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As of now, Melmetal is only obtainable through Pokémon Go. There had been an event in Go in which his shiny was available, but it’s long over. You can still trade for one of course.
Ahhh, well thank you I appreciate it greatly. If you happen to know anyone who has one please send them my way!


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LF:Rowlet,nothing else,nothing more
FT:Any of the Kanto starters, a japanese sobble and a Japanese dreepy

Things I need to say: I would like if the rowlet is at level 1 - 20 as I’m using it on a playthrough
If you do have one, PM me

Home Friend Code: XXGMEMDEBHRR
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LF: Someone to trade Boldore, Rhydon, Karrablast, Shelmet, Inkay, Spritzee to get Evos and trade back.
FT: Friendship? idk what I can offer I'll leave it up to you.


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LF: Stonjourner, and if anyone has a spare Meltan and Melmetal I'd be really grateful for them too!
FT: Not sure what I can offer? Ask and I can probably breed you what you're looking for.


LF: HA Purrloin

FT: Anything that I can breed/catch from Gen 5 and on through Sword exclusives.


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Since far away trading is a thing now could someone be so kind and trade Volcanion(last mon i need to complete national dex) I can trade it back just need it for magearna.
If you have a spare and would like me to keep it i have following spare mythical i i c trade:
Manaphy, darkrai, arceus, maloette, hoopa.
Would appreciate your help


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Not sure friend trading allows this, but if it does:

LF: Volcanion, hoopa

FT: gamefreak Manaphy, movie 14 victini, TRU Shaymin; also a number of legendaries including hooh, necrozma, weather trio, solgaleo, lake trio.

I’m also fine with touch trades but if possible I would like tovkeep these mons. Thanks!


LF: Gigantamax Pikachu or Gigantamax Eevee

FT: Shiny Nidoqueen or Shiny Dratini


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Mew( has to be able to be transferred into Let’s Go)

Shiny Lugia
Lugia w/ Hidden Ability or Shiny Lugia with Hidden Ability
Sword Exclusives except Zacian
Shield Exclusives except Zamazenta
Tapu Lele
Gigantamax Pikachu
Gigantamax Eevee
Gigantamax Meowth
I also have some mons with hidden abilities that I can breed.
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LF: Gmax Toxtricity (no nickname or other language name) male
FT: I dont have any special ones to trade for it but have complete dex on shield, or just ask what ya want ill check if i can help with that
I do have gmax eevee/pikachu if interested