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Hi guys! i recently got a shiny i´m willing to trade.

It´s a 6 IVs timid Jolteon

Currently i´m looking for a couple of shiny so i can finally finish my VGC team:

6 IVs shiny jolly dreepy
6 IVs shiny modest Popplio

PM me if you are interested.

Also listening offers for other shiny that might be useful in VGC.


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Are you still looking? I have a Grookey. I can try and breed up a Sobble.

Not sure about the IVs (no IV checker yet) but they shouldn't be bad.
Someone gave me some breedjects since im playing through the story I'm out worried about IVs/EV yet. Thank you good sir


My favourite
Looking for any pokémon with the ability Harvest. I want it for the outside of battle effect, so stats and such doesn't matter.

I can offer 4-5IV HA Bulbasaur, G. Corsola or Hatenna for the trouble.


LF: marshadow, zeroara and melmetal
FT: mew, keldeo, celebi, phioni, genesect, meloetta, jirachi, victini

Trade possible with Home, Sun and Shield. I also have nearly every gen 6 or lower with HA if you prefer.


looking for goomy line in apriball
ft: masterball
Really want to end my curry dex so will be online next two hours.
LF: 5x Bach Food Tin
FT: 5x Shiny Pokemon (Lucario, Espeon, Impidimp, Runerigus square, Phantump can put everstone). All caught by me in dens.

Edit: Complete.
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Online next hours so feel free to pm.
LF: Drilbur Shiny with Hydro Pump in Dusk/Premier Ball

FT: Zaccian in Beast Ball or shinies (Lucario, Runerigus, Espeon, Eevee, Ditto, Budew, Impidimp, Noivern, Charmander, Charmeleon, Squirtle, 6IV Corviknight)
Hello I'm searching for

LF:Gmax Shiny Alcremie (any form)
FT:Shiny Mewtwo (Not for PLG) (JPN)

If I trade it or find it I'm going to edit the post right away

Edit:Got it!
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Looking for any pokémon with the ability Harvest. I want it for the outside of battle effect, so stats and such doesn't matter.

I can offer 4-5IV HA Bulbasaur, G. Corsola or Hatenna for the trouble.

I can offer you a Phantump with HA Harvest. I'd be interested in the HA G.Corsola in return.


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LF: volcanion, zeraora
FT: zygarde, celebi, mew, mewtwo, jirachi, groudon, kyogre, cressellia, heatran, keldeo, meltan, melmetal, kyurem, shiny nuzleaf, shiny medicham, shiny drapion, shiny sigyliph, shiny quagsire, eternatus, shiny palkia, zekrom, regis, star sweets, master ball, beast ball. if non of these interest you I'm sure we can make a deal
(all of my pokemon are in gen 8, but i can recieve on gen 7. pokemon home can be used.)
if interested please message me

also, I can trade a meltan for a rusted shield or any legit shiny


Everyone do not trade with Ryan Seeley, big scammer. Promised to do something but never did please report.
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I’m looking for the following Pokémon:

Zamazenta with Rusted Shield(No longer need Zamazenta since I was able to get one over the GTS, but still need the Rusted Shield)
Gigantamax Pikachu

Shiny Gigantamax Grimsnarl
Gigantamax Toxtricity
Gigantamax Snorlax
Swords Exclusives(excluding Zacian)
Shield Exclusives

Also I may have some spares of some other Gigantamax Pokémon. As for the items if I don’t have a specific item but it’s in Pokémon Sword I would be willing to grind to get the specific item.
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Now(Thanks to understanding the best method to get pokemon periodically) I'm looking for mythical pokemon

LF: Meloetta, Victini, Diancie(not shiny), Hoopa and Magearna

FT:Marshadow, Shiny Melmetal and Shiny Mew


*swoons for Noland*
I realize this might not be so easy this long after the event but...

LF: 5IV non-English Ditto
FT: 5IV English Ditto
Heart Gold/Soul Silver

LF: Starters, Particularly Charmander & Dratini
FT: Practically nothing, hoping someone can help
me get my dream team together now that i'm back
playing pokemon ^.^