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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


New Member
LF: Lansat berry

FT: Jolly Male Chimchar HA Iron Fist, EM Fire Punch and Thunder Punch
FT: Calm Spiritomb

I have all other berries if you’re missing anything (except Petaya which is still growing)

Trade has been completed
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LF: Touch trades for Seadra, Clampearl x2
need huntail, gorbyss & kingdra for my living dex
FT: can help with touch trades back or can breed some dex fillers if needed! pm me
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Country line dancing fellow
LF: Alakazam
FT: Kadabra

PM me plz
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LF growlithe and other brillant diamond exclusives
FT vulpix, weedle and other shining pearl exclusives. Thanks


LF: Ability Patch or moody bibarel or octillery

FT: lv100 shiny tyranitar or other shiny legendary pokemon or hidden ability piplu and turtwig


New Member
LF: elekid & eevee
I just started this game and want these mons for my playthrough so I don't have anything special to trade, sorry.
Please pm ty!! <3


New Member
LF: Misdreavus

I'm not far enough into the game to have anything special to trade, sorry, but I do have a few of the BD exclusives to trade for the Misdreavus.


i have pearl, looking to get larvitar gligar scyther etc from someone who has diamond, willing to exchange pearl exclusives or whatever else you might want. also looking to do trade evolutions, discord is za#8943
I’ve got scyther and gligar want a shieldon my friend code is sw211453632148
I don’t have discord