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New Member
LF: Shiny Togepi, Shiny Mantyke, Shiny Swinub, Shiny Riolu
FT: Shiny Torterra, Shiny Drifloon, Shiny Hippowdon, Shiny Geodude, Shiny Zorua

Building a shiny team, hopefully someone can help me out!

Lyria & Lyr

New Member
LF: Shiny Porygon, Alpha Porygon
FT: Shiny Luxray, Alpha Basculegion, Alpha Sinnoh Starters, Alpha Walrein, Alpha Kadabra, Alpha Graveler, Alpha Mismagius.
This thread's primary purpose is for quick trades for those playing Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus. You can post here if you're too lazy to create your own thread. You can still create your own thread though.

There are other dedicated Quick Trading Thread for:
- Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl
- Pokemon Sword/Shield
- Pokemon HOME

Anyway, you can just follow this format:

LF: <what you're looking for>
FT: <what you have for trade>
<your message>

All forum and Gen 8 WiFi subforum rules apply.
LF: Porygon line, Magnemite, Cranidos and Shieldon
FT: pretty much everything, i have access to all places


New Member
LF: Porygon 2
FT: I think I’ve got everything else (non-shiny), willing to trade anything except legendaries and things we only get one of….

Porygon 2 is the last I need for my dex

Red and Blue

Well-Known Member
LF: shiny Roselia
FT: Shiny Geodude.

Please PM if interested


I need to trade my haunter for it's evolution