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Question About Releasing Pokemon

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by wayc, May 13, 2008.

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  1. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    I came upon a question on answers.com where someone was asking why their Pokemon kept coming back when they tried to release it. From that I found out that if your Pokemon really loves you or something, it will come back when you try to release it and the game says, "Your Pokemon came back! Was it worried about you?"

    Well, I thought that was really sweet and so I released all my best Pokemon just to see it happen because I've been with most of them a long time and they're all my strongest Pokemon, and they were caught at low levels and raised up high, and I've helped them win ribbons, and given them lots of stuff.

    Only 1 out of 7 -- my Gyarados -- came back. That kind of made me sad and confused. When I talk to the Dewford Town lady, she says that my bond with them is as strong as it can be.

    Anyone know why some leave and some come back? If there's something you need to do to better prove your devotion, I wanna do it for all 7! :(

    (And I hope nobody says that trying to release them in the first place to test their bond makes me not devoted enough in the first place. :p I just wanted to see it. ;_; )

    This is on Emerald, if it matters to note that.
    Last edited: May 13, 2008
  2. jaxonferz

    jaxonferz Well-Known Member

    uhh i heard that if your pokemon have a hm then they come back
  3. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Hmmm, well my Gyarados did know 3 HMs, but I know that at least 2 of the ones that did leave knew HMs.
  4. kirkeastment

    kirkeastment Completing The Trio

    Ok heres how that works, let say that your other two knew dive & surf, and gyarados knows dive, surf & strength.

    Well you can release the other two, and they won't return as Gyarados knows those HM's, so your ok, but if you try to release gyarados, it will return.

    This is because the game notices that you only have one pokemon with that HM move, and until you teach that HM (or HM's) to another pokemon, it won't leav you.
  5. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Well, you were right in that my Gyarados knew Surf, Strength, and Dive, but I was able to unteach Gyarados Dive with the HM Deleter so that I'd have room for Hyper Beam, and it was my only Pokemon with Dive. I don't think the game cares if you don't have a Pokemon that knows a certain HM because it knows you always have the HMs to teach to another Pokemon. Besides, my only 2 Pokemon with Cut and Fly left.

    I just tried again after leveling up all my Pokemon some more and avoiding fainting, and now both my Gyarados AND Exploud refused to leave. And my Exploud doesn't know any HMs. SO THERE'S HOPE! =D It was really making me sad that they all left.

    My theory is that your Pokemon refusing to leave is the game's ultimate maxed out level of your Pokemon loving you. I think that even after the Dewford lady says your Pokemon couldn't possibly love you more, it still keeps track some more until it's TRULY at the top.

    That would also explain why when your Pokemon is at the "couldn't possibly love you more" level and it faints, it sometimes goes back to "is very happy and obviously likes you a whole lot" and other times it will faint but still stay at "couldn't love you more." There's still a little ways to go from when you first reach the love level, I think.
  6. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    The friendship doesn't has anything to do with releasing...

    My bro just catched a Zigzagoon, taught it Surf to get the Good Rod and catch a Tentacool, and Zigzagoon wouldn't be released.

    So if it has nothing to do with HM's, it doesn't has anything to do with friendship.
  7. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Gah, well, then what's the variable if it's not HMs or friendship? It can't be the specific Pokemon or nature either, if my Exploud left the first time, but not the second.

    EDIT: Okay, I just opened the game for the first time today since last night when Gyarados and Exploud refused to leave. This time, they both left but my Wailord wouldn't leave. It must just be completely random but I think that your Pokemon does have to be above neutral in friendship level for there to even be a possibility for it to occur.
    Last edited: May 14, 2008
  8. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    That's the correct answer. Ignore what anyone else tells you, you can't release a Pokemon if it's your only one that knows surf.

    EDIT: And in case you are wondering why, consider this: you surf to Pacifidlog town. You have no more Pokeballs. You have no Pokemon who can learn surf other than the one you rode in on. You release that Pokemon. Whoops. I hope you're a good swimmer, those currents can be rough.
    Last edited: May 14, 2008
  9. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    All right, that much makes sense as it seems to be my Gyarados and Wailord that won't leave if the other is gone, and they're the only ones that know Surf. But like, why did my Exploud refuse to leave that one time? It does know the TM Rock Smash, which is useful... but it only happened that one time, and now it will leave when its moveset hasn't been changed. So what's up with that?
  10. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    IIRC surf is the only HM that causes the Pokemon to stay. It is the only one that can possibly cause you to get yourself stuck. If something still left there must be a mistake somewhere because that isn't supposed to happen.
  11. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Okay, I figured it out. Exploud only refuses to leave when I try to release it at the computer right before you enter the Pokemon League. You must need Rock Smash to get back through Victory Road. It doesn't take into account that you might still have some Pokémon that can fly.
  12. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    Ok, yeah, that makes sense.
  13. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    Hum... what about you traded your only Pokémon that can learn Surf at the Pokémon Center and your friend restarts his game, you can't leave and you cannot get another Pokémon with Surf.
  14. xlucky08x

    xlucky08x Well-Known Member

    wow they can come back!

    Ive released like 3000 pokmon - never came back
    i gotta try this
  15. Sim

    Sim Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't have traded that Pokémon in the first place. I assume the creators thought if you traded your only Surfing Pokémon it means you have someone you can trade with, and thus are able to trade again to solve the problem you've left yourself in. Even if that means waiting til your friend reaches the point in the game where they get Surf again.
  16. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    "And your friend restarts his game"

    Well, your friend can always trade you a Zigzagoon...
  17. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they couldn't have possibly made it TOO flawless. There are always things you can do.
  18. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they couldn't have possibly made it TOO flawless. There are always things you can do.
  19. Sim

    Sim Well-Known Member

    There you go. You answered your own question (or point). That way is even simpler than what I suggested >>;;
  20. mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

    mrrrrrrr KENNEDY Latest (SR)

    Never even knew pokemon could come back. This is intresting information. Does it only apply to R/S/E?
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