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Ok. I have set that the code for link trade. I conected with someone with the code, but was sending a mawille instead of shellos, so i exited the trade,

searching for the another code
0618 1111
ign is hanz duo


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Hello! Just returning to the game after a long hiatus. I am looking for a light ball and have had no luck even finding a pikachu. I am just starting out and kind of wanted to have one before I get further in the game. So long story short, I haven't even challenged the first gym leader yet.

I am thinking I finally might move on and come back to continue the hunt. Either that or keep grinding. I am no stranger to that at all. I certainly have seen a ton of evees though. Makes me wonder if their appearance rate is higher. If anyone has an extra light ball lying around that. Hell if anyone has a pikachu with light ball and that knows volt tackle that would be even better! Again thank you so much to anyone who can help me.


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Looking for someone to trade porygon so i can get porygon 2

I can help you. You mean want to trade your Porygon and then trade right back so that you can get your newly evolved Porygon2.

I need to evolve my Kanto Slowpoke into Slowking and. 2 of my Porygon into Porygon2 and then evolve one of the Porygon2 into a Porygon-Z.


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Asked on Reddit trading thread, got completely ignored, trying here.

Looking to touch-trade evolve Kadabra, and Scyther w/ Metal Coat

Also, looking to trade-evolve (touch or not, doesn't matter) Kantonian Slowpoke w/ King's Rock, Poliwhirl w/ King's Rock, and Seadra w/ Dragon Scale.

Also also, looking to give a Pinsir in exchange for a Heracross, and give a Clauncher to get a Skrelp.

Available for the next ~2 hours, and then unavailable until mid-morning tomorrow.

EDIT: Cancel that. Tried trading with someone on Spacebattles, but something went wrong, and now I get "You can't perform a Link Trade, because your last trade ended without being completed, perhaps due to a connection error or turning off the power to your system. Please wait a while, without changing the time on your Nintendo Switch system, then try again." I think I'm screwed until tomorrow...
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Crossposting from the Pokemon Home trade thread:

LF: Melmetal.
FT: Celebi, Jirachi, most starters, if there's any random common mons (ie not legendary) you need for your own dex, I can probably help you out.

Absolutely desperate for Melmetal, as it's the last mon I need for my living dex, and my Galaxy S8 (only 2 years old for crying out loud!) doesn't support the "connect to Switch" option in Go. So raising one myself is impossible.


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LF a trade partner I have a few things I would like to evolve my seadra to kingdra,slowpoke to slowking, and porygon to a porygon z
please and thank you