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QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


Great Ball Rank Trainer
FT: Skull Fossil
LF: EV training items, Ability Patch, Razor Fang, TM for Giga Drain, TM for Dazzling Gleam, Teddiursa with Play Rough

PM me if interested
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Hive Trainer
Looking for a ditto and willing to trade a ditto. Just need a different OT to help with breeding.


Well-Known Member
Hi! I have a Cranidos for you
Hey friend, I actually have Cranidos, I was looking to trade it for the Shieldon but I've made the trade and have Shieldon but thank you!


Well-Known Member
LF: Protector, TM 53 (Energy Ball)

FT: Murkrow, Chimchar (egg or baby), Elekid (egg or baby), Riolu egg (Iron Island gift), Togepi, Shiny Stone, Razor Claw, other considerations as you might need

I need TM 53 (Energy Ball), which can be found on the ground on Route 226, bought with BP from the Battle Park, or bought from the random seller in the Underground. The Protector can be found similarly, on the ground on Route 228 or bought with BP from the Battle Park.

I'm willing to negotiate whatever considerations you might need. I have reached Solaceon Town so I can breed a Pokémon if that's what you need in return. PM me if you can help.
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Shiny Hunter
LF: Ditto
FT: A Calm Feebas Egg, a Jolly Chimchar Egg, an Adamant Gible Egg, or a Bold Spiritomb Egg

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LF: Teddiursa, Power items

FT: 4IV Jolly Chimchar w/ Egg Moves - Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Fake Out
4IV Scyther (random nature)
4IV Adamant Dratini

Haven’t started breeding them, but other BD exclusives like Murkrow, Larvitar, Zangoose and Growlithe are also on the agenda. Not a version exclusive but Charmander too.
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LF: Makuhita, Plusle, Minun,Spinda, Milotic and Castform

FT: all 12 starters, all Diamond and Pearl exclusives, all fossils, all swarm Pokemon (except the ones listed here), porygon
hey, I got a Milotic if you still need one.


New Member
LF: Kadabra
FT: Kadabra
Link code: 9635 3333
I just want to evolve my Kadabra and get my Alakazam back, please and thank you!


Shiny Hunter

Non English Ditto

FT :
Im still new in BDSP, so I can only help you with tradebacks.

PM me!


Well-Known Member
LF: trades or touch trades of: Weavile, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit.
FT: HA pokemon, some starters w/ egg moves, harder to find 'mons.

PM me and we can work something out!
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