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Question on Reversal.


Vive la Revolution!
Simple question:

Is the power/damage inflicted effected at all by the attack stat, or is it JUST based on the HP?


AAMayL supporter
i ehard from scepgatr, wen the pokemon using the move have max hp its 20 power, wen the pokemon has 1 hp tis 200 power, but the damage is then decided by the attack of the pokemon


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Yes, Attack EVs should be invested if you want Reversal to hit hard. For Reversaler's Attack and Speed are the most important stats.


Vive la Revolution!
Yea, already had the speed EVs in there, just didn't know about atk.

Thx for clearing this up.

(Btw, Scept! Go back to the other avvy of Hawaiin Sceptile!!!!)