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New Member
Hello, new here.
• Bruxish
• Palkia
• Diancie
• Zeraora
• Zamazenta
• Cubfoo
• Spectrier

• Regice
• Regirock
• Regigigas
• Mesprit
• Azelf
• Keldeo
• Cobalion
• Virizion
• Kyurem
• Cresselia
• Celebi
• Zygarde
• Kartana
• Buzzwhole
• Celesteela
• Lugia
• Articuno
• Zapdos
• Moltres
• Latias
• Metwtwo
• Ho-Oh
• Spiritomb
• Registeel


OG Trainer
Rusted Sword, Rusted Shield, Urshifu, Mew,Regidrago,Regielekie

Sport ball x 1

Safari ball x 1

Lure ball x 1

Heavy ball x 1

Level ball x 1

Friend ball x 2

Fast ball x 2

Master ball x 1

Modest UT Magearna


Active Member
LF: Zamente, Zerora, Zarude
I have a handful of legendaries from GBA games and PokemonGo, plus some shinies. I also have a bunch of events from the Diamond/Pearl era that I can transfer via Pokebank/Home.


Active Member
Hi everyone, looking for four Pokemon:

Event Shiny Tapu Bulu
Wishmaker Jiarchi
Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi
Dada Zarude


VGC20 Porygon2
Jungle Shiny Celebi
オコヤのもり Zarude
フウラシティ Zeraora (non shiny event)
2018 Legends Ho-Oh
GF Sing Pikachu
Rock Star Shiny Toxtricity


Active Member
Hi everyone, I'm looking for some trades.

LF: Zarude, Zeraora (preferably English versions), Rock Star Shiny Toxtricity, Diance, Keldeo, Meloetta, Marshadow.

Jirachi Lvl 5 WISHMKR (ID 20043)
Regigigas Lvl 100 TRU (ID 03089)
Milotic shiny lvl 50 VGC09 (ID 05309)
Darkrai lvl 50 ALAMOS (ID 05318)
Celebi lvl 70 10 ANIV (ID 00010)
Mew lvl 10 MYSTRY (ID 06930)
Mew lvl 10 Aura (ID 20078)
Deoxys lvl 50 Gamestp (ID 06218)
Lucario lvl 30 WORLD08 (ID 08178)
Ho-oh lvl 70 MATTLE (ID10048)
Jirachi lvl 5 CHANNEL (ID 40122)
Typhlosion lvl 70 10 ANIV (ID 00010)
Blaziken lvl 70 10 ANIV (ID 00010)
Alakazam lvl 70 10 ANIV (ID 00010)
Lugia lvl 100 10ANIV (ID 06227)
Ho-oh lvl 70 10 ANNIV (ID 06227) with PKRS
Ekectrivire lvl 50 PKTOPIA (ID 06257)
Magmortar lvl 50 PKTOPIA (ID 06257) (has had 1 battle)
Pikachu lvl 10 PKTOPIA (ID 6257)
Raikou lvl 70 10ANNIV (ID06227)
Suicune lvl70 10 ANIV (ID00010)
Regigigas lvl 100 EUSMR09 (ID07189(
Jirachi lvl 5 SMR2020 (ID 06260)
Phione lvl 50 Hayley (ID 01000)
Tapu Koko (shiny) lvl 60 Melemele (ID 170714)
Keldeo lvl 100 GF (ID 10016)
Mew lvl 100 GF (ID 02016)
Arceus lvl 100 GF (ID 08016)
Victini lvl 100 GF (ID 09016)
Celebi lvl100 GF (ID 03016)
Shaymin lvl100 GF (ID 07016)
Darkrai lvl100 GF (ID05016)
Manaphy lvl100 GF (ID 06016)
Silvally (shiny) lvl 100 Aether (ID 102317)
Volcaneron lv l70 Helen (ID 10016)
Xerneas lvl100 Descartes (ID 05026)
Zygarde lvl100 Descartes (ID05026)
Moltres lvl 70 Aldora (ID 03116)
Emboar lvl50 Present (ID 01295)
Serperior lvl50 Present (ID 01225)
Hoopa lvl 50 Harry (ID10235)
Beldum lvl5 Steven (ID 11214)
Meowth lvl20 Happy (ID08196)
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Ghost-Type Master
LF: Glastrier
FT: Shiny Sharpedo

I recently caught a Shiny Sharpedo, and I've been searching for a Glastrier for a while now, so I'm hoping this helps. lol


Active Member
Hi everyone, still looking for a few Pokemon:

Dada Zarude
Ula'ula Shiny Tapu Bulu
Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi
Shiny Nintendo HK Jirachi
Bullseye Charizard
SPRING 2015 Shiny Charizard

VGC20 Porygon2
Jungle Shiny Celebi
Zarude (Touched)
フウラシティ Zeraora (non shiny event)
2018 Legends Ho-Oh
GF Sing Pikachu
Rock Star Shiny Toxtricity
Akala Shiny Tapu Lele
ポケセン Shiny Diancie (Touched)

Prince Amrod

Dragon Tamer
Hoping this thread confirms friend trade on pokemon home does in fact work over the Internet without a paid subscription. Would appreciate confirmation if this isn't the case.

I am looking for dex entries for the following four pokemon: Diancie; Volcanion; Marshadow; Magearna
For dex entries alone, I will offer any breedable pokemon with optional HA, nature of choice and IV spread to match.

For permanent trades, I am willing to trade up to 3 of the above and 1 of the following Vivillon patterns: Sandstorm; Savanna; Archipelago. Alternatively, I also have a pair of shiny Lilligants available on a 1 for 1 trade basis

Hope to hear soon.
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Well-Known Member
Lf : Volcanion, Mew, Zacian, Hoopa, Zarude, Zeraora.

Ft: Deoxys, Lugia, Phione, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Celebi, Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Uxie, Heatran, Kyurem, and a Shiny Fletchling

I have all these in Home


Active Member
GAME UK Distribution SPRING 2015 Shiny Charizard
Pokémon Charizard GX Tie-in - Target Exclusive Distribution Bullseye Charizard
Pokémon Scrap 2016 Campaign Venusaur
Pokémon Scrap 2016 Campaign Blastoise
Pokémon Game Show - Blue's Pidgeot
Pokémon Center - Boss Pokémon Distribution - Giovanni's Nidoqueen
Dada Zarude (caped)


VGC20 Porygon2
2018 Legends Ho-Oh
GF Sing Pikachu
Jungle Shiny Celebi
Rock Star Shiny Toxtricity
Pokémon Championships Baik Jongyoon's Shiny Amoonguss
Akala Shiny Tapu Lele


New Member
Lf : Zeraora
Ft: meltan

My 5y old daughter is a huge fan of Zeraora, but we missed the event last year. Thanks in advance. Trade via pokemon home due to lack of online membership for nintendo switch...
Lf: Shiny Rolycoly
Ft: THe following shinies:
Zigzazoon (galar)
Yamask (normal)
Yamask (galar)
Meowth (alolan)
Ponyta (kanto)
Indeedee (male)

And many more (ask)