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Completed: have a shiny scyther ild like to trade to evolve it (and trade back), if someone can guarantee a shiny or something so I can get it to evolve itld be greatly appreciated, can offer 2 ability patches
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Top Class Lieutenant
Great Tusk
Brute Bonet
Flutter Mane
Sandy Shocks
Slither Wings
Roaring Moon

Iron Treads
Iron Hands
Iron Jugulis
Iron Thorns
Iron Moth
Iron Valiant
I would also appreciate help trade evolving Gengar, Slowking, and Scizor.

Thank you.

Nug Duncan

Casually Helpful, Hopefully
LF: 4-5IV Non-english Ditto
FT: 3IV Shiny Mankey, Impish, female, Shiny Starly, Shiny Mudbray
HA Pokemon (All English, will add more as I catch them):
3IV English Ditto (currently searching for a 5IV English Ditto, will update when I find it), Axew, Staravia, Flaafy, Fletchinder, Spidops, Eevee, Kirlia, Hawlucha, Sunflora, Glimmet, Indeedee, Capsakid, Kilowattrel, Tyranitar, Wugtrio(4IV), Drifblim(4IV), Sqwakabilly (Green Plumage), Bisharp, Dachsbun, Clodsire, Alomomola, Crabominable, Torkoal, Vespiquen, Mankey, Pikachu, Salamence, Flamigo, Dugtrio
All with 2-3IVs(unless specified)
Non-English Pokemon (all from Japan):
Hoppip, female, Scatterbug, male, Tarountula, female, Bagon, male, Azurill, female, Fletching, male or female, Lechonk, Female
Auspicious Armor, Malicious Armor, Ability Capsule, Most other things

PM me to request more items. If it isn't an Apricorn Ball or an Ability Patch, I most likely have it. I have all the Scarlet exclusives and a few of the Violet ones. I'll breed one of the 2-3IV HA Pokemon for 4IV if you'd like, just PM me and gimme a request. I'm willing to trade two HA Pokemon (including the 4IV ones)for a 5 IV Ditto, given their number of IVs. Message me if interested!
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Flawless Hunter
LF: Non-English Ditto with 5IVs or 6IVs (Note: 5 or 6 breed-able Max IVs)

FT: Scarlet Exclusives, Violet Exclusives, Paradox Pokemon (-Miraidon)
5IVs Timid English Dittos
Luxury Ball | Timid or Modest Charmander
Pawniard Egg Move: Sucker Punch
Pichu Egg Moves: Wish, Fake Out, Volt Tackle
Riolu Egg Moves: Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick
Moon Ball Azurill Egg Moves: Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
Moon Ball Eevee Egg Moves: WIsh, Yawn, Curse, Double Kick

Pokedex: I can touch trade 399 of the Paldea Pokedex pokemon. (willing to help you complete up to 5 entries for the ditto)

Ability Patch
Malicious Armor
Auspicious Armor
Gold Bottle Cap


Well-Known Member
LF: Malicious Armor, 3-segment dudunsparce
FT: anuspicious armor, any version exclusive from any game, including paradoxes, any starter, Charmander/Charizard. I also have Jolly and timid Charcadet with 5 IVs.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
LF: Scyther holding Metal Coat & Slowpoke holding King’s Rock

FT: Scyther holding Metal Coat & Slowpoke holding King’s Rock
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LF : Miraidon (for keeps), non-English ditto.

FT : SHINIES - Great Tusk, Capsakid, Deerling, Zweilous, Drednaw

If you want any of these shinies and have something else to offer (other than the ones I’m LF) you can message me.


Well-Known Member
FT: 2 Sprigattito English with 5 IV. 1 has ATK IV, the other Sp. ATK IV (1 Protean).

LF: Any male 5 or 6 IV Mon in the field egg group, non english
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Looking for Costar Flamigo. Have HA starters for trading. Charmander too