fire, boosting fire attacks.
Swampert usually gets hit to at least 1/3 life after 1-2 hits. therefore there is better possibility of activating torrent rather than water absorb.


pretty much explained Swampert is the better one
Quasire is only if your team has a huge water weak.
and Swampert can actually ROCKSLIDE if you're not looking
for the mixed sweeper..
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They are both pain in the rears to take if you don't have a grass pokemon. Swampert is the better choice b/c of higher stats and movepool. Swampert has more options than Quagsire. The only thing like others said that Quagsire really has over Swampert is its Water Absorb ability, and it can learn Haze and Yawn(for forcing switches)

Expert Evan

Old Fogey
Based on my battle factory experience, I'd go with swampert. Those annoying water/ground types such as swampert & whiscash that also know curse & rest make having a grass type pokemon like sceptile or breloom all the more desireable.


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Swampert is better from my own experiances. He as always owned pretty much every pokemon I've battled... I love ice beam


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If you don't care what people says and call you cheap (like I) go with swampert. If you care being diffrent or it just happens to be that quagsire is your faw poke, then use quagsire. Quagsire with curse, amnesia, sludge bomb and earthquake rulez as wel as haze, yawn, eartquake, ice beam. But sceptile is the real one in offence and with low speed+curse, only thing you need to fear are dt'mers, grass types and toxicers.


Phantom Poster
in my opnion swampert is way better good at long battles except agaisnt something that can learn grass moves quagsires only good side is water absorb other than that....i don't think its really worth using


D/P is almost here!!
I go with Swampert,it's just such an awesome Pokemon!

But let me tell you something,Tucker's Swampert is extremely weak,in Silver Symbol Battles he tells Swampert to always use Counter,and in Gold he tells it to use Mirror Coat,Tucker is the weakest of all Frontier Brains!

Anyway,I like Swampert because of the way it looks,and it's awesome stats.

Even without putting Ev's into HP to Swampert,it's HP can go 312 or 300!

I like this Swampert I got in the Battle Factory:

Adamant nature
Lum Berry


The only bad thing about this Swampert is that it has Counter and Adamant nature,but it still is a good Pokemon!

I would use this Swampert:

Quiet nature
Ev's 200 Attack,58 HP,152 Defense,100 Sp.Attack,
Protect(works with Leftovers)

But this is just my opinion.

Swampert could use other Movesets like:

Brick Break or other Physical Attacks

Swampert is by far an overused Pokemon.

I got this Shiny Swampert with Timid nature,

Here are it's Stats:

Lv 50


Muddy Water
Hydro Pump

Iv Master said:This one,overall,I would say is quite impressive in ability!
Incidentally,the best aspect of it,I would say,is it's Special Attack...
That stat is outstanding!
...hm... That's how I call it.

I'm training my Shiny Swampert for Sp.Attack and Speed,the rest goes in Sp.Defense.

Anyway,Swampert is a really good Pokemon!
I go with Swampert, it looks cooler and ( I think) it`s better. But Quagsire can be useful aswell, but I would go with swampert and NOT with Quagsire.



Well-Known Member
Swampert is way better. It can learn so many different moves that are usable, and its stats are superb. Quagsire is a good pokémon as well, but it just can't compete with Swampert.


I use Swampy, anwesome pokemon, but still Quagy's pretty good too.
But meh.

king krab kingler

I like quagsire moe than I do swampert,although I think swampert is far more superior than quagsire!!:D
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