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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


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I need help evolving a Haunter and Machoke
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New Member
Need help with trade evolutions.
Dm me on Instagram or Twitter
Ig: @christian_reiman
Twitter: @reimanchristian

Tf: lmk what you want and I should be able to get it


New Member
Looking for Spinda to complete the National Dex

As I have a living Pokedex in Pokemon Home, I could give you anything that can be transfered to BDSP with the exception of legendaries.

Have recieved Spinda, no longer need help
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Looking to trade for a Bonsly, could offer Diamond exclusives in return, thanks!


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Looking for a Sneasel or Weavile with Throat Chop in Pokemon BDSP so I can breed it to transfer the move to my Sneasel. You will need to find it in the icy caves in the underground and get lucky that one of them has the move.
What I will trade you can be negotiated.

Trade was completed on Reddit
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LF: 31 IV Speed + Spdef Ditto(s) or Field egg group mon

LF: Turtwig(heavy slam preferred) national dex starters (not listed below)

FT: piplup, chikorita, treeko, chimchar, torchic, cyndaquil. Other mons negotiable
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LF : Spinda

FT : Most of the dex except legendaries (Phione is ok)

Friend code : SW-0729-5450-0222


New Member
Sorry guys. I’m very new to BDSP and only up to Eterna city in terms of game progress. Could anyone help me by providing Abra or Kadabra with Synchronise ability and the following natures:

The stats are not important at all. I just need them for finding other pokemons of the right natures easier. Sorry I really don’t have much to offer. I haven’t even caught Dialga so far. Thanks!