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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


Whats good Fam
Can anybody help me out with a razor claw? I don’t want to evolve my an easel after the elite 4, I want to evolve it before I battle snowpoint city gym


Great Ball Rank Trainer
  • Dig TM
  • Female Rapidash with Hypnosis
  • Female Hariyama with Bullet Punch
  • Female Electabuzz/Electivire with Ice Punch

FT (all pokemon with pokerus): HA Moon Ball Gligar, HA Cranidos, HA Porygon, Level Ball Gible, Garchomp, Yanma, Chimchar, Drifloon, Male Nidoran, Female Combee, Elekid, Electabuzz, Turtwig, Piplup, Burmy, Hustle Togepi, Stunky, Finneon, Phione, Feebas, Nosepass, Graveler, Ralts, Eevee, Snorunt, Skitty, Numel, Absol, Marill, Houndour, female Cyndaquil with Extrasensory, Carnivine, Skull Fossil, Thunder Stone, Fire Stone,, Heart Scale, Dome Fossil/Shieldon

I’m also open to other possibilities now that we have Home connectivity. PM me if interested
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I just need a Spinda for BDSP. Preferably one to keep.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
LF: Pokémon in rare balls

FT: Safari Ball Houndour

Houndour is available to catch in the Hoenn Safari Zone in Emerald only making this a rare Pokémon to obtain.


New Member
Do anyone have a spinda its the last pokemon i need to complete my pokedex and home wont let me move it to the game


Legend Tamer
Want to do both-games back-&-forth trades for Celebi and Deoxys. Meaning, you send them to my Brilliant Diamond for the Nat-Dex entries, then I send them both back to you, then you wait a couple minutes for me to quit BD, boot up Shining Pearl, log back in with the same Link Code, and we do it again.

EDIT: Found someone on Reddit who helped me, forgot to say so here until just now
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FT: The Johto Starters in Moon Balls with their HAs.
LF: Moon Balls or any pokemon caught in a Moon Ball.
I am especially looking for Mankey, Weedle, Ledyba, Spinarak, Phanpy, Yanma, Girafarig. I will trade all 3 starters for 1 of them.


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This thread's primary purpose is for quick trades for those playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. You can post here if you're too lazy to create your own thread. You can still create your own thread though.

There are other dedicated Quick Trading Thread for:
- Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus
- Pokemon Sword/Shield
- Pokemon HOME

Anyway, you can just follow this format:

LF: <what you're looking for>
FT: <what you have for trade>
<your message>

All forum and Gen 8 WiFi subforum rules apply.
LF spinda

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
LF Spinda can trade virtually anything or an item.