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Mega Gobli

The Best
LF Palafin or help evolving it.

Can trade mostly all other pokemon or help evolve some pokemon. I’ll be online 7pm eastern time, can’t do it atm.


Old dog, new tricks!

LF: Koraidon
FT: Miraidon

399/400 Dex, so while ideally I want the full trade I would be happy enough with a touch trade.
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New Member
LF: Scyther w/Metal Coat or Scizor

Can offer a Scyther w/ Metal Coat in return or anything else you may be interested in. Just need the pokedex entry for Scizor really.
I can help you with that! Need one too. Do you also got a slowing for my slowbro with kingsrock?
Link ccode 01230123


Water and Fairy-type master
I can help you with that! Need one too. Do you also got a slowing for my slowbro with kingsrock?
Link ccode 01230123

I misread it a bit, but I can send you over both a scizor and slowking if you need it. Someone already helped me with mine, but would be happy to help you complete yours


I need help evolving finizen (or touch trade) and I need to touch trade koraidon as well. I don’t need to keep koraidon, it’s just one of the last for my dex


Well-Known Member
LF: Bagon, Misdreavous, Passimian, Clauncher, and to Touch-trade Miraidon.
(You see what I’m doing. I need the dex entries from Violet.)

FT: Scarlet exclusives and all 3 starters.


New Member
LF: scarlet paradox
FT: violet paradox
I would especially like to get Slither Wing and Scream Tail, but any scarlet paradox would do, if not all of them. Depending on what you can offer, I can adjust my offer for violet exclusives.

Red and Blue

Well-Known Member
LF: Misdreavus, Quaxly, and help evolving my Scyther
FT: Drifloon, Ditto, Sprigatito


LF: Scarlet paradox, Koraidon, Stunky, Deino, Skrelp, Ceruledge
FT: Iron Bundle, Iron Hands, Iron Moth, Iron Jugulis, Iron Treads, Gulpin, Misdreavus, Miraidon, Eiscue, Armarouge, Dreepy, Clauncher and Bagon
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Mega Gobli

The Best
LF Fomantis or Lurantis. Tell me which pokemon you are after, if I have it we trade.

Edit: Nevermind, found one. I am looking to trade for Slowking or Poltegeist.
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