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Nug Duncan

Casually Helpful, Hopefully
LF: 4IV Non-English Ditto
FT: 4IV English Ditto w/ Ability Patch

Just a simple language swap, little else. PM me!

EDIT - I've got an Ability Patch now, as well as a few Malicious/Auspicious Armors lying around, some ability capsules, and bottle caps. I can throw any of them on the Ditto for you. I'll throw up a gold bottle cap too, once I find one.
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New Member
LF: Koraidon (touch trade)
FT: Miraidon (touch trade). Or any of the other Violet exclusives or Sprigatito or Quaxly with their HA

PM me if interested

EDIT: Thank you! Managed to a touch trade for Koraidon.
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Well-Known Member
I need the cat starter. I have some good stuff for trade. I can trade my water starter, but I also have some good things from raids...

I also have Miraidon and would be happy to touch trade for Koraidon. If someone has Armourage too, even better.


unReal™ Explorer
Hey guys, looking for Palafin and Armourage.
For Palafin I just need a Union circle friend


Savvy Breeder
Lf: Touch trade miraidon
Ft: HA poke of your choice (I have many, just ask)


Well-Known Member
LF: Gen 9 Shinies
FT: Shiny 6 IV Eevee w/Hidden Ability


Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: Someone to change my Tandemaus’s Tera type to Fairy

FT Pokémon : HA Sprigatito, Fuecoco, HA Quaxly with Detect, Luxury Ball Charmander, Water & Fire Tauros, Glimmet, Clauncher, Stunky, Gible, Larvitar, Slowking, Adamant Flying Tera Kingambit, Luxury Ball Tinkatink with Ice Hammer, Dratini, Frigibax, Drifloon, Stonjourner, Blue Flower Floette, Red Flower Flabébé, Bagon Galarian Meowth, Own Tempo Rockruff, Level Ball Charcadet, Zangoose, Japanese Dondozo, Adaptability Eevee, Applin, Misdreavus, Pink Shellos, Slakoth, HA Goomy, Shiny Diglett

FT Items: Malicious Armor, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, Oval Stone, Dawn Stone, Ice Stone, Sweet Apple, Mints (only one)

PM me if interested


#1 Lanturn Owner
LF: Gulpin/Swalot, Eiscue
FT: Pretty much any other non-legendary Pokemon, including Scarlet exclusives
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