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LF: Koraidon (Any Level) and/or Primal Paradox mons (Scarlet Exclusives).
FT: Miraidon (Lvl. 72) and/or all Future Paradox Mons except Iron Thorns atm.
My ign is Isekai and the link code for the trade will be 1887 9056.
LF: 6iv foreign ditto ( I know it's a stretch)
FT: Honestly I dont have much, I DO have an ability patch but feel free to message and maybe we can work something out if I can help it


LF: Need someone to help me trade my scyther and then trade back scizor right after
FT: Scarlet pokemon


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LF: tyranitar, stonjourner? , paradox mons of Scarlet, and touch trade of koraidon.

FT: any violet exclusive, which I will ev and iv train if you need it.

Pm or quote for those interested.


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LF: Gen 9 shinies
FT: shiny murkrow, mudbray, gabite, gible, hawlucha, mankey, fletching, iron bundle, iron threads.


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Looking for scarlet exclusive standard mons (stunky, drifloon, stonjourner, oranguru and skrelp) i can offer violet exclusive mons or help with filling pokedex. I also can breed fast ball libero cinderace.


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LF: Scarlet exclusives, Koraidon (touch trade) and 6IV foreign ditto.
FT: Violet exclusives

Just looking to complete my pokdex so happy to trade any Pokemon back.

Drop a message. I am in UTC+0 timezone if that helps.
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LF: Misdreavus and other Violet exclusives
FT: Scarlet Exclusives and a shiny Sneasel

I need to complete my pokedex and I've already got a shiny Weavile. So, if anyone is interested, PM me.


Sad But Rad Champion
LF: Scarlet Paradox Mons
FT: Iron Moth, Iron Hands, Iron Jugulis, Iron Bundle, Iron Treads, Iron Thorns are all ready to go, can also catch other version exclusives on request

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LF: Shiny Umbreon preferably in Moon Ball and Shiny Scizor preferably in Luxury Ball

FT: Shiny Iron Valiant, Shiny Iron Thorns, Shiny Impidimp, Shiny Forretress, Shiny Muk, Shiny Gogoat all caught in Luxury Balls

message for details!
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
FT: Scorbunny (beast, heavy, fast or love ball), Charcadet (level or beast ball), Capsakid (love ball), Tinkatink (love ball), Frigibax (love ball), curly Tatsugiri (level ball)

LF: Pokémon in apricorn or beast balls
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Female Trainer
FT: Scorbunny (beast, heavy, fast or love ball), Charcadet (level or beast ball), Capsakid (love ball), Tinkatink (love ball), Frigibax (love ball)

LF: Pokémon in apricorn or beast balls
I have Scorbunny in he other Apriballs as well as a few other apriball 'mons. I'd be interested in your Charcadet (beast and Level), Capsakid (love), Tinkatink and Frigibax as well. You're welcome to PM me for a full list of what I have available~


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LF: Shiny Scarlet Paradox except Scream Tail
FT: All shiny violet paradox except Iron Moth but I'll catch it today probably
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