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Question 'bout posting threads..


Newest Shiny~
I don't have any problems posting threads, only in the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Discussion forum. I tried to post around 3 threads the last 3 weeks but all of them weren't posted. It said that a mod has to check them first but it isn't something spammy or anything like that.

So I have the feeling that mods don't even check those threads.
Also, why is it that mods have to check threads first only there?

John's Knight

Well-Known Member
As said many times before, threads created in the Diamond/Pearl forums have to be checked by a moderator before being public, as to prevent many and many threads, all of them with the same subject. Since the Europe/Australia DP release is imminent, this 'restriction' can't be lift, since there will be more stupid threads, when people can't obviously use the search feature or check the FAQs.

If the topic of your threads already exist, then they won't be showed, since there were already similar threads. Have you checked if they didn't exist at the moment?


Newest Shiny~
It's about this:

Title: What's your chain top 3 with the Poke Radar?

In the first post I made a list of how to write down your chains, the number of times you can update it etc..