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New Member
Looking For: Darkrai, Shaymin, Shiny Bastiodon or Shieldon,

For Trade:

Shiny - Rapidash, Combee, Sealeo, Graveler, Geodude, Snover, Paras, Bidoof, Ambipom (alpha), Drifloon, Kricketot, Cascoon, Kirlia, Zubat, Aipom, Haunter, Gastly, Ponyta, Shinx, Ralts, Starly, Wurmple.

Alpha - Quilava, Sneasel, Misdreavus, Gabite, Shpeal, Golbat, Gilgar, Machoke, Machop, Croagrunk, Gastly, Haunter, Drifloon, Qwilfish, Cleffa, Togetic, Barboach, Duskull, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Pichu, Pikachu, Chingling, Burmy, Abra, Voltrob, Petilil, Combee, Remoraid, Silcoon, Vulpix, Magby, Burmy.

Tyra Jórunnr

New Member

3 SHINY ALPHA female riolu adamant nature ball jet ball

3 shiny male alpha riolus brave nature ball jet ball


What ever you seek to complete Pokedex or want.

( All legendaries and mythics are non shiny an non alpha. No genned no hacked mons. Must be legit caught with the ball I want it in. )

( P.S. Will update post for each one I got an number will decrease how many I'm looking for. )


Well-Known Member
LF: Origin Ball Dialga

FT: Origin Ball Palkia, Shiny Dewott


Well-Known Member
Hello! Messed up and ended up with Origin Ball Palkia when I was looking to get Dialga in it but pretty much looking to trade for Origin Ball Dialga if anyone can help.

Can offer Origin Ball Palkia or a shiny Dewott if that works? Thanks!


Well-Known Member
LF: Enamorus

FT: Lots of shinies, almost any other legendary/mythical. Willing to trade multiple for the Enamorus.

Kid God

New Member
LF: Cranidos

If anyone has a spare, the Space Time Distortions are NOT cooperate with me. Need one more for his dex page to get my shiny charm.

FT: I don’t have any shinies yet.. but if you need help I can help you with possible mons you don’t have :)


Well-Known Member
LF: Cranidos

If anyone has a spare, the Space Time Distortions are NOT cooperate with me. Need one more for his dex page to get my shiny charm.

FT: I don’t have any shinies yet.. but if you need help I can help you with possible mons you don’t have :)
I have some, I'll send you a PM. =)


New Member
Porygon Z

I can trade these back to you once I get them. These are last ones needed for completion.


New Member
LF: legit/non modded Shaymin and Alpha Female Eevee

FT: shiny alpha, male Alpha eevee + Shiny, and any space distortion pokes

Here's the list of shiny

Party are off limits, and the bottom row are all Alphas. Other than those six, The rest is normal shiny.

I might have gone to sleep (it's 1AM in my time) so please PM or reply me if you're interested and I'll check it out after waking up. Thanks


Active Member
i have a japenese enamorus up for trade and im looking for an alpha shiny overqwil level 100, please PM me if interested


New Member
LF: Shiny Alpha Riolu(or Lucario) from Pokémon Legends: Arceus
FT: lots to offer and I may have it, both Pokémon and items, just ask.


New Member
LF: shiny female Kirlia and shiny female snowrunt

FT: shiny Dustox and beautyfly or something else I have

Ps I just want these Cus there my fav shinys
I’m in Australia so i could be asleep when someone reply’s
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New Member
I don’t have a Riolu but here are some of the shinys I have you want any it’s fine if you don’t want any of them

I have a shiny: ponyta, Ambipom, Walrein, Ninetalls, Dustox, beautyfly, buneary, lumineion and staravia
For Trade (All listed are Shiny):
Bidoof - Bibarel - Beautifly - Staraptor - 2x Zubat - 2x Drifloon - Drifblim - Geodude - Golem - Stantler - Pikachu - Psyduck - Scyther - Aipom - Happiny - Carnivine - Croagunk - Whiscash - Yanma - 2x Hippopotas (male) - Stunky - Ursaring - Goomy - Rhyhorn - Sudowoodo - Lickitung - Lickilicky - Gastly - Haunter - Remoraid - Octilery - Growlithe - Machamp- Dusclops - 2x Basculin (female) - Tentacool - Magmar - 2x Gabite - Garchomp - Nosepass - Sneasel - 3x Swinub - Piloswine - Mamoswine - 2x Snover - Abomasnow - Zorua - Rufflet - Lucario

Looking For (All listed are Shiny) [Must be caught in PLA] [I will also accept Pokémon from their evolutions]
Any Alpha Shiny - Oshawott - Eevee - Burmy (all forms) - Mothim - Zubat (male) - Stantler (male) - Raichu (male) - Cherubi - Golduck (male) - Combee (female) - Petilil - Barboach - Hippopotas (female) - Porygon - Spiritomb - Magnemite - Rotom - Chingling - Snorunt (female) - Cranidos - Shieldon


Shiny Hunter
LF: regular Ursalina, Spiritomb and Vaporeon for dex. But prefer to keep.

Let me know what you LF!