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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


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If anyone could slide me a Eevee that'd be awesome! XD
Just got it, so nothing of note to really offer.
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I can breed: Croagunk,Houndour,Chimchar,Scyther,Absol,Stunky… still in early game thru three gyms and have diamond. LF: pearl mons, other starters, all evo trade mons kadabra etc


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LF: drifloon
<willing to trade it back, just need the pokedex entry>

friend code is SW-6659-6190-0317


Half a centaur
LF: Drifloon (a simple trade back, last thing I need to get National Dex)
FT: Let me know if there's something you need, I'll see what I have


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LF: Elekid, neutral nature, can be an egg or low level 16 or lower
FT: Any current or future considerations you require

I’m playing BD but would like an Elekid earlier than the game grants them. I can help with a trade evolution, promise to catch something for you as I get there, or any other consideration you need. Willing to negotiate. PM me if you can help.


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I just started and I want to take her throughout the story, sorry if I can’t offer much


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LF: Charmander (prefer it to be low level but will take whatever)
TF: Magby, Misdreavus, Pinsir (these 3 are shining pearl exclusives) or I can help with evos.

Charmander, is my favorite pokemon, and I want it for my play through. I have only beat the first gym, so I dont have much. Im even willing to trade my Jirachi for it if I have too. Help me out guys!! Thank you!! :) I will be on all day, so hit me up in messages and we can get the trading going.
Did you ever get your charmander? I just made a few eggs, and I won’t rob you of your jirachi for it.
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