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Great Ball Rank Trainer
LF: TM for Alluring Voice or Psychic Noise

FT: HA Masterpiece Sinistcha, Bastiodon, Whimsicott, Porygon


LF: Touch trades for the following - Porygon, Rhydon, Magmar and Electabuzz. Mostly looking for people in the same boat as I am.


Pokemon Trainer
Looking to evolve my Rhydon, anyone wanna do a trade and trade back?


LF: new touch trade to complete my records. Need to evolve my Seadra and want to get Iron Crown and Iron Boulder added to the dex for compleation. Not looking to keep. PM me.


New Member
LF: Iron Crown and Iron Boulder to complete my dex
FT: Raging Bolt and Gouging Fire
Trade in the game, and back


Active Member
Lf Iron Crown and Iron Boulder

Ft Arceus, Zeraora or Magerna


Active Member
LF: Gouging Fire and Raging Bolt.
FT: several shiny legendaries (rayquaza, kyogre, groudon, palkia, dialga, etc), or shiny standar pokemon (tinkaton, baxcalivur, charcadet, etc), or some mythicals (zarude, deoxys, magearna, meloetta, genesect, etc).

Let me know if anyones interested