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FT: Deino & Larvitar
LF: Dreepy & Bagon

I will be looking for the Violet exclusives, if anyone is willing to help with a few more of them. :) I can easily trade most of the equivalent exclusives from Scarlet OR any of the starter pokemon.


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LF ability patch
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LF: Iron treads, Iron moth, Iron Valiant, Iron Thorns and Ceruledge
FT: any scarlet pkm (except Koraidon - already traded for Miraidon) or any starter

Red and Blue

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LF: Misdreavus and Quaxly. And could use some help evolving my Scyther
FT: Drifloon, Ditto, Sprigatito, Stonjourner


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Trying to get the Violet version exclusives:
LF: Bagon, Misdreavous, Passimian, Clauncher
FT: Larvitar, Drifloon/Drifblim, Oranguru, Deino


Can help if still needed
Hi. I just sent out a message to someone else who contacted me. I’m not trying to do anything at this moment but I would be happy to try tomorrow evening (US Central Time) with both of you. I just may have to go and spend a bit of time catching some Pokémon again.
Hello everyone!

LF: Scarlet version exclusives
FT: Violet version exclusives

(We can touch trade the legends :))

LF: Sprigatito
FT: Own Tempo Rockruff, Larvitar, Stunky (Uncommon Mark), Drifloon, Gulpin, Auspicious Armor

Would be incredibly grateful to get this last starter--thank you!
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Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: Ability Patch, Ability Capsule, Apricorn Balls, Bombirdier with Parting Shot

FT Pokémon : Sprigatito (1 Japanese, multiple English), Fuecoco, Quaxly with Detect, Water & Fire Tauros, Glimmet, Clauncher, Stunky, Gible, Larvitar, Tinkatink with Ice Hammer, Dratini, Frigibax, Drifloon, Stonjourner, Blue Flower Floette, Red & Yellow Flower Flabébé, Bagon Galarian Meowth, Own Tempo Rockruff, Charcadet with Disable, Zangoose, Japanese Dondozo, Adaptability Eevee, Applin, Misdreavus

FT Items: Malicious Armor, Thunder Stone, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Water Stone, Dawn Stone, Ice Stone

PM me if interested
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LF: 0IV Speed Ditto


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LF: slowking or slowpoke holding king's rock
FT: japanese ditto, slowpoke holding king's rock
turns out i'm missing this one pokemon from my pokedex lol.