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Lf: Gmax appletun with thick fat

Ft: Shiny Mew or Mewtwo

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Looking for: Zacian, Galarian Farfetchd, Galarian Darumaka, Stonejourner,

Have Shiny Riolu, Shiny Chewtle, Ha Gigantamax Charizard, any Shield exclusives

If anyone has a tart apple, dino fossil or bird fossil too would be great


Team Skull Grunt
LF: Female Salandit.

Edit: Got it!
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Lf: gmax appletun, gmax centiskorch, gmax hatterene, gmax garbodor
Ft: gmax flapple, gmax drednaw

Edit: completed
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LF: GMax Appletun
FT: GMax Flapple. Can trade something else if I have it, but I have a Flapple at the ready.


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LF: Zamazenta
FT: Shiny Silvally, Shiny Sableye, or Shiny Umbreon

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- Surfing Surge Timid Raichu (alohan)
- Rock Head Adamant Marowak @ thick bone/club (alohan)


- Shiny Alakazam
- Shiny Boldore
- HA EV trained Cinderace


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LF: Chipped Pot
FT: I have a bunch of 5-6IV HA mons (Bulbasaur, Clobbopus, G.Darumaka, Dreepy, Feebas, Hatenna, Heliolisk, Litwick, Onix, Rookidee, Rufflet, Phantump, Pincurrchin, Shuckle, Sinistea, Swinub, Wingull).

Or message me if there's something different that you want, I'll see what I have.

I'll PM you

Tax Evasion

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Lf: shiny honedge, shiny galarian zigzagoon

Ft: gmax 5IV (missing hp) ha low key toxtricity, shiny vaporeon
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LF: Fancy Vivillon and Meloetta with Relic Song

FT: Mints, Ability Capsules etc. Several shiny pokemon from dens including Trapinch, Ralts (male), Frosmoth, G-Max Corviknight/Sandaconda. Also shinies from LGE including Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur and Pidgey.
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you

All with relevant IVs at 31 (5 IV)
Adamant Dracozolt with Hustle ability
Timid Alolan Raichu with move Surf
Timid Roselia with Natural Cure. Egg move: Extrasensory

Heavy Duty Boots
Black Sludge
Rusted Sword
Gold Bottle Cap


All have relevant IVs of 31 (5 IV)
G-Zigzagoon. Jolly nature. Beast ball. Egg move: Knock Off. Guts and Reckless available.
H-Zigzagoon. Adamant nature. Level ball. Egg move: Extreme Speed.
HA Mareanie. Bold nature. Love ball. Egg move: Haze.
HA Grookey. Adamant nature. Poké ball. Egg move: Fake Out
HA Scorbunny. Jolly nature. Poké ball. Egg move: High Jump Kick
Yamper. Adamant nature. Love ball. Egg move: Flame Charge
Dreepy. Jolly nature. Moon ball. Egg move: Sucker Punch
A-Vulpix. Timid nature. Beast ball. Egg moves: Moonblast, Freeze-Dry
G-Ponyta. Jolly nature. Dream ball. Egg move: Horn Drill
HA Popplio. Modest nature. Poké ball. No egg moves.
HA Snom. Modest nature. Friend ball. Egg moves: Mirror Coat, Fairy Wind
Tyrogue. Jolly nature. Love ball. Egg moves: High Jump Kick, Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin
Growlithe. Adamant nature. Beast ball. Egg move: Double Edge
Mimikyu. Jolly nature. Moon, dream or great ball. No egg moves.
HA Hawlucha. Adamant nature. Friend ball. Egg move: Defog. Non-HA also available
HA Drilbur. Jolly nature. Heavy ball. Egg move: Submission

Also have shiny G-Max Charizard with Blaze.

Will consider offers for other competitively viable Pokémon.

Will trade Kanto cap Pikachu for Melmetal

PM me if interested in anything.
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1. Adamant Rock Head Alohan Marowak at Thick Club
2. Modest Frisk Alohan Eggsecutor
3. Adamant Technician Scyther

All able to be EV Trained with 5ivs


- Shiny Gmax Lapras
- Shiny Alakazam
- Shiny Mimikyu
- Shiny Gmax Gengar
- Shiny Ninetails
- Various Legendaries


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Wondering if anyone would be willing to spare a bit of time helping me transfer items from one save file to another? I'd be happy to give something you may want in return, like a lv. 1 competitive mon and item.


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Hi there,

new to forums if I messed up I do apologize.

I am looking for 3 pokemon a fennekin, Torchic, and a shinx not looking for anything major on either just standard but would not say no to HA fennekin and or torchic. Can offer HA Sobble for HA fennekin or torchic. For shinx can offer a blaze Charmander or torrent squirtle. Will also offer a g-max toxtricity if necessary. Please let me know if anyone is willing will trade either through Home or through trade on Sword. Please PM at your earliest convenience and will get back to you as soon as possible.