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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


danger chili pepper
Staff member
This thread's primary purpose is for quick trades for those playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. You can post here if you're too lazy to create your own thread. You can still create your own thread though.

There are other dedicated Quick Trading Thread for:
- Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus
- Pokemon Sword/Shield
- Pokemon HOME

Anyway, you can just follow this format:

LF: <what you're looking for>
FT: <what you have for trade>
<your message>

All forum and Gen 8 WiFi subforum rules apply.
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Pokemon Trainer
LF: Misdreavus and Magby

Am still early on so don't have much to offer but really want them on my team


Well-Known Member
I'll be getting SP later today. Would someone be willing to trade for an Elekid with the Electrizer?


Hey…I don’t know if trading has even been put in this game yet, but could someone give me a Gible, Riolu, Eevee, razor fang, or combination thereof? I know it’s a lot to ask. But I thought I’d put my cry for help up lol.


I don’t have hardly anything to offer but if anyone wants to give me an eevee, Riolu, Gible, or razor fang I will be so very eternally greatful


Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: Lv. 1 Spiritomb (female), Hasty mint or Naive mint

I can’t offer anything in BDSP yet, but I can trade whatever I have in SWSH or Home:
  • Shiny Celebi
  • Shiny Zacian & Zamazenta
  • HA pokémon
  • Legendaries
  • Shinies

pm me if interested
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LF: Misdreavous
FT: Gligar, Houndoom, Murkrow or any other early-accessible diamond exclusive Pokémon


New Member
LF: Totodile
I’m sure most people aren’t even that far in yet but I know it’s possible to grab them after end game. I don’t have anything to offer, but I’m trying to help my brother get one for his squad. Thanks in advance!