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New Member
LF Palafin, just for the dex entry!
I'd return it if needed. I could offer a 4 IV German Ditto as a thanks!
(Also would love a Gholdengo for the dex entry! Would save me a lot of work... I just want the shiny charme! XD)

I could also offer:
Scarlet Paradox Mons and exclusives (aside from Koraidon).
Some breeding 4-5iv pokemon leftovers (lucario, eevee, sprigattito, dratini, ...)

PM me if you can help.
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Nug Duncan

Casually Helpful, Hopefully
LF: 5IV Non-english Ditto
FT: 3IV Shiny Mankey, Impish, female
HA Pokemon (All English, will add more as I catch them):
3IV Ditto, Axew, Staravia, Flaafyl, Fletchinder, Spidops, Eevee, Kirlia, Hawlucha, Sunflora, Glimmet, Indeedee, Capsakid, Kilowattrel, Tyranitar, Wugtrio, Drifblim, Sqwakabilly (Green Plumage), Bisharp, Dachsbun, Clodsire, Alomomola, Crabominable, Torkoal, Vespiquen, Mankey
All with 2-4IVs
Non-English Pokemon (all from Japan):
Hoppip, female, Scatterbug, male, Tarountula, female, Bagon, male, Azurill, female
Auspicious Armor, Malicious Armor, Ability Capsule, Most other things
UPDATE: Condensed the post a bit to make room for everyone else. Nothing's been taken down.
PM me to request more items. If it isn't an Apricorn Ball or an Ability Patch, I most likely have it. Also PM to request more info on the Pokemon. I have all the Scarlet exclusives and a few of the Violet ones. Message me if interested!
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Well-Known Member
LF: Iron Valiant, Iron Thorns, Iron Moth, Iron Treads
FT: Scarlet-exclusives (including paradoxes), Charmander, all starters.
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Dragon Tamer
LF: Touch trade Miraidon, I don't want to keep it, just need to register it for the dex to get the shiny charm.

FT: Just ask and I'll see what I have. Also have Scarlet exclusive Pokemon

Please pm me if you can help, thank you!

Edit: Trade Complete
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Well-Known Member
LF: 3-segment Dudunsparce & Maushold family of 3
FT: Scarlet paradoxes, some Violet paradoxes, all starters, charmander, and any exclusives from either game.


The Imminent Storm
LF: Touch trade for a Koraidon, with me sending Miraidon in return.
FT: Violet-exclusive paradoxes, Japanese Ditto, other Violet exclusives upon request (The "Thank you gift" can be further discussed in PMs)

I'd much prefer to have Miraidon back (Koraidon will likewise be returned to you), but I will gift back something as thanks. Koraidon is the last one I need for my dex, so any help is appreciated.

EDIT: This has been dealt with.
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LF: all non-Paradox, non-Bagon line Violet exclusives. Prankster Murkrow. Touch trade Miraidon.
FT: HA Sprigatito, standard Fuecoco/Quaxly, any Scarlet exclusives, Shiny Cubchoo

Still looking, any help vastly appreciated.


Well-Known Member
LF: 3-Segment Dudunsparce
FT: All Scarlet Paradox, some Violet Paradox, all version exclusives, Fire Tauros, all starters, Charmander


New Member
LF: scizor
FT: all scarlet paradox Pokémon, version exclusives from both games, charmander

Will even trade back if needed, last Pokémon I need to complete the dex!

Lady Mizukage

/ᐠᵕ ‸ᵕᐟ\ノ
LF: Shiny Scream Tail OR Miraidon
FT: Shiny Iron Valiant

Nickname-able Scream Tail strongly preferred. No hacks or clones PLEASE.


Well-Known Member


Dragon Tamer
LF: Touch trade Miraidon, I don't want to keep it, just need to register it for the dex to get the shiny charm.

FT: Just ask and I'll see what I have. Also have Scarlet exclusive Pokemon

Please pm me if you can help, thank you!

Edit: Trade Complete
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Ghost-Type Trainer
LF: all Scarlet version exclusives
FT: all Violet version exclusives

I have a full set of all Violet exclusive Pokemon ready to trade.

Edit: Thank you all for your help! Now completed!
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Shiny Hunter
LF: Chardachet w/ malicious armor, Iron Treads, Iron Hands, Iron Bundle, Iron Jugulis, Iron Moth, Iron Thorns, Iron Valiant, Water Tauros

FT: Fuecoco, Chardachet w/ Ausicious armor, Great Tusk, Scream Tail, Brute Bonnet, Flutter Mane, Slither Wing, Sandy Shocks, Roaring Moon, Fire Tauros

Trades completed thanks to Chris02!
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Well-Known Member
I've got two things I'm looking for.
I have an English Ditto, would like another Ditto.
I have Miraidon and would like Koraidon (full trade)
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Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: Beast Ball, Dream Ball

FT Pokémon : HA Sprigatito, Fuecoco, HA Quaxly with Detect, Luxury Ball Charmander, Water & Fire Tauros, Glimmet, Clauncher, Stunky, Gible, Larvitar, Slowking, Adamant Flying Tera Kingambit, Luxury Ball Tinkatink with Ice Hammer, Dratini, Frigibax, Drifloon, Stonjourner, Blue Flower Floette, Red Flower Flabébé, Bagon Galarian Meowth, Own Tempo Rockruff, Level Ball Charcadet, Zangoose, Japanese Dondozo, Adaptability Eevee, Applin, Misdreavus, Pink Shellos, HA Goomy

FT Items: Malicious Armor, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, Oval Stone, Dawn Stone, Ice Stone


Well-Known Member
LF: 3-segment Dundunsparce, Iron Thorns.
FT: All version exclusives from both games, all starters, Charmander


unReal™ Explorer
LF: Koraidon (Touch Trade is fine), any other Scarlett exclusive - Great Tusk / Scream Tail / Brute Bonnet / Flutter Mane / Slither WIng / Sandy Shocks / Roaring Moon

FT: Violet Exclusives
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