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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


So Cool
LF: Turtwig and a non US Ditto ( any nature/IV )
FT: Chimchar and Piplup
I'm only up to Solaceon Town and don't have too much to offer. The biggest thing I'm looking for is a foreign Ditto so I can begin Masuda hunting. For anyone with a non US Ditto I'm even willing to go grab the Floaroma Mew for you. Please DM if you're interested in what I got. Thank you!
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Ghost-Type Master
My requests have updated!

LF: Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone, Reaper Cloth
FT: Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy Egg


LF: Eevee (preferably an egg of one or female so I could breed)
FT: Chimchar + Certain Brilliant Diamond exclusives (Stunky, Cranidos, Murkrow, Scyther, Gligar, Elekid)

I'm aiming to have an Eevee with my name as the OT while I'm still in Solaceon Town.
Since I'm asking for an egg, I can also provide an egg of what I can offer or just fully hatched already.


New Member
Looking for evolution help. Need to evolve my electabuzz and scyther. Willing to trade manaphy and jirachi for the help


Well-Known Member
LF: Piplup
FT: I’m up to Crasher Wake’s gym and don’t have much. Can get Shieldon fossils. Tell me if there’s something I can get for you!


Super Effective
LF: Carnivine
FT: I can hunt pearl exclusives.

I time traveled and now can't find Carnivine appear on the Marsh. Been at it for days and really wanted to use it on my team


Well-Known Member
LF: Lucky Egg
FT: Scyther, Cranidos/Skull Fossil, Munchlax
Shiny bagon to whoever helps me complete my dex.
LF: female burmy and pikachu to keep, the rest can be tradebacks. Heracross, honchcrow, milotic, spiritomb and weavile