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Question, maybe for a pokemon

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Does any body know the cloning glitch, does it work in the us versions, answer please...
Try looking here.
You clone by using the GTS. It works but some people can't do it at the right time and turn off their DS. I've cloned 23 times in a row last night. Others have tried for hours and no clones yet.

You have an english version?


+ L i g h t m a r e
Yeah, I have an English Pearl and I got it on launch date. My brother has an English Diamond and he got it around May 20th or so and he clones too. So it's gonna work with basically any English version.
one thing:

if you turn of your DS to late, your (maybe rare?) pokemon can be traded with a hacker, i live in Holland (i love importing!) and someone on a other forum tried to clone a palkia he asked a lvl 9 or below blastoise, but the cloning didnt work and the palka was gone off the GTS and he got a lvl 2 blastoise...

so, NEVER AND NEVER try to clone a legendary/event pokemon.
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