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LF: Misdreavus, Gulpin, Passimian, & Ceruledge/Malicious Armor
FT: Any Scarlet Exclusive, Female Sprigatito, Female Fuecoco
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Nug Duncan

Casually Helpful, Hopefully
LF: 4IV Non-English Ditto
FT: 4IV English Ditto w/ Ability Patch

I have other things, ability capsules, Armors, things like that. The ability patch is just the best (or rarest) thing I can offer. I also have a small number of 4-5IV HA Pokemon. PM me if you wanna know more about those. Also, if you want a few of those random, more common things as well as my offer, I'm happy to help there too (Palafin evolving, trade evolutions etc. included). PM me!


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Got a couple of spare shiny Scream tails.
Looking for pretty much any of the Violet shiny paradox in return

Also looking to trade my 5 IV Ditto with a decent speed ( english and naughty) for another region's 5 IV (any other region and any nature)
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Anyone have an iron hands they can trade me please? I'm hosting a union circle code is 7250. Just lmk what you want in return.


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FT: : Slowpoke => Slowking
I need a touch trade if anyone is willing. Last one to complete my pokedex.

I can help ya out. Do you have an iron hands you can trade me in return?? If not no biggy I'll help anyway lmk a union code or something I'll throw a king rock on a smoking for u


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Someone want to trade me a Scorebunny (Ideally with 4 or 5ivs) for a 6 IV Sprigatito? Please?

Because uh. Yeah. This raid is clearly not happening for me.

EDIT: Complete.
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Hello! I’m looking for a Koraidon quick dex touch trade. I can touch trade Miraidon in exchange or any other Pokémon.

Edit: Completed, thanks Chris!
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